V1C13 – True Qi

Hi, everyone. For reasons unknown, our translators aren’t very keen on translating Overgod Ascension, so we are negotiating with another translator right now. Hopefully, the negotiation will be a success and we will have a regular translator for this series. Please bear with the delays. The Evilations Team “Don’t cry! Don’t cry! Aren’t I alright?” […]

V1C12 – Original World

“Overgod Palace… is broken?” “What’s more, the current Overgod Palace is still missing some pieces…” “As for these privileges for being the Overgod Apostle…” Wu Ming’s eyes brightened, “All of these things only point to one conclusion! That is, the Overgod Palace at this time…is broken, only at the initial level! Since it doesn’t even […]

V1C11 – Overgod Apostle

Translator: Evilations.com Editor: Evilations.com Above the Nine Heavens, at the beginning of Primal Chaos. The Overgod Palace quietly stood erect, appearing to span the Heaven and Earth in all directions, it’s pillars extending through the universe, the past, the present, and even the future. [End of Mission. Start Clearing!] The air currents surged around Wu […]