V4C210 – Stupid Little Questions

“The recoil of the bullet was very strong. It went through the temple and is lodged in the back of the brain. He is being rescued in the hospital right now, and has yet to escape the dangerous period!” Ding Baosan said, “As for who is behind all this, we don’t know. The sniper didn’t leave behind any clues and escaped swiftly!”

“Bring me to see Guo Qing!” Knowing that Guo Qing was still alive made me feel relaxed! It doesn’t matter whether he still in danger or not, so long as I am here, there’s no way he is going to die.

“Alright!” Ding Baosan nodded and prepared a vehicle for us to leave.

Just as I was going to walk out after Ding Baosan, Zhao Yanyan suddenly came forward and held me back.

“What happened? Dear, if there is something you want to say, let’s talk about it after I return. Right now, I must treat Guo Qing — you know of my ability!” I said to her.

“Husband, I think that there is something wrong with this guy, Ding Baosan!” Zhao Yanyan said in a low voice.

“I know,” I nodded and didn’t say anything else, leaving the room.

If there was really something wrong with Ding Baosan, then matters will be much easier and everything will make sense!

It was because of this that I also had doubts as soon as I heard the news of Guo Qing getting attacked! But I don’t know whether I should be disappointed or happy, with the results of the matter!

When I used my spiritual energy to see through Ding Baosan’s thoughts, I found nothing wrong with them! The guy was loyal to both me and Guo Qing, and he is well aware of my strength, so there was no way he would rebel against me!

He had no issues at all!

So, just who could it be who wanted to harm Guo Qing? From the moment of Guo Qing’s debut, though he has offended many people, there aren’t many who haven’t already pledged allegiance to the Three Rock Gang. As for the rest, they were already killed off, leaving none who had any bitter hatred towards him!

We entered the vehicle and rushed to the hospital where Guo Qing was being treated. It was a private hospital under Shuguang International and generally didn’t treat people from outside the country, and was only open to some top wealthy businessmen and groups. But the medical conditions of the hospital were one of the best in the world!

When I came to the hospital, the entire hospital was surrounded by people of Three Rock Gang. There were people who knew me, and others who had never met me, but all of them had, at least, seen my appearance from TV, so they immediately made way for me.

I didn’t have to stop for anything and followed Ding Baosan to directly arrive at the ward where Guo Qing was. The ward was a special care unit, divided into two layers, an inner and an outer layer, separated with a layer of plexiglass.

Guo Qing’s body was full of tubes, and even the life-support was being used. A doctor wearing a white coat was moving around.

“Watch the door, don’t let anyone else come in!” I said to Ding Baosan and then walked into the inner layer of the ward.

“Understood!” Ding Baosan nodded and didn’t ask any further.

When I entered the inner layer, the doctor inside also saw me and hastily said to me, “You cannot come inside here, the condition of the patient hasn’t stabilized yet!”

“It’s alright, doctor! Thank you for your work! There won’t be a need for you to be here, for the time being, you can leave now!” I nodded to him and said.

“What? Who are you!” As the doctor heard my words, he was stunned and said, “I am the head physician of the patient, I am in charge of everything here! Sir, please leave! Otherwise, I will have to call security!”

“I am his friend, and I will be taking responsibility for everything here now! And I am also the owner of this hospital, if something does go wrong, I will be the one responsible for it!” I said to the doctor.

“This…” The doctor had already been told that the patient was the chief of some high-level group, and he was also the brother of their own group’s president, so he had to treat him seriously. Now that he heard my words, he looked at me carefully and realized that indeed, I looked like the chairman he had seen on TV!

When the doctor was in a dilemma, Ding Baosan knocked on the glass and signaled the doctor to come out with his hand.

The doctor knew full well who Ding Baosan was, and since Ding Baosan had called him out, he no longer hesitated and left the ward.

Looking at Guo Qing laying on the hospital bed, I couldn’t help but have a feeling of loneliness! In this world, I only had very little true friends, and Guo Qing was my most intimate friend and brother. So I didn’t want anything to happen to him!

If anyone wanted to hurt Guo Qing, I would definitely not let that person off! So, no matter what happened, I was going to find the person that did this to Guo Qing!

Moreover, this matter also reminded me that something had to be done once and for all! This kind of life filled with turmoil and uncertainty wasn’t good! This prompted me to make the final decision!

Everyone I have a relationship on Earth with, I will bring them to the new planet! After all, that is a world that will belong to me!

With that, people like Guo Qing and Du Xiaowei, who are part of underworld gangs and mercenary groups, will be able to be part of the regular army on that new planet! Therefore, I had strengthened my idea!

I drew the curtains on the walls, then looked at Guo Qing. Taking a deep breath, I said to him, “Brother, you must stay strong!”

I then began to quickly remove the tubes and the life-support system from Guo Qing’s body! The wound on Guo Qing’s head was being quickly healed at a speed visible to the naked eye, under the influence of my spiritual energy!

Although my spiritual energy can’t change the structure of the body and the traits of human beings, it can still quickly restore it to its original appearance and structure. So, even though my ability won’t heal someone’s birth defects, it can still be used to treat the wounds infected in everyday life!

Guo Qing’s injured head quickly recovered to its uninjured state! Of course, I wasn’t relieved yet so I checked the inside of his head with my spiritual energy and found that there was no issue! This made me feel relieved and I threw away the gauze that was around his head.

“Guo brat, wake up already!” I patted Guo Qing’s face with some force and shouted. There was no issue as I knew this guy was as healthy as one could be and there were no signs of any injury left.

“Ah?!…” Guo Qing was startled by me and opened his eyes. Seeing me, he subconsciously reached out his hand and touched his hand. Not finding anything wrong with his head, he was shocked and said, “Boss, what are you doing here? Wasn’t I killed by a gunshot? How am I all right now? Could it be that this is the underworld, and we have turned into ghosts? Boss, were you also attacked?!”

“What bullshit ghost? Is it so easy to deal with me?” I let him get his thoughts straight and then said, “Have you forgotten that I have special abilities!”

“No. So that means, my injuries were healed by you?” Guo Qing looked at me with excitement.

“Nonsense, is there even a need to ask such a stupid question? We brothers met with such great difficulty, and you still have the time to ask stupid little questions?!” I said with ridicule.