V4C216 – Inspect

“Won’t take our money?” The loud voice sneered, “You think that everything will be over just ’cause you won’t take money from us?”

“What do you want then?” The beef noodles boss asked.

“You must compensate me for the mental damage you did! Do you know what mental damage is? I almost ate a pubic hair from your noodles, this will make me keep on remembering pubic hair whenever I eat noodles in the future!” The loud voice said, “You think I will be able to eat noodles again, ever? So, it’s your responsibility to pay me for the damage you have done!”

“Mental damage?” The beef noodles boss was a bit stunned, “How much is it going to cost?”

“One thousand! Now take the money out, fast!” The loud voice said while putting out his hand for the money.

“One thousand!” The young girl was surprised to hear, “Aren’t you just trying to blackmail us! We already said it is impossible for something like this to be in our food, so why are you blaming us for it when it has nothing to do with us!”

“Why? Humph, are you saying that I like doing this sort of thing! Are you telling me that I specially brought pubic hair when I just wanted to eat a meal outside!” The loud voice yelled at the young girl when his face suddenly turned bright, “I say, Little Sister, could this be yours?” Saying this, he intentionally extended his hand and brought the hair near the young girl.

“You… Gross rogue!” The girl’s face was flushed with anger.

“Rogue? What rogue? I am just asking you to tell me the truth!” The loud voice said as he shook his head, “If you are really telling the truth, then why don’t you take off your pants? If it isn’t yours, not only will I pay for everything, I will even turn around and leave! How is it?”

“You… You are such a gross person!” The young girl was shaking with rage.

“Mister, if you keep on doing this, I will have to report you to the police!” The beef noodle boss was obviously angry as well.

“Report? Good!” The loud voice nodded, “Then you better report it quickly before you are left with nothing to report! Heh, I will leave before the police arrive, and I will arrive when the police have left! I will come here to bash you every day, I won’t let you do your business!”

The beef noodle boss was just about to pull out his phone and call the police, but he put his hands down helplessly. It was just as the man said, even if he called the police, he will be let go with just a warning, at most. After that, he will come again once the police are gone. There was no use reporting him to the police again and again!

Then, the only way out today was to suffer some loss and give him the money to avoid this disaster again!

“Why don’t you report me now? Told you, you should have done what I said! Now take out the money on your own, otherwise, I will bring my brothers tomorrow and take all of your stuff! Let’s see how you do business then!” The loud voice said proudly.

“Alright, a thousand is it…” The beef noodle boss hadn’t even finished his sentence when he was interrupted by the loud voice.

“A thousand? That was the price before, the amount has risen now; it is five thousand now!” The loud voice beckoned with his hand, looking at the young girl with a lewd look, having other ideas in his heart.

“Five thousand!” The beef noodle boss took in a cold breath, How come the price rose so much so quickly! “But you only asked for 1000 a moment ago! 5000! Are you cracking a joke? I won’t even be able to make that much in a month!”

“That’s not my issue, now, hurry up and take out the cash!” The loud voice exclaimed, “By the way, if you really don’t have money, we can think of some other solution!”

“What solution?” The beef noodle boss asked hastily.

“Didn’t I just say it before: So long as you can prove this pubic hair isn’t from your place, you won’t have to give me any money!” The loud voice said with a lewd smile, “I suspect that this pubic hair fell from this little sister’s body, so just let me check her and compare it thoroughly. How about it?”

“You… How can you do this!” The young girl was ashamed and angry.

“Oh! Alright, how about we find a hotel? Just the two of us; there won’t be any bystanders, so you don’t have to be shy!” The loud voice laughed, “When the time comes, this elder brother will inspect you very carefully!”

The loud voice waved the pubic hair in his hand.

At this time, I also came through the crowd of the people watching from the sides. When I saw the face of the beef noodles boss and the girl, I immediately became enraged in my heart!

Son-of-a-bxtch, I haven’t inspected her yet, yet you want to do it! You motherfrucker!

I walked straight behind the loud voice and held him by the collar, and slammed him to on the ground, yelling at him, “You want to inspect huh, let me take off your pants and inspect you first then!”

“Who are you!” Being a proud man, now that the loud voice was thrown on the ground so mercilessly, he was seeing stars while his heart was bursting with rage!

“Big Brother Liu!” After the girl saw me, she shouted my name with unbelievable excitement.

“Xiyuan, adoptive father, how come you are selling stuff here?” The young girl was naturally He Xiyuan, and she’s also the sister I got when we were babies. I was so angry; she was my decided-yet-not-announced wife, so how dare this basturd try to inspect her when I haven’t done anything yet! This loud mouth must be tired of living!

Thinking of here, I got angrier and slammed the loudmouth with my feet, “Let’s check you now!” The loudmouth’s eyes flipped and almost popped out.

“Big Brother Liu, don’t step on him like this!” Seeing that the loudmouth was foaming from his mouth, He Xiyuan quickly stopped me.

I naturally wasn’t going to trample him to death. This was the city’s downtown area. Although my identity was there and it was also estimated that there won’t be any trouble if I killed someone here, it was still not a good thing to do!

Therefore, I called Ding Baosan and asked him to send people to deal with this fellow. As for what happened afterward, that would have to depend on this fellows fortune!

I never thought that as I was making the call, this fellow would also get up and make a call. But, I didn’t stop him. No matter how many people he called, I could handle them all.

Without giving the loudmouth any more attention, I started speaking to He Xiyuan.

“Xiyuan, didn’t I tell you to study hard? How come you are out here selling beef noodles?” I shook my head. He Xiyuan’s family disliked to trouble others. I had told them so many times that money wasn’t a problem, yet here they were. However, they always tried to be self-reliant and even my dad couldn’t discourage them!

“Big Brother Liu, the College Entrance Exam just finished so I have nothing to do. That’s why I came out to help my father!” He Xiyuan explained.

“Adoptive father, how are your legs?” I helplessly asked my adoptive father, “You and my father are more than just ordinary brothers, so is my money not enough for you to just spend!”

“LeiLei, there’s no issue with my legs anymore! You also know, I am a person who can’t bring himself to stay idle. I have hands and feet, so I don’t feel comfortable spending your money!” My adoptive father shook his head.

While we were speaking, two husky fellows walked towards us. Seeing the loudmouth lying on the floor, they immediately held him up and yelled angrily, “Which motherfrucker did this to our Third Brother! This father is going to kill you all!”

“It’s him! Big brother, Second brother, you must avenge me!” Seeing that his backers had arrived, the loudmouth pointed at me and yelled.