V4C234 – Peace And Recovery

“But, even if you are convinced, I will still not forgive you! You missed the last chance for repentance! You are a very dangerous person who will bear a grudge, no doubt! I am not going to leave a ticking bomb by my side!” I shook my head. “Corlett, go ahead and deal with him. […]

V4C233 – Sincerely Convinced

“Hmph, of course! It should be my rule here!” Xu Qingwei said coldly, “I built the Dark Tribe! Soon, I will become the supreme lord of this world, and Zhao Yanyan will also be mine! Although she is second-hand, I don’t care! Haha, she is my dream! Even though there is a gap between dreams […]

V4C232 – Mastermind

I had to acknowledge Liu Kesheng’s courage was praiseworthy! It’s one thing to be killed by Yu Gang, and another to snatch the remote control and blow himself up! Indeed, it was as Liu Kesheng said, he finally got to be a true man! Moreover, he played this move splendidly, garnering my sympathy! The device […]

V4C231 – Unexpectedly, It’s Him!

“Hehe, so you can’t guess? Even if you racked your brain, you wouldn’t be able to think of it!” The mysterious man laughed and said, “Is it very painful? You thought everything was under control, yet now, you realize how wrong your thinking had been all this time! That everything was completely different!” “What do […]

V4C230 – Who Is It?

“Boss, according to the survey of our subordinates, the enemy headquarters is below!” Du Xiaowei said to me. “Below?” I looked at the smooth ground, “You mean, underground?” “Yes, it should be underground!” Du Xiaowei said firmly. “Well, let all the warships prepare for battle, then show up!” I said. “Understood!” Du Xiaowei immediately issued […]

V4C229 – Mysterious Person

Chen Wei’er sighed and pretended to be unknowingly touching the third button on her belt. Far away in Japan, I suddenly received the message from Chen Wei’er in my mind and my heart calmed down a lot. At least, this proved that nothing dangerous happened to her and she is in good condition. This meaning […]

V4C228 – Puzzle

Wang Shu wasn’t stupid. After she thought about it, she understood that I must have used some forceful methods to deal with those people! Wang Shu already knew my identity, chairman of Shuguang Internation. For someone of my status, dealing with such a matter wouldn’t be a big deal! “You are really bad!” Wang Shu […]

V4C227 – Who Is That Person

As the matter stood, Wang Shu could definitely not tell the man who that person was! Who knows what this man wanted to do; what if he found him and wanted to kill him?! “I am just asking casually,” I also realized my tone wasn’t right, so I quickly recovered my original voice. “I won’t […]

V4C226 – Playing Tricks On Wang Shu

So Heng Lujing Ba could not give up and could only continue giving his speech, “Miss Wang, I am telling the truth. In fact, that person who wants to help you is also a Chinese, and he has seen you before!” “Chinese? He has seen me before?” Wang Shu was dumbfounded. Was it some University […]

V4C225 – Choice

I had already prepared to leave Earth, so I didn’t care about entering our leaving the country without a record. Even if some people wanted to use this matter to make an issue, they would have to find me first! In Japan, Wang Shu had already woken up as she sat in the room with […]

V4C224 – News

After I opened the link, I discovered that it was an entertainment news network of Japan! The aforementioned article talked about a Chinese girl named Wang Shu who, because of her father’s business going bankrupt, decided to start acting in AV movies to pay back the debt. Although the news wasn’t very implicit, I was […]

V4C223 – Peace Talk Failure

“I never thought there would come a day when the two of us would sit down and chat calmly!” I picked up the watch communicator and said, “I will ask someone to look at the function of this thing, but I don’t think it can monitor someone!” “That’s good, that’s good!” Although Liu Kesheng had […]

V4C222 – Once Bitten, Twice Shy

“Boss Liu, the Dark Tribe just sent a signal that their leader wants to negotiate with the ruler of the Bright Flame Clan. What do you say‚Ķ” Xu Qingwei said. “Negotiations?” I was stunned but still said, “Alright. Send an autonomous ship outside to bring that God of Darkness over to me!” I believed that […]

V4C221 – Dispute?

“Then, what should I do?” Liu Kesheng asked with a sigh. “Build up your strength. When the time is right, we will launch an attack to annex the Bright Flame Clan!” The person in the watch said. Are you not afraid you will bite your own tongue while boasting? Annex the Bright Flame Clan? Do […]