OA Chapter 11

Overgod Apostle

Above the Nine Heavens, at the beginning of Primal Chaos.

The Overgod Palace quietly stood erect, appearing to span the Heaven and Earth in all directions, it’s pillars extending through the universe, the past, the present, and even the future.

[End of Mission. Start Clearing!]

The air currents surged around Wu Ming and lights and shadows emerged, followed by the scene of their struggle in the Daqing Village in the Great Xia Empire before the Invasion of the Barbarians. {TL: The invasion of the Barbarians is different from the small attack on the Daqing Village. The Barbarians probably invaded the entire empire later some time.}

After a while, a line of clouds appeared, changing into golden text with mysterious ruins. Soon, the text from the Overgod Palace could be seen.

[Main Quest Mission: Survival! Complete! Received 100 Minor Merits!]

[Killed Five Barbarian Cavalry! Received 250 Minor Merits!]

[Killed a Tulu Warrior! Received 100 Minor Merits!]

[Killed a Shaman! Received 300 Minor Merits]

[Total Merit: 750 Minor Merits!]

[Novice Mission Completed. Congratulations to Number GS-69 for completing the novice mission. You have become a true reincarnator!]

[Detected injury to GS-69 Reincarnator’s Three Immortal Souls and Seven Mortal Souls, should that be treated? The treatment will need an expenditure of 1000 Minor Merits!]

“1000? Three Immortal Souls and Seven Mortal Souls?”

Wu Ming was absolutely terrified, “My soul has been injured? Why had I not known that a Shaman has the ability to hurt their enemy’s soul…” {TL: You can read about the Souls >> https://bit.ly/2D0RSKX}

His face suddenly froze as he thought that it was possible that the Overgod Palace wasn’t referring to the damage done by the Shaman, instead, it was damage done when his soul crossed over! {TL: Wu Ming crossed over into the body of a silk pants young master. Later, he crossed over to another world because of the Overgod Palace!}

“It’s just that… a thousand Minor Merits? Even if I sold myself I wouldn’t have those! Ah! Isn’t this newbie guide trying to rip me off? How am I ever going to afford that treatment fee?”

Wu Ming’s face had the expression of someone drowned in debt, but then he suddenly said, “What are the uses of Minor Merits?”


In an instant, several incomparably huge screens of light fell. From above, words so bright they could blind the human eye fell like a waterfall.

Cultivation Techniques, Bloodlines, Magical Artifacts, and More……

The names of various categories emerged. Everything was just like in supermarkets; you want it, they have it.

Wu Ming first looked at the Cultivation Techniques column. Although he had prepared his heart, the moment he saw everything, his eyes felt as if they were being blinded by 24 K Titanium Alloy.

“<<Primal Chaos Art>>: First came the Primal Chaos, giving birth to everything living! Practice this law and return to the origin. Cast a Primal Chaos Golden Body, and the ancient body will last through eternity! Exchange Requirement: 1 Million Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Splitting Heaven And Earth Art>>: Practice to Great Achievements, understand the core of Fengshui, split the Heaven and Earth, create new worlds! Exchange Requirement: 990,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Absolute Supreme Pure Profound Art>>: Created by the first Taoist, the Ancestor Venerables own Art. Practice and reach the boundary of Supreme Limitless Sage! Exchange Requirement: 910,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Golden Buddha Body Art>>: The Divine Art of the Buddhist Gate. Cast bodies of ten thousand Buddhas, become the future Buddhist Lord! Exchange Requirement: 900,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Starfall World Secret Art>>: Gather the strength of the stars in the Nine Heavens, condense Purple Mist True Dragon’s Fate, and change your life! Exchange Requirement: 850,000 Heavenly Merits!”


“The more I look the fiercer it all appears……”

Wu Ming then opened the bloodlines:

“<<12 Ancestral Witch Blood Essence>>: Exchange Requirement: 500,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Blood of Divine Dragon>>: Exchange Requirement: 200,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Blood of Virmilion Bird>>: Exchange Requirement: 200,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Blood of Mountain Turtle>>: With a bird’s head and tail, it uses wood to restrain everything and escape… Exchange Requirement: 10,000 Heavenly Merits!” {TL: The Mountain Turtle isn’t the same as the Black Turtle\Divine Turtle that has a snake.}

“<<Blood of Zhuyan>>: A ferocious beast looking like a white-haired ape with red feet. Wherever it went, chaos spread! Exchange Requirement: 10,000 Heavenly Merits!”

“<<Blood of the Ominous Wolf>>: An Ominous beast appearing like a giant fox. When it appears in war with its red tail, the soldiers are devastated! Exchange Requirement: 9,000 Merits!”


Wu Ming then opened Magical Artifacts:

“<<Primal Chaos Beads>>, 1 Million Heavenly Merits! <<Pangu’s Axe>>, 1 Million Heavenly Merits! <<Xuanyuan Sword>>, 1 Million Heavenly Merits! Why don’t you just rob me already?”

