V4C213 – The Entire Matter

If no action was taken at this time, Chen Yong would soon have firm roots in the Three Rock Gang and there will be no chance to move him! Was this not what the enemy wanted, to get everything?

Both Guo Qing and Ding Baosan had been removed, and the enemy still hadn’t gotten the benefit they wanted. This was somewhat unlikely! Who would do such a stupid thing?

This was also what I couldn’t figure out! After waiting for two days and not seeing anything happen, I decided to visit Ding Baosan. I had thought that I would be able to catch the enemy soon, but who would have thought that the plan would fail!

As the matter stood, Ding Baosan wouldn’t be able to come out for a short while. I was afraid that he might have some negative thoughts, so I decided to clear the matter with him, to avoid making him have any blind assumptions.

It seems that my idea wasn’t wrong. When I saw Ding Baosan, I discovered that he had grown quite thin and pale. He had lost a lot of weight and his eyes were bloodshot, appearing as if he hadn’t slept at all.

Seeing that I had appeared, Ding Baosan was very excited and said, “Boss Liu, you have finally come to see me!”

“Well, do you know why you were caught?” Although I was here to comfort Ding Baosan, it was necessary to give him a lesson! He had been very careless and didn’t handle the situation properly!

If he and Guo Qing had an honest and sincere talk from the start, Guo Qing would have never suspected him! Therefore, I had to remind him that he was a person on our own side, and there was nothing for him to conceal. Trust was absolutely necessary between brothers!

“Boss Liu, I know that you certainly suspect me for harming Boss Guo, but it was definitely not done by me!” Ding Baosan said urgently, “My friendship with Brother Guo is no worse than the relationship between you and Brother Guo! We struggled together from the bottom. Moreover, I have always been on his side, so how could I have harmed Brother Guo!”

“A human’s greed has no limit!” I said faintly.

“Boss Liu, I no longer have any wishes I need to fulfill in this life. My greatest wish was to be a flamboyant bigshot. You already know if I am a good subordinate or not!” Ding Baosan talked about the past.

“Right! Now, tell me about the matter of the car being bombed!” To be honest, even I thought it was some sort of a wonder. How could there be such a coincidence? How could Ding Baosan miss everything at such a perfect time?

“Boss Liu, that was a real accident! Originally, I wanted to go with Brother Guo, but when we left, I suddenly received a phone call! The person on the call said he was a taxi driver and that my mom had an accident and she was being treated at the People’s Hospital because my mother’s leg was broken! At that time, I was shocked and rushed to the hospital!” Ding Baosan explained.

“So, someone deliberately lied to you?” I asked.

“Yes!” Ding Baosan nodded and continued, “I went to the hospital and enquired about the accident, but my mom wasn’t there at all! They didn’t even have a patient that got in an accident that day! This angered me quite a bit!”

“Since that’s what happened, why didn’t you just call your mother directly and asked her? Moreover, the scams that claim people’s loved ones are in the hospital should be very common in the news? Don’t you think you should have been more careful?” I mocked him.

“This, well, you know, when it’s about family a person’s thinking becomes chaotic!” Ding Baosan said with a smile, “And, my mother is also a very old woman and doesn’t really like high-tech things like mobile phones, so she doesn’t bring it along when she goes out! I had given her one, but it is closed all year round! When I called home, no one answered, so I naturally thought it was the truth! Moreover, I am the boss of a gang, so how can someone think about scamming me? Therefore, I wasn’t afraid of it being a swindler! So, I didn’t think much about the matter and went directly to the hospital with one of my subordinates! Right, it was Wang Liang who went with me!”

“Wang Liang? Is that the fat man who was seized with you?” I asked.

“Yeah, it is him!” Ding Baosan nodded and said, “The result was that after I returned home, my mother also came back. It turned out that she had gone to a park opposite my home to play mahjong!”

“That’s quite good. Alright, even if I believe you, what about the water dispenser being poisoned? What do you have to say about that?” I continued to ask.

“This… What I am about to say, you might not believe it Boss Liu but it is the truth!” Ding Baosan said with a bitter smile, “You are talking about the matter of me not having drunk the water, right?”

“Yeah, right! So why don’t you say why you think I will not believe it?” I hinted him to continue. Ding Baosan couldn’t be compared to Guo Qing. I wouldn’t believe if someone said he didn’t have ambition but it wasn’t of the same level. I don’t know what the enemy was thinking, taking him as the scapegoat.

“Alright, I will tell! Actually, I had caught a cold that day…” Ding Baosan hesitated and said, “I was drinking cold tea for the sole purpose of curing my cold…”

“At least come up with a better excuse. Is this even a time for someone to be catching a cold?” I said.

“I am not lying, I never expected that just because I didn’t drink a glass of water, everything will turn into such a major deal!” Ding Baosan said, “I am to be blamed for having listened to that doctor. He told me not to drink water and drink more cold tea!”

“Doctor? What doctor? Did you not investigate that man?” Hearing his words, it seems that everything had something to do with doctors!

“Yes. Later, I went to investigate that doctor at the hospital but found that they didn’t have anyone like him!” Ding Baosan shook his head, “He was specifically aiming at me!”

“So you want to say that you were being framed?” I asked.

“It can be said like that! When Brother Guo was shot, it was also someone who didn’t know me who stopped me!” Ding Baosan said with a bitter smile, “You also know that with my current position, there are many people I know and many more I don’t know. But to not make others lose face and keep up appearances, I still have to show them some face. I never expected that it would result in that accident! Later, when I searched for the person who talked to me, I couldn’t find him!”

I was speechless! I could tell that whatever Ding Baosan said was the absolute truth! But this fellow really had a string of bad luck!

“Boss Liu, I have said everything I had to say! I don’t expect you to believe me, let alone you, even if there was someone else, they wouldn’t believe me and think that I was making it all up!” Ding Baosan said with sorrow, “I only hope you can find the murderer behind the scenes and take revenge for Brother Guo!”

“Oh, I never said I don’t believe you, did I?” I clapped my hand and shouted at the door, “Come in!”

At this time, the door was opened and Guo Qing walked in with a smile!

“Brother Guo!” Seeing Guo Qing walk in without any issues, Ding Baosan excitedly shouted his name!

“Third Monkey, I was wrong to have suspected you before!” After my explanation and everything, Guo Qing had understood the truth of the matter. And now that he had heard Ding Baosan’s explanation, all the unpleasantness had vanished from his heart!

“Brother Guo, you and I are good brothers, there’s no need for these words! Your and Boss Liu’s trust is all I need!” Ding Baosan said excitedly.