OA Chapter 10


“Xiu! Xiu!”

Looking at Wang Yin directly rushing towards it, a flurried expression appeared in the Shaman’s eyes as it kept on whistling the bone whistle continuously.

Invisible sound waves that seemingly turned into poisonous arrows in the air and killed people rained around!

Wang Yin was like a snake, avoiding the invisible poisonous arrows by evading to different directions, flexing his body around, or even lowering his head. Suddenly, he arrived before the Shaman lying on the ground and stabbed it with his lance. He had to kill this demonic Barbarian somehow.


A flower of blood appeared on the Shaman’s right hand as the bone whistle fell from it. Right then, Wu Ming saw the opportunity and shot an arrow, almost taking the life of that Shaman.

“You…… Must. Die!!!”

The Shaman looked at Wang Yin and Wu Ming with resentful eyes as he chanted some curse in the Great Xia language. Disregarding the injury on his right hand, he directly took off the drum and started to forcefully beat it!


It was even more horrible than the previous drum sounds. Wu Ming felt that his blood was going to stagnate as his hears filled with the wails of ghosts, and eyes blurred, making him almost faint.

Wang Yin, on the other hand, was in a far worse condition.

The spear that was originally going to be used to stab the Shaman slowly fell from his hands, while his mouth and nose bled and two lines of blood appeared below his ears!

That drum had unexpectedly injured two strong Martial Artists!

However, it didn’t seem to be a common move. As Wu Ming saw the Shaman behind the drum was almost looking like a skeleton, falling to the ground.

The Shaman sneered and took a black scorpion from his waist pocket, slamming it towards Wang Yin’s face.


Screaming pitifully, even though Wang Yin had moved aside, he had still taken a direct sting from the scorpion on his face! In an instant, he fell on the ground and no sound could be heard from him again.

“What a strong poison!”

Wu Ming felt as if he was being crushed under thousands of tons, and he was in a nightmare that he would never be able to get out off. He saw the Shaman’s dark and resentful eyes staring at him with hatred. The intensity of the fire back there was gradually decreasing and the Barbarian Cavalry were rushing towards them.

“Move! Dammit, Move!!!”

Wu Ming screamed in his heart, and soon, his blood and qi came to a peak. Suddenly, the sound of cracking was heard as if he had broken through something. A wisp of pure True Qi appeared in his Dantian, rapidly revolving throughout his body.

“True Qi Realm!”

Not only had he regained the ability to move, but he had also become even more powerful. Wu Ming immediately knew that he had a breakthrough in his Martial Arts Cultivation!

“It seems that the attack used by the Shaman was a ranged attack, and the closer the distance, greater the damage it did. Although Wang Yin was a True Qi Realm expert, he was far too near to the enemy and ended up bleeding from all his orifices. And since I was using long-ranged attacks, my Blood and Qi were sent into disarray. But now that I had a breakthrough, I was able to suppress them……”

Wu Ming’s heart suddenly turned alert as he looked towards the Shaman who had a fiendish grin on his face. Both of them watched each other with panic in their eyes as the Shaman pulled out a twin-tailed centipede.

“People of Han…… You will die incomparably pitiful……”

The Shaman again beat the drum with a grievous melody to it, walking forward with the centipede in its hand as it said with a ferocious smile, “I must peel of your entire skin and use it as material for my magic drum……”

“Peel yourself!”

Wu Ming suddenly gained ground and smiled brightly. Bending the bow in one hand and nocking a wolf fang arrow, he shot it towards the Shaman.

Without hesitating after the first arrow, Wu Ming shot another arrow towards the Shaman.

The two wolf fang arrows were right near each other, one following closely after the other. The Shaman had never imagined that Wu Ming could actually move. He tried to run backward and get some cover, but a fountain of blood appeared. Even though the first arrow was deflected, the second one couldn’t be evaded at all!


Blood splashed from the nape of the Shaman’s neck as it fell to the ground. The mask fell and a cold and hazy face appeared, “No… impossible…”


At this time, the Shaman was full of sorrows and a weak breath. The poison at hand attacked himself, the twin-tailed centipede turned around hissing and bit on the Shaman’s thumb, immediately giving him a violent death.

