V1C13 – True Qi

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“Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Aren’t I alright?”

Wu Ming looked at the red-eyed beauty and comforted her with a gentle voice. His heart, though, was cold as he thought just how dangerous the situation was.

This world had Daoists with divine abilities capable of splitting the earth, shattering the sky, and prying all secrets using their Heavenly Eyes. There were also Evil Spirits able to take over bodies of the living and the dead. Although the people here couldn’t see anything wrong with him, Wu Qing, as a powerful Dao practitioner, would be able to see if there were any changes with her younger brother.

Even if she didn’t have such ability yet, seeing Wu Ming in such a dangerous condition this time, she would invite a strong person to treat him!

The old man just then was certainly a powerful practitioner capable of using such abilities.

If he had seen Wu Ming a few days ago, it would have been impossible for his soul to not be detected as an invader. The old man would have directly suppressed and extinguished his soul as a sinister evil.

‘Fortunately… Fortunately, I had the Overgod Palace to help me!’

Wu Ming immediately remembered the treatment given by the Overgod Palace.

He didn’t feel it before, but after waking up, he realized that his soul and body were incomparably coordinated. 80% of his current condition was the result of that treatment.

Otherwise, if any clues appeared, the consequences would have been unimaginable.

The current ending was just perfect. With the words of that old man, even if Wu Ming did anything shocking in the future, no one will think there was anything wrong about it.

“What are you thinking?”

His dazed appearance was seen as Wu Qing spoke.

“I… I was thinking about my artifact!”

Wu Ming casually found an excuse.

“It was broken earlier!”

Wu Qing looked at her younger brother. Her face was calm like a spring breeze, obviously, she couldn’t find anything wrong.

Wu Ming’s heart moved. He knew that this newly-found sister of his normally put on an icy expression like a mask. Otherwise, depending on her appearance, no matter where she went, she would be a femme fatale.

“That was just an ordinary thing, later, Elder Sister will give you a true Magical Artifact!”

Wu Qing continued. Wu Ming was thinking about the jade that was supposedly part of the Overgod Palace.

Everything was in a panic at that time, and there weren’t many people paying attention, so it’s possible no one saw what it was.

Besides, that piece of jade had already been swallowed by the Overgod Palace. Even if someone saw it and had doubts, Wu Ming could simply push the responsibility to others, pretending to be stupid as he was unconscious.

“And… That Daoist Elder is…”

Wu Qing softly replied, “He is a Supervisor in Elder Sister’s Dao Institute. Not only is his Cultivation strong, but he also has profound attainments in Ancient Medicinal Techniques. Elder Sister invited him to check up on your condition…”

‘She can even invite an Insititute Supervisor. It seems this newly-found Elder Sister is mixing quite well in the Institute!’

While Wu Ming was still thinking, he saw Wu Qing’s willowy brows flutter and a trace of murderous intent appeared on her beautiful face, “I already know the reason you had this accident. It was all provoked by that seductress Li Xiuyun. Don’t worry, I will kill her now to warn the others against following her example!”


Wu Ming blurted.

This Li Xiuyun is naturally the young girl he saw right after crossing over. She was just a poor victim.

Her childhood sweetheart, Lin Qi, had already succumbed to the devil and even killed her entire family. After being violated by the previous tyrant young master, if Wu Qing also decided to make things difficult for her, it would be difficult for her to keep her life.

He didn’t know how to face this woman. To avoid her over the past few days, he simply stayed in the study room.

Now that Wu Qing is back, it’s naturally an urgent issue that needs to be resolved.


Looking at the killing intent leaking from Wu Qing, Wu Ming finally concluded that this Elder Sister Wu Qing probably only cared about her younger brother. As for everyone else, she treated them coldly without any feelings!

If it weren’t the case, it would be impossible for her to keep such a large family business as a weak woman, while also having the ability to go to a Dao Institute and gain a high status there.

“That woman…”

Wu Ming couldn’t think of any good words to say. Was he to say he liked her? His meager brain couldn’t come up with a good reason.

Staying silent for a while, he finally said, “That woman is also quite pitiful, we might as well let her go home…”


Who knew that Wu Qing would smile, “Elder Sister was just scaring you, how could I be willing to separate you from your little darling?”

Immediately, she said feeling a bit surprised, “I just never thought… After not seeing you for a while, Little Brother, your temper sure has changed. You even learned how to pity weak jade…”


Wu Ming laughed hollowly. He knew that if not for the Old Daoist’s guarantee before, he might have just given himself away, as this was enough to evoke Wu Qing’s suspicion.

As he saw the sweet victory smile on Wu Qing’s face, and the cold light that flashed in the depth of her pupils, Wu Ming’s heart jolted as a guess appeared in his mind, “Is it possible that…”


Time flew.

Wu Ming’s injury was not very serious but it wasn’t light either. He didn’t know what kind of elixir Wu Qing applied to his hand, but after just three days, his hand was much better.

The Old Daoist naturally had other things to do, so he also returned to the Dao Institute. Instead, Wu Qing seemed to have taken a few days off, and was ready to accompany her younger brother for a few more days, making Wu Ming’s scalp go numb.

Above training grounds.

Wu Ming was wearing a loose robe, revealing part of his chest and faintly visible muscles. Suddenly, he opened his mouth and exhaled a long unceasing breath, making whistling sounds.


In an instant, his Dantian transmitted a crisp sound of something breaking. The Essence Blood of his entire body converged, reaching its peak, soon manifesting the first wisp of True Qi!

Mortal Body Realm 5th Layer, True Qi Realm!


Wu Ming took a deep breath. All the pores on his body opened, seemingly releasing a faint trace of steam.

