V1C35 – I Cheated? Give Evidence!

Knock! Su Lin arrived before the student guidance room and knocked on the door. “Please come in!” Li Jianhua’s grating hoarse voice sounded. But since the opposite party was still the principal, Su Lin kept his temper and spoke monotonously, “Principal Li, were you looking for me?” Finished speaking, Su Lin looked around the student […]

V1C34 – Congratulations, Su Lin

“Congratulations, Student Su Lin. You made such great progress.” In the corner of the corridor, Qin Yanran brought Su Lin, she extended her hand forward and congratulated Su Lin with a formal tone and a smile. “Thanks… Thank you, Yanran.” Su Lin couldn’t figure out what was going on, but he still hurriedly held out […]

V1C33 – Ruthlessly Slapping Faces

Qin Yanran smiled; she even nodded to me! What does this mean? Was Qin Yanran giving her affirmation over my result? Just a smile and a nod from her made Su Lin start daydreaming, thinking he had obtained Qin Yanran’s confirmation! “Alright, Li Yan, Li Hao, you two sit down and don’t quarrel. Let’s review […]

V1C32 – Top Ten of the Grade

“Class 2, Ranked 10, Su Lin!” It was quite inconceivable. Lin Qingxue couldn’t believe her eyes, so she carefully took out the individual subject scores and carefully checked Su Lin’s marks, “Language 125, Mathematics 147, English 138, Comprehensive Science 287. A total score of 696.” Nearly reaching 700 scores, Su Lin entered the top 10 […]

V1C31 – Another Bet

Su Lin took his seat. Once it was past 7:11 AM, other students started to arrive in class. Just like Qin Yanran, when they entered the class and saw the “King of Lateness” Su Lin had arrived early, they were startled and wondered if the sun rose from the west today? Today was the day […]

V1C28 – What?! I Should Teach You?

The delicate nightgown was somewhat translucent already. And now that Lin Qingxue was burning all over, her fragrant sweat wet her pajamas, making it even more translucent. Especially the two red cherries on her chest, they now appeared even more firm and visible. “Wu… Wu…” With Su Lin’s lips holding her own so firmly, Lin […]

V1C27 – Su Lin, Teacher Is Uncomfortable

“What did you say? Su Lin, I didn’t hear you.” Under the sound of the blow dryer, Lin Qingxue didn’t hear Su Lin’s words. “I said… Teacher Lin, you are so beautiful!” Su Lin smiled and put his hands around his mouth to make a trumpet-like shape. Stretching his head forward, he faced Lin Qingxue’s […]

V1C25 – Arrival Of The Police

Spending less than 20 seconds, Su Lin easily slammed his foot into everyone’s stomach. He felt quite cool! Time Recover! In just a moment, all the security guards started screaming and fell to the ground. Clutching their stomachs, they roared in pain. Li Jianhua was surprised and didn’t know just when his hand turned into […]

V1C24 – I Can’t Help It, Teacher Lin

“Teacher Lin, how are you?” Su Lin was a little confused. He had thought Lin Qingxue was forced to get drunk by Liu Yuanfeng and had lost her rationality. But now, he couldn’t feel the stench of alcohol from Lin Qingxue’s body at all. So, why did she still have such a drunken appearance and […]

V1C23 – I Don’t Care Who You Are

“Do you have a cellphone?” The young woman didn’t seem to mind Su Lin’s offense and asked while looking at the darkening sky outside. “I don’t…” Su Lin replied awkwardly. Mother Su was afraid Su Lin would waste all day long playing games on the phone, so she didn’t get him one. “Then give me […]

V1C22 – Unconscious Woman

How come it isn’t Teacher Lin? Seeing the beautiful woman on the bed, Su Lin groaned. Even then, his eyes still looked towards the beautiful woman. The black tight-fitting western suit was wrapped around the woman’s graceful figure. Her plentiful waist gave off a slightly mature feeling. The high-heeled shoes under her feet had partly […]

V1C21 – Not Teacher Lin?

“Principal Li, what did you bring these two teachers here for? It wouldn’t be that you are yearning for some action?” With a smirk, Liu Yuanfeng drew Li Jianhua to a side and asked quietly. “Young Liu! You are misunderstanding this Old Li. I originally just wanted to bring Teacher Lin alone, but she just […]

V1C20 – Teacher Lin Actually…

“Su Lin, what did Principal Li say to you in the office?” In the corner of a corridor, Qin Yanran asked with her usual indifferent expression. “There was nothing much. He believed Peng Shenda’s words and gave me a major demerit. When the flag is raised next Monday, I will receive public criticism before the […]

V1C19 – Li Jianhua’s Conspiracy

With Qin Yanran defending Su Lin, dealing with the matter became harder. Li Jianhua looked at Peng Shenda’s face and frowned, indicating that he was now in a tight spot. “Principal Li, it is obvious that Su Lin beat me. All of my friends can testify to this. All of you, why don’t you tell […]