V4C222 – Once Bitten, Twice Shy

“Boss Liu, the Dark Tribe just sent a signal that their leader wants to negotiate with the ruler of the Bright Flame Clan. What do you say…” Xu Qingwei said.

“Negotiations?” I was stunned but still said, “Alright. Send an autonomous ship outside to bring that God of Darkness over to me!”

I believed that the other party would certainly not accept such a harsh request from me! After all, letting the head of the enemy enter my territory for negotiations was somewhat too excessive!

Not to mention the degree of danger, even if I guarantee his safety, he would still be losing a lot of face doing this! As the matter stood, I will gain the upper hand in the negotiations!

However, beyond my expectations, the other party actually agreed to my request! This made me feel very confused. What did the other party even want? First, he ran over to launch an attack on us, and once the attack was done, he went ahead and agreed to enter the enemy territory for negotiations, alone.

This just didn’t conform to common sense.

But my surprise had just begun. When the God of Darkness stepped down from the ship and greeted me, I was stunned! Liu Kesheng! It was actually Liu Kesheng!

For a moment, I really didn’t know what to say! Should I say that the world was too small, or was I to say that we were fated? We could even bump into each other all the way here?

“Long time no see, Liu Lei!” Liu Kesheng acted as if he already knew he would see me, so without acting surprised, he greeted me normally.

“You already knew I was here?” I asked while looking at Liu Kesheng with a strange feeling.

“Not already. I just found out not too long ago!” Liu Kesheng said.

“Speak your purpose then – are you looking for revenge, or is there something else?” I sighed. Truthfully speaking, this brat, Liu Kesheng, has always been causing trouble for me, so I was already somewhat tired of dealing with him.

“Revenge?” Liu Kesheng smiled in self-mockery, “Liu Lei, please don’t taunt me as I don’t want to talk about the matters of the past again. Let alone, there was never any bitter hatred between us!”

“Eh?” After I listened to him, I was startled and looked at Liu Kesheng inconceivably. What’s this fellow up to? Looking at his appearance, he wouldn’t be here to settle our disputes, right? “What did you say? Say that again!”

“Liu Lei, as the leader of the Dark Tribe, I want to discuss the future development of the Bright Flame World with you. I wonder if we can sit down and talk about it?” Liu Kesheng said calmly.

Liu Kesheng was invited to the Temple by me. This was the first time I was discussing matters with someone in the temple. I had never thought that the honor of being first would go to Liu Kesheng!

“I had never thought that we will meet under such circumstances!” Liu Kesheng sighed and said emotionally.

“Neither had I,” I said lightly. I didn’t have any favorable impression of Liu Kesheng, but I couldn’t say that I hated him either. After all, he just liked Zhao Yanyan and there was nothing wrong with that, only his methods were too violent.

Most of the time, in this world, the winner is crowned king while the loser becomes the bandit! If not for my strength being greater than his own, the one being oppressed every time would have been me! Because of that, every time we clashed, because my strength was greater, the one to suffer was Liu Kesheng.

It couldn’t be said who was right and who was wrong, most of the time, the winner will be the one universally acclaimed as the right one.

“Liu Lei, this time, I haven’t come to you as an enemy!” Liu Kesheng said confidently, “I know my strength is nothing before you!”

Saying this, Liu Kesheng stood up and deeply bowed towards me with respect, “I know the wrongs I have done before, and so, I apologize for the inconvenience I caused for you and Zhao Yanyan! I hope you can forgive me!”

I was dumbfounded as I looked at this former enemy of mine! He actually bowed before me? What was happening? Was he plotting something? However, when I looked at Liu Kesheng’s sincere eyes, I couldn’t see any deceit!

Even then, I was still wary of him and used my spiritual power to look at his thoughts! I never expected the result to be the same as Chen Yong! I actually couldn’t see what Liu Kesheng was thinking!

My expression became colder as I said to Liu Kesheng, “Liu Kesheng, I have looked down on you, you sure have hidden well!”

“What?” Liu Kesheng was stunned and didn’t understand what I meant, “I have not hidden anything, I am saying what is in my heart!”

“Liu Kesheng, what ability I have, you should be very clear about that, but even then, I can’t see your thoughts!” There was no need for me to hide anything from his, so I directly stated what I meant.

“This… I don’t…” Just when he was going to refute, Liu Kesheng suddenly remembered something and immediately took off the communicator from his hand and said, “I know it must be this ghost thing, it must be doing this. I don’t know if our talk just now had been monitored!”

Half believing, half doubting, I took the “watch” that Liu Kesheng handed me. After all, my body wasn’t afraid of weapons and bombs, so there was no need for me to be afraid of Liu Kesheng playing some petty tricks on me.

However, when I surveyed Liu Kesheng’s thoughts once more, I actually discovered that I could see what was in his mind!

Indeed, Liu Kesheng really had the idea of settling the matters between us. It seems it was I who had misunderstood him this time, he really had no sinister plot against me!

Moreover, from his mind, I was also able to know of the matters that happened since he came to the Bright Flame World!

And the reason that allowed him to come over here, I didn’t know whether I should laugh or cry for him! Unexpectedly, it was because he kicked the TV and it exploded! And Liu Kesheng, who came to the Bright Flame World, used his own glib tongue to mix in with the people and gain some status! Later, he met a mysterious person who changed his life!

Unfortunately, though, Liu Kesheng didn’t know who the mysterious person was. When he met Liu Kesheng, his body was completely covered and he was wearing a bamboo hat, making it impossible for others to see his face!

However, this person indeed had the strength. Saying that he could call the wind and summon the rain wouldn’t be an exaggeration! Liu Kesheng relied on the power of that mysterious person to win the position of the God of Darkness!

With the help of the mysterious person, Liu Kesheng showed the Dark Tribe a lot of miracles and even made the rain descend, making the people regard him as existence on the level of Gods! Moreover, this mysterious person gave Liu Kesheng this communicator that allowed him to create some fireballs and lightning, making those primitive people believe that Liu Kesheng could use magic!

This war was also instigated by that mysterious person; he forced Liu Kesheng to do it! Those small tanks were also given to him by that person. There were also many advanced weapons that he received along with the tanks, but Liu Kesheng didn’t use them! After all, his purpose in coming here today was indeed to show me goodwill!

After weighing the matter over and over, Liu Kesheng felt that he would rather offend that mysterious person than to offend me. In his mind, he believed that I was much more formidable when compared to that mysterious person! After all, once a man was bitten by a snake, he would be afraid of even a rope!

Therefore, this was the reason Liu Kesheng decided to show me his goodwill! However, I had not thought that he would really let go of the previous grudges. Indeed, if we look at everything that happened, he and I really didn’t have much hatred between us. He always came to cause trouble for me, and I had never targeted him specifically!