V4C212 – Seized

“There’s absolutely nothing wrong with Ding Baosan! You must believe in my judgment!” I said, “It’s impossible for me to be wrong! If you believe me, then we will handle this matter with my methods! You have to coordinate with me!”

“Good! Since Boss, you believe that he has no issues than I don’t have a reason to suspect him either!” Guo Qing said, “Whatever you will say is what I will do!”

Although I had absolute strength and killing anyone was just a matter of seconds for me, I was also very confused about what the motive of the enemy was and who they were against!

Ding Baosan was clean, and Chen Yong, well, it seems that he is certainly not the one either! If Ding Baosan fell, who could be the one to benefit the most?

I can’t figure this out, so to understand this mess, I had to take some action!

I took out my phone and dialed Du Xiaowei’s number, telling him of what was happening.

After a while, a team sent by Du Xiaowei rushed to the hospital and called me to inform that they had arrived.

“Alright, wait for me, I will be out there immediately!” I told them.

At the door of the hospital, I saw the Three Rock Gang Law Enforcement Squad sent by Du Xiaowei. This team was the law enforcement team and wasn’t subject to the internal jurisdiction of the Three Rock Gang. They were especially used to punish those members of the Three Rock Gang who had violated the rules.

The Three Rock Gang members had already seen the arrived Law Enforcement Squad, and didn’t dare to go near them as they kept their distance! It must be known that these Law Enforcement Squads were quite strict and impartial. If a member of the Three Rock Gang got in their hands, death would be luxury; they would have their skin peeled off their bodies!

So, when the Law Enforcement Squad arrived, these members of the gang immediately started to guess whose luck had run out! They never expected that I would personally come out to meet the people of the Law Enforcement Squad!

Was it some bigshot that was going to get done in this time?

“Apprehend him!” I pointed towards Ding Baosan who was standing beside me.

“Understood!” The members of the Law Enforcement Squad didn’t hesitate and directly held Ding Baosan down.

“Boss Liu, what is…” Ding Baosan was stunned and immediately said, “Why are you apprehending me?”

“You know why!” I waved and said, “Take him away!”

“Boss Liu…” Before Ding Baosan could say anything, he was carried into an Iveco truck.

“Boss Liu, what’s the matter…” Ding Baosan wanted to say something about the injustice being done to him. However, when he thought of the matters happening recently, he thought that it was unjust!

Ding Baosan was no fool. With the events happening recently, even if Guo Qing didn’t say anything, Ding Baosan could clearly see that these plots that appeared to be targeting Guo Qing, were actually all targeting him! It was all definitely to get him blamed!

Although Ding Baosan clearly knew that someone was trying to get him in trouble, everything was already done and in the open. Even if he wanted to explain himself, others had to be willing to listen to him and believe him! Thinking of here, Ding Baosan relaxed. With Guo Qing shot this time, even Ding Baosan himself started to think that it was something he had plotted!

That was just too clever, right? Ding Baosan thought that he might even have a dual personality. It was possible that his other self had prepared everything to kill Guo Qing!

In order to get the enemy hiding in the shadows to come out, I was going to deal with everything myself! If I had really wanted to do something against Ding Baosan, I could have just grasped and killed him directly. The reason I asked the Law Enforcement to apprehend Ding Baosan was to make sure this matter spread everywhere! With this, my goal was achieved!

The enemy hiding in the shadows certainly wanted to get rid of Ding Baosan, so I was going to satisfy their desire! Now that Ding Baosan has been caught, its time to see what they do next!

Most members of the Three Rock Gang didn’t know the circumstances of the matter, so seeing me get people to apprehend Ding Baosan came as a shock to them all! Ding Baosan was one of the highest authority in the Three Rock Gang, yet he was actually caught by me! This news was enough to shock them all!

However, since I was standing there, the members of the Three Rock Gang didn’t dare say anything. However, there was one ferocious-looking fatty who stood before me and shouted, “What has Third Brother done! Why are you seizing him!”

I looked at the person before him and said, “Who are you? How dare you talk to me like this?”

“I am Third Brother’s subordinate!” The fatty said while puffing his chest.

“Subordinate?” I said with a sneer, “Good! Seize him as well!” I referred to the fatty and ordered the Law Enforcement Squad.

“Yes!” Several Law Enforcement Squad officers went forward and seized the fatty, bringing him to the truck.

“Hmph! A true man will rather die than live a shameful life! If you want it, then go ahead and kill me! But first, you have to explain what wrong I and the Third Brother did!”

I wasn’t going to reply to him, otherwise, the hidden enemy might change his plans.

Seeing that his own subordinate was caught because of him, Ding Baosan knew that I was prepared to deal with him for good this time! He couldn’t help but feel a bit sad in his heart! There was a feeling of loneliness eating him!

What a life he had. From a local thug, he had risen to the ranks of gang leaders, becoming a high-personnel in one of the biggest gangs! Money, beauties, everything. He had all he could ask for! Ding Baosan felt that even if he died today, he wasn’t going to be taking too much of a loss!

However, Ding Baosan wasn’t willing to have it all this way. He thought that he was being treated unjustly! He had been so loyal and devoted, he had never expected that in the end, he would have the fate of a traitor!

It wasn’t that Ding Baosan didn’t want to protest, it was just that he didn’t know what to say!

Ding Baosan sighed as he was soon locked into a secret room. His phone and any other means of communication had been taken away! Ding Baosan wanted to see me and tell me he was innocent. Even if I still killed him in the end, at least, he will die without any regrets!

However, I didn’t appear before him. Even after two days, he didn’t see anyone coming to see him except for the people who delivered food. As for the person who delivered him a meal, no matter what questions Ding Baosan asked him, he would just shake his head. This made Ding Baosan know that the guy was a mute!

What made Ding Baosan feel incredible was the fact that even after two days, no one came to interrogate him, let alone punish him. It had already been two days, and according to the previous experiences, no matter what mistakes had been committed, the culprit would be judged swiftly and die in this place. The Law Enforcement didn’t wait for anything or anyone.

But here he was, safe and sound.


Although Guo Qing had already been healed, I didn’t announce this matter to the outside, only telling everyone that he had just passed the dangerous time and was still in a coma, slowly healing in the hospital.

As for the matters of the Three Rock Gang, everything was being managed by Chen Yong!

At this point, I had thought that the enemy hidden in the shadows would have been ready to make his move, but there was absolutely no movement over the two days! Although the boss had been changed, the matters of the Three Rock Gang were handled in a very organized manner already, so there was no disorder. There was no such thing as someone taking the opportunity to rebel and seize power!

It had to be impossible! Chen Yong was slowly taking control of the majority of the Three Rock Gang’s work, gradually strengthening his own status step-by-step!