In his heart, he sighed emotionally, “It’s the True Qi Realm. Though I had a breakthrough while in the soul form, my body still has to break through again… But, with the added experience after breaking through twice, my foundation is much sturdier and deeper!”

When the Overgod Palace selected Reincarnators, only their souls seemed to have entered it.

But the experience gained there is real. Amidst that bloody life and death battle, Wu Ming had successfully broken through, making it possible for him to succeed this time as well.


Nearby, Feng Han actually clapped as a smile appeared on his stiff face, “Originally, I had thought that with Young Master’s natural talent… if you wanted to break through to the True Qi Realm, you would have to experience actual combat, or go to the battlefield to experience a life and death situation. Only in crisis would you be stimulated enough to gather the strength of your flesh, bones, and internal organs to breakthrough… But now, you broke through without that!”

However, thinking of the life and death battle against Lin Qi, Feng Han was immediately relieved and said warmly, “Now that Young Master has reached the True Qi Realm, you have already left 99% of your peers behind you. Young Master is a person of extraordinary ability!”

Listening to the praise, Wu Ming blushed with shame.

His peers naturally couldn’t compare with the Cultivation resources he had at his disposal. Moreover, after being selected by the Overgod Palace and experiencing that cruel mission, he finally managed to breakthrough after narrowly escaping death. The price paid was something Feng Han couldn’t even imagine.

Seeming to have seen through Wu Ming’s embarrassed expression, Feng Han said, “Young Master Mind doesn’t need to belittle himself… You must know that Mortal Body Realm 5th Layer practitioners are rarely seen in the country. If you were to join the army, no matter what your origin, you would be a 10-Man Commander! And with Young Master Ming’s status, becoming a Vice Squadron Leader is also possible, and you will also have…”

This world’s military system was founded on the law of five. A five-person team made a company and the person in charge of it was called 5-Man Commander. Two such units were under the 10-Man Commander. 10-Man Commanders had a tiny bit of status.

Of course, Wu Ming was born in with great status, and he was also the local tyrant. Moreover, he had his Elder Sister to take care of him. So when he entered the military, he will naturally not have status below a 9th Grade Official.

The Vice Squadron Leader, on the other hand, were true officials. They are appointed by the Royal Government’s Prefecture Governor, and are the 9th Grade Officials! They also have their official stamp and certificate of appointment, separating them from the common people and petty officials, making them first-class officials in the truest sense.

One must not look down on the position. Ordinary Great Zhou people might not have this rank even after struggling for a lifetime.

Naturally, Wu Ming already has Wu Qing’s backing, a mansion, and the fertile lands. There are even tender and beautiful maids to take care of his needs, so he would be an idiot if he went to become an official in the army.

“Master Feng’s martial arts are quite strong. If you entered the ranks of the army, it will be like a tiger returning to the woods, a dragon entering the sea, completely unstoppable…”

Wu Ming said with admiration.

“Young Master jests.”

Feng Han shook his head, “My origins are lowly, and I don’t have a good foundation. Even if I entered the army, I will just be a 5-Man Commander. Even if I somehow became a Vice Squadron Leader, I will still have to climb my way to the Squadron Leader’s position. Unless a coincidence happens, that will take decades…”

When this was brought up, Wu Ming could see the unwillingness in Feng Han’s eyes.

It was no wonder. If he could mix well in the army, why would he accept Wu Qing’s invitation to be his martial arts coach?

When the cold wind blows, Feng Han just wants to have shelter in the Wu Family.

In general, he has no other choice.

“Martial Arts fighting methods, as well as experience in using weapons is everything I can teach Young Master everything I have to teach. As for Young Master’s Cultivation Law in the future, you would have to get it from the Young Miss…”

Feng Han quickly returned to his normal condition and said seriously, “It’s not that I want to hide my Cultivation Law from Young Master, it’s just that the Cultivation Law Young Master practices are better than my own, and your future will be limitless!”


Wu Ming caught the meaning in his words and suddenly asked, “After the Mortal Body Realm, are there other realms as well?”


Feng Han replied without hesitation, “After the Mortal Body Realm, the martial path changes greatly. A Martial Artist transcends the mortal world and gains a chance of being completely reborn. In the legends, those people can slay thousands of enemies with a single strike, hold back tens of thousands of pursuers, and much more!”

“How is that compared to the Dao Cultivators?” Wu Ming immediately asked.

“Once a Martial Artist arrives at the True Qi Realm, their Qi and Blood becomes far firm than before. When they are near the enemy, it is easy to spill their blood. So long as the Dao Cultivator hasn’t reached the ‘Traversing the Sky, Cursing the Earth!’, killing them is as easy as destroying chicken since they are very reliant on foreign treasures. As long as we can get close to them, then…”

Feng Han’s answer made Wu Ming confirm that this guy was either biased or too stubborn in his belief of the Martial Artists’ glory.

However, Wu Ming’s heart trembled as he thought of the little girl named Xiao Yu he met in his Reincarnator Mission.

That girl had given him an unusual feeling and might be a Dao Cultivator.

Her Cultivation was probably not too high, so she might have relied too heavily on foreign artifacts. When she got summoned into the Overgod Palace, all the talismans and artifacts had been regarded as ‘foreign objects’ and couldn’t enter! After all, one needed to spend Merit Points to get the foreign things inside.

This resulted in Xiao Yu becoming a fish out of the water, a bird without wings. Facing a life and death crisis, she succumbed to death, leaving no clue to where she was from.

‘Hmm… Only our Souls Reincarnated, and the Overgod Palace also only took our souls inside. I wonder if the death inside means death in the real world, or we just lose our memory?’

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