[Killed a Shaman. You have received 300 Minor Merits!]

“What a pity……”

Wu Ming, who was listening to the Overgod Palace’s prompt, saw the Barbarian Cavalry rushing from a distance. Looking at the Shaman’s body get covered by insects and that centipede and scorpion, Wu Ming soon left the place.

Although the drum and whistle on the Shaman appeared to be good stuff, there was still going to be some Secret Shaman Arts in its body. And that layer of black insects covering the Shaman made Wu Ming feel even creepy.

It was already hard to kill the guy, and if he died by touching his body, wouldn’t that be too damn embarrassing?

In the midst of chaos, Wu Ming walked through the village from the alleys and less dense areas. Soon, he arrived in a gorgeous yard. Pushing aside a layer of soil, he lifted a slate.

“You are here!”

Under the rays of the moonlight, the eyes of a beautiful woman appeared like shining stars.


Wu Ming looked around in several directions. Seeing that it was safe, he used his palms to overthrew the brick wall while instantly entering and conveniently covering the slate as well.


There was a loud bang on the surface above and it was apparent that the entrance had been sealed.

In the darkness, the only other person there was Huang Ying. With her fragrance transmitting into the air, Wu Ming couldn’t help but take long breaths.

“Did the leader of the Barbarians die?”

Huang Ying asked.

“He is naturally dead…… Now, we just have to wait here for the time limit to be up!”

Wu Ming tried to adjust his breathing and restore the physical strength that he had lost before. In the meantime, his ears kept on attentively listening for any outside sound.

“The fire is dying down!” “Barbarians are leaving!” “Use water to put out the fire!” “Save the people and heal the ones burned by the fire!” Sounds like that continued to transmit, while Wu Ming’s mind was like an ancient well that never rippled.

Together with Huang Ying, the nights passed. Unlike the land and life imagined by Qin Hu, the way to survival was inspecting the terrain and unearthing a hidden cave.

As for the fire outside, it was naturally Wu Ming who started that.

The periphery of the entire Daqing Village was similar to slums, most of the houses were made out of hay and wood. Naturally, Wu Ming didn’t choose those places, instead, he chose the rich area of Daqing, where the ancestral hall and the village head’s mansion were located. They were in the heart of the village and almost all of it was made of bricks and tiled buildings, it wasn’t easy for this place to catch fire, and the villagers were also gathered here. In order to survive, it was natural for them to try hard to put out the fire, but the impact was too minimal.

Huang Ying remained silent and didn’t ask why they had to hide.

After all, there was Qin Hu’s defecting and then Wu Ming had set a fire, even if it was for the Daqing Village. It wasn’t an exaggeration to say that the moment they went out, there was a chance of getting killed immediately.

But not setting a fire wouldn’t have done any good job either.

Once the Barbarians won, they would have started an inevitable slaughter.

Moreover, Wu Ming was also quite clear of the fact that if you could bury your head and hide as simply as you could from the entire conflict, you better shrink back into your turtle shell right from the beginning!

But, it was possible that the Shaman of the Barbarians might have had some ability to search for the living, so it was far too important to kill him, lest they become the turtles caught in a jar.

At this time, under the chaos, whether it was the Barbarians or the Villagers that won, it had nothing to do with them since they were safe.

The chaos continued for the entire night.

On the next day, Wu Ming could hear the massive sounds of crying from the vents, together with “catch that pair of man and woman!” and “Burn the outsiders to death!” and so on. It was obvious that the villagers had regarded them as defects because of Qin Hu and they had now turned into the object of hatred for the villagers.

“Aren’t you angry?”

Huang Ying’s voice could be heard, “If not for you being brave and taking charge and killing the leader of the enemy, it was possible that the entire Daqing Village might have been dead already!”

“Everything has already been done, what use is fretting over it?”

Wu Ming actually closed his eyes, “Miss Huang Ying, though you might still have energy, it would be better if you take some rest since we are going to suffer here for some more time!”

They had naturally prepared dry rations and clear water, so spending the rest of the time there wouldn’t be a problem, but Wu Ming still had the idea of retaining as much strength as possible in case something went wrong.

