V4C215 – Beef Noodles

If he just wanted to seize power, get rid of Ding Baosan, and control the Three Rock Gang, then his goal had already been achieved! So why did he let go of everything he had gotten? This was very puzzling!

Facing the current chaotic situation, I felt a bit helpless for the first time! Chen Yong was Chen Wei’er’s brother! So, even if I found him, how was I going to deal with him?

Things had been going on for almost a week, yet there was still no news of Chen Yong. I thought about it over and over again and finally decided to tell my suspicions to Chen Wei’er. After all, even I didn’t know what the future held for us. My rebirth wasn’t providing me with any substantial help right now. Everything has already gone away from the original development track.

Seeing how my mood was low and serious over these days, my wives were aware that I was sad. So, they didn’t dare speak loudly at home. Seeing me coming downstairs, Zhao Yanyan who had been discussing some TV show with the others stopped talking.

“Wei’er, follow me upstairs,” I stood in the stairway and nodded to Chen Wei’er.

“I?” Chen Wei’er was startled. She had not thought that I would call her! Generally, when I was sad, I would have Zhao Yanyan accompany me. However, Chen Wei’er was only startled for a bit and then immediately returned to normal. She obediently nodded, “Okay.”

She then got up and walked over to me. However, when she turned around, she gave Zhao Yanyan a confused look.

Zhao Yanyan didn’t know what happened to me either, but then she thought that it might be related to Guo Qing’s matter. So she encouraged Chen Wei’er with a nod and signaled her to take the opportunity and give me some words of encouragement.

When upstairs, I directly entered the study room. This let Chen Wei’er have more doubts, giving her a feeling of something bad happening! I rarely let my wives come to the study room, and whenever there was a problem, it would be resolved in the bedroom!

This time, since I chose the study room, Chen Wei’er was able to guess that something very important must have happened for me to ask her to follow me!

“Wei’er, come sit down!” I sat down on the sofa and pointed to the seat next to me to Chen Wei’er.

“Okay,” Chen Wei’er carefully sat beside me, like a little kitten.

I looked at Chen Wei’er and suddenly felt a bit sad. I had never wanted to involve my loved ones with the work I did, but now, I had to talk to Chen Wei’er about these matters.

On one hand, there was her man, and on the other was her brother! I don’t know what Chen Wei’er was going to do when I finished speaking, what kind of choice she would take?

But no matter what choice she would make, I will support her. After all, it was really too hard to decide between kinship and ones love for someone!

“Wei’er, there’s something I want to tell you, but after I finish, you shouldn’t get too emotionally excited!” I first made sure to create a layer of insulation to prevent hurting her too much, “Everything I am saying is just something that was guessed by me, and the matter might not be like what I imagined!”

“Husband, what is it… Is it related to… my brother?” Chen Wei’er wasn’t stupid. When she entered the study room, she already had a vague guess of the matter.

“Yes… it is indeed about your brother…” I nodded, “Chen Yong… he is missing!”

“Missing! Is that the reason my brother’s phone was not working over the last two days!” Chen Wei’er said, “What happened to him? Was he taken away by someone?”

I shook my head and smiled bitterly, “There are various signs that Chen Yong was the one behind the latest series of events!”

“What! You are saying it was my brother, but he—” Chen Wei’er exclaimed.

I smiled bitterly and said, “It’s him! He framed Ding Baosan, attacked Guo Qing…” I started to talk about the rows of matters and my analysis to Chen Wei’er.

After Chen Wei’er heard everything, her vision blurred and there was dread in her eyes. Biting her lips, she was unable to say anything.

“Wei’er, are you alright!” Although I was angry at Chen Yong, but Wei’er was innocent.

“Why! Why would my elder brother do such a thing?” Chen Wei’er suddenly said while crying, “Husband, what should I do, please tell me…”

“Alright, calm down. All of this is just a guess. I just want you to be psychologically prepared for the worst! Perhaps, the matter is not what I think!” I hastily tried to comfort her.

Chen Wei’er weakly laid on my chest and nodded slightly. However, both of us were clear, Chen Yong was the greatest suspect!

After Chen Wei’er fell asleep, I hugged her and brought her to the bedroom. Then I told about the matter to Zhao Yanyan and the others, making them comfort Chen Wei’er.

After telling all this, I turned around and left through the main gate.

If the one pulling all the strings was indeed Chen Yong, then all this seemed to be a good explanation, but what did Chen Yong obtain? It seems that he didn’t get anything!

This was what I just couldn’t figure out! But if there was no problem with him, then why couldn’t I detect his thought and how come he disappeared into thin air?

The more I thought about it, the stranger it felt. I shook my head and stopped thinking about this matter. After moving around for an entire day, I had not eaten anything. So, with my empty belly, I walked towards the night market not too far away.

Since my status was getting higher and higher, I was having more and more money. I had not arrived at these sort of road-side booths to eat for a long time, this made me ridicule myself a bit.

In fact, it had to be acknowledged that Chinese food was first-class in the world, but if one wanted to have the authentic Chinese delicacies and snacks, they would have to come to these road-side booths! Those big hotels, restaurants, etc. had better services but the taste was always a bit lacking!

This was also why many wealthy people lingered around in many morning market stalls!

Before I could decide a place to eat at, I heard the sounds of a quarrel from not too far away.

“Boss, what’s going on here! Why is there a pubic hair in our food?” A loud voice called out.

“Brother, our beef noodle shop is well-known everywhere for having a high quality of hygiene. So, how could a hair appear in the food… there must be a mistake!” The beef noodle boss said with a smile.

“How is it possible? Then what is in my hand? Don’t tell me it’s a cow’s hair! Why is this so long!” The loud voice shouted at the boss.

“This… sir, we really can’t have this kind of thing happen here. You see that we all wear gloves and head covers when making our noodles, so how can we…” the beef noodle boss tried to explain.

“So, what do you want to say then? That I deliberately brought over a pubic hair and put it in the food?” The loud voice said, “Look, everyone, this long hair seems to belong to a woman. I am a large man, so can I even have such fine hair?!”

“You…” the beef noodle boss wanted to say something, but he was stopped by a 17-18 year aged young girl, “Father, it’s ok, let’s leave the matter! We won’t charge him any money and that will be the end of the matter!”

“Alright, we won’t take your money, you can leave!” After the beef noodle boss heard her words, he begrudgingly said.