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rich relatives

Stepping foot on the land of China, I felt a sense of long-lost intimacy.

“Husband!” As soon as I left the airport, I saw Zhao YanYan and the other girls standing there, waiting for me. Zhao YanYan stood in the middle, just like a main wife from the old, aristocratic society. While the other women stood on either side of her, remaining a step behind.

“Wives…” I walked over and hugged Zhao YanYan.

“Husband, did you get the first place?” Xu Ruoyun quickly asked.

My forehead started to drip with sweat, these girls really like to talk about people’s most vulnerable points. I awkwardly replied, “Hehe, I was disqualified…”

“Ah?” The girls were stunned, but they immediately started to persuade me, “It doesn’t matter, not like one can eat the title. If they disqualified you, then it’s their loss.”

Only Liu Yue remained silent and kept on thinking. When our group walked to the parking lot, Liu Yue whispered to me when she passed by me, “I heard Grandpa say Yang Wei wanted to kill you?”

“Well, it’s nothing. He got the fruit of his labor, and is heavily injured,” I nodded and said.

“Why didn’t you kill him?” Liu Yue asked with a frown.

I couldn’t help but burst out laughing. On the outside, Liu Yue looks like a soft and sweet girl, who would expect to hear such ruthless words from her. But it’s no wonder, in her heart, I am the most important. If anyone dares to threaten my existence, she will resort to any means to exterminate them.

“He is still our relative after all. I hope he can turn over a new leaf after this,” I sighed and said.

“What relative? From a very young age, he has been trying to hinder my path and cause trouble for me. I have long since thought of him as an eyesore, humph!” Liu Yue said with a light snort.

I only smiled and didn’t say anything.

“Husband, who’s car are you going to ride?” Zhao YanYan ran over to me and asked.

As I looked…Holy Heavens, it was just like a luxury motorcade, and all these girls now drove a car of their own! Now I don’t know if my decision was correct or not!

I didn’t want to favor one and discriminate against the others, so I chose Zhao YanYan’s car. The others had nothing to say, and they won’t have any feelings of envy for each other either. Moreover, the hopeful look that Zhao YanYan had, I understood her meaning.

“Oh, right! Dear husband, mother called and said that we had some relatives visiting in the family, and asked us to make some time to visit home,” Zhao YanYan said while driving.

So that’s why Zhao YanYan wanted me to sit in her car. It turned out she had this to tell me! Although I have so many wives, and they are also recognized by my parents, but in their hearts, Zhao YanYan was still their main daughter-in-law. Therefore, the one to appear before relatives and the public needs to be her.

But where did these relatives come out from? I only knew about my grandfather (paternal) and his matters very recently, and it could be said that the Liu family were the only relatives my father had. As for my mother’s side, my grandfather (maternal) died early, so I don’t have much recollection of those relatives. And the communication between my family and my maternal uncles and maternal aunts wasn’t too much, nor were we so close either. In my previous life, I never cared about these matters. The situation of my family wasn’t very good nor was the relationship with these relatives.

“She didn’t say who arrived?” I asked.

“Hmm, probably some maternal uncle of yours whose son came back from the US after completing his studies. The whole family is here to show off in our house!” Zhao YanYan said with dissatisfaction.

“Oh, how do you know they came to show off?” From Zhao YanYan’s words, I judged it must be my second uncle who’s younger than my mother. His son, Zhang Zhisong and I are cousins. I only saw him once in my childhood, and never had any contact with him afterward. Now that they came to visit our family, it was highly likely they came to show off!

“Humph. Listening to our mother’s tone, she was saying that your cousin found a rich and pretty daughter-in-law abroad and was showing off to our family, therefore, mother asked us to go back and smack their faces!” Zhao YanYan said while brandishing her small fist.

“Oye, don’t mess around and drive carefully!” As I saw Zhao YanYan’s hand leave the steering wheel, it gave me a scare and I immediately reprimanded her.

Zhao YanYan smiled and stabilized the car. In the few days I hadn’t seen her, she had really improved her driving.

I knew that my mother would certainly not say something like that. My mom and dad might be angry because of their relatives showing off before them, but they would never offend someone casually, so it must be just them asking us to go back home and meet our relatives.

Thinking till here, I said with a smile, “YanYan, when the time comes, don’t make the relatives lose to much face, otherwise, you know how my parents are. They won’t want to do that and destroy their relationships!”

“Humph, am I that kind of person! How could I do something that would let you complain about me? After all, I am only one of the concubines in your family and can’t run rampant. There are so many others standing behind, waiting to take the position from me. If I am a slight bit careless and do something bad, who knows, you might abandon me!” Zhao YanYan said while rolling her eyes at me.

I awkwardly smiled and didn’t speak. Who made me such a womanizer, Ah! Hehe!

Zhao YanYan saw that I had nothing to retort with, so she smugly smiled towards.

After returning to the villa, I made simple arrangements regarding the matters of New Century, then went to have a gentle and hot time with my little wives. They also knew that I had to return to Songjiang tomorrow with Zhao YanYan, so they wanted to treasure this time they had with me as much as possible.

Early the next morning, Xu Er drove Zhao YanYan and me to the airport. Just before I left, I looked at the beautiful girls cuddling and sleeping soundly and didn’t have the cruel heart to wake them up.

On the plane, I briefly described what happened in Japan, and also confessed to the other matters. When I talked about Wang Shu, Zhao YanYan couldn’t help but be displeased, but after she heard about Wang Shu’s bitter experience and troubles, her hatred and displeasure all transferred over to Sawai Toji as she cursed him. As for Aoi Yuka, she was directly ignored by Zhao YanYan. In Zhao YanYan’s words, it wasn’t a big deal if I went out to find a p********e sometimes.

Instead, Zhao YanYan was the most interested in Wang Shu and asked me to call her as soon as she returned to China and have her meet Zhao YanYan. I naturally agreed with her.

It was time for the spring festival, and the Golden Week, so there weren’t many passengers on the plane as people had already returned to their homes for the holidays, so there wasn’t anyone to hear the conversation I had with Zhao YanYan.

After having repressed the confessions of love for a long time, we were finally able to freely say our sweet nothings, letting Zhao YanYan and I remember the time when we first fell in love. Snuggling sweetly to each other, we had a tacit understanding not to mention the other girls as we talked about the past and thought about the future.

From our meeting on the first day of high school to the process of us getting together. Taking Classes at the Shaonian Gong, skipping class to watch movies, and my first time meeting with Uncle Zhao…

Every single one of those memories was the happiest time in Zhao YanYan and me. When I was speaking for a long time, Zhao YanYan quietly fell asleep in my arms. I tenderly stroked Zhao YanYan’s hair with love as my thoughts seemed to return to the times in my previous life…

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