At this time, his thoughts were condensed and he could feel a trace of True Qi circulate all around his limbs from his Dantian.

“It was really a blessing in disguise…… I can’t imagine, if just the Shaman was so strong, the true strength of the enemy is just beyond the imagination……”

Wu Ming thought in his heart.

He had almost planned everything out, the only variable was the amazing strength of the Shaman who even had ranged attacks!

No, wait… there was also Wang Yin, that fool who directly jumped into the battle. If Wu Ming hadn’t had the breakthrough at that crucial time, it was possible that there wouldn’t have been an escape.

“Finally… the True Qi Realm!”

As the Qi sunk in his Dantian, Wu Ming could feel his strength being several times stronger than before. This made him feel somewhat gratified.

The Martial Arts in this world, the Mortal Body Realm had 9 layers: Stable Heart, Skin and Flesh Refinement, Muscle and Bones Refinement, Inner Strength, True Qi, Innate, Outer Astral, Inner Astral, and Extreme Transformation!

Stable Heart was the beginning of Entering the Dao followed by the Skin and Flesh Refinement and then Bone and Muscle Refinement, into the Inner Strength that was the strengthening of the Qi and Blood, Muscle and Bones, and even the internal organs, creating a solid foundation.

The playboy from before had been rich in resources. In fact, his foundation was already solid, he just lacked the experience and heart to pursue it, so he remained in the middle stage of Inner Strength, not being able to manifest True Qi at all.

And since he was already replaced by Wu Ming, a breakthrough was inevitable in a bloody battle like that. {TL: Remember how Wu Ming trained his a*s off for months to make his foundations solid in a chapter previously? That’s why the breakthrough was inevitable!}

In the dark, there was no way to know how much time had passed, and it was quite difficult to live down there.

Wu Ming actually tried to find pleasure amidst the suffering by studying his own Martial Path to progress further down the Dao:

“After the manifestation of True Qi, every movement and action of a Martial Artist is far superior compared to an average man. The next step is to continuously cultivate and strengthen the raging True Qi, fill the Dantian, Acupoints, Meridians, and then temper the entire body. Only then will one have the chance to enter the Innate Realm!”

“It’s just that…… should I step onto the path of a Martial Artist? A Warrior has no future, so the only thing I can do is try to come in contact with some Daoist Priest or a Qi Refiner and see what I can do…… No, wait! What about having the Overgod Palace here, does this place have some other way that can be taken? So long as there are enough reward points! No, Merit Points!”

“Young Master Nameless?!”

While Wu Ming was pondering, Huang Ying’s gentle and pervasive voice came from the side, making him shiver.

“What’s wrong?”

Right after Wu Ming asked in a low voice, he felt a fiery and fragrant body fall into his arms. Following that was the gentle whisper of the beauty next to his ears, “For your grace of saving my life…… This mistress knows that she can never repay you for that, so I can only……”

Both had just escaped death, and Wu Ming was no gentleman either. Not saying much, it was the easiest to stimulate a man’s desire right after he had a life-threatening encounter!

Neither rejected at that time, and a pair of hands started to explore the fiery body unruly……

Huang Ying turned around and just when the two were going to go further, the loud and pervasive voice of the Overgod Palace resounded: {TL: Son-of-a-b***h, had to interfere.}

[Main Quest Mission Completed! Reincarnators Return!]

In an instant, the two felt dizzy. Wu Ming could only give a middle finger to the Overgod Palace in his heart, as his consciousness immediately fell into darkness.

“Where…… Where is this?”

Wu Ming stood in the void and looked at the surroundings that appeared to a scene from the Primal Chaos. Without giving much attention to the Primal Chaos around him, he wondered in his heart, “Huang Ying isn’t here? It seems that we have returned to our exclusive spaces?”

[Mission Completed! Start settling accounts!]

The sound immediately resounded in his head and shook Wu Ming, as Wu Ming could see a light screen appearing before him in an instant.

However, he suddenly gained ground and looked up into the Primal Chaos. A bright and magnificent, unable to be described in any describe, Heavenly Palace proudly stood there as if from a time immemorial, surpassing even the Universe itself!