Wu Ming was depressed and opened the Miscellaneous page and saw <<Twelve Direction All Heaven Godfiend Array>>. The price next to it was the same 1 Million Heavenly Merits. He was speechless and asked, “Just what the heck are Heavenly Merits?”

[The Overgod Palace Merits are divided into Heavenly Merits, Major Merits, and Minor Merits! The conversion ratio is 10 to 1! Major Merits can be combined into Heavenly Merits. Merits can be split or combined. For each operation, there is a fee of 10%!]

Seeing all this, tears streamed down Wu Ming’s face, “Split or Combine, there is a fee of 10%. I am not making a mistake, right? Aren’t you just committing robbery in broad daylight! Do you think people can print money as they please!?”

Crazily going through the Magical Artifacts Column, Wu Ming finally found a blood drum very similar to what that Shaman used.

“<<Human-skin Magic Drum>>: Special Instrument for the Shamans. It can help in the growth of a Shaman’s power using human bones, blood, and skin! Grade: Low-Level Artifact! Exchange Requirement: 50 Major Merits!”

Wu Ming tried to exchange and sure enough, a prompt appeared: [Lacking Major Merits! Would you like to exchange Minor Merits? You will need 550 Minor Merits for the Exchange!]


Wu Ming yelled with a bitter face. If he had known the broken drum was so valuable, he would have definitely braved danger and took it!

But what made him even more indignant was the shamelessness of the Overgod Palace!

“500 Minor Merits are obviously enough, why do you have to add that 10% fee on top of that! Even when you split Major Merits into Minor, you still charge money for that… This is a robbery, no, this is even worse than a robbery! AH!!”

Unfortunately, no matter how Wu Ming protested, the Overgod Palace just stood there, still!

Wu Ming was also clear about the situation. In the face of this unreasonable monopoly, there was nothing he could do! He flipped through the Cultivation Technique Column and finally found the thing he wanted to look at.

“Um, <<Turtle Breathing Technique>>! This is my current Inner Strength cultivation technique and is specifically used to strengthen the internal organs. My older self’s Elder Sister spent quite a price to get it for me, yet it is valued at 100 Minor Merits! Now that I am already at the True Qi Realm, I should study a higher edition of the technique now, the <<Spirit Turtle Qi Cultivation Law>>! The asking price is 300 Minor Merits… Alright… I will first try to get this Cultivation Technique from the Elder Sister, instead of wasting merits…”

With a bitter heart, Wu Ming closed the light screen. Looking at the appraisal telling him how his Three Immortal Souls and Seven Mortal Souls were harmed, he shook his head, “I should first get rid of this hidden danger…”

He didn’t want to leave any hidden trauma in his soul, but that gap of 250 Minor Merits still made him endlessly depressed.

“Overgod Palace, do you recycle Cultivation Techniques and Items?”

Wu Ming asked.

[Yes! But they must first past through an appraisal and be deemed valuable enough!]

Very obviously, there was nothing of much value on Wu Ming. He had already seen the Cultivation Techniques of the Overgod Palace earlier, so he knew he wouldn’t be able to gain any profit from it.

“Since you don’t want silver and gold… Oh, in that case, how about this…”

Wu Ming was distressed, but suddenly, his expression changed as he pulled out that jade pendant, which harmed him and threw him into the Overgod Palace, from his chest.

After he was transported, he was completely clean. It was only this jade pendant that accompanied him inside.

[Jade Pendant (Unknown strange item, needs an appraisal!)]

At this moment, the jade pendant’s surface was even more clear, and the golden star inside was spinning rapidly.

Wu Ming seemed to have an illusion that the entire Overgod Space shook the moment he took out that pendant.


Wu Ming was sweating and his heart clenched as he thought, “This appraisal wouldn’t also cost money, right? I hope it won’t cost too much, making me go bankrupt…”

Fortunately, the Overgod Palace didn’t ask for any payment. Instead, it seemed to be even more impatient than Wu Ming and directly started the appraisal.


An incomparably powerful light beam fell from the highest point of the Overgod Palace, and with an overwhelming momentum, it covered the jade pendant.

“What is going on?”

Wu Ming repeatedly stepped back. Watching the Overgod Palace trembling, his expression changed a little, “What is this…”

Inside the beam of light, the jade pendant’s surface burst with incomparable brilliance. It transformed and myriad projections suddenly came out of it, giving Wu Ming the misconception of seeing infinite vastness and birth of the world.

After a long time, the beam of light receded and the jade pendant slowly fell down. Wu Ming couldn’t wait to see the results:

[???: Suspected to be the source of World Origin, a lost part of the Overgod Palace! Will you contribute it to the Overgod Palace?]

“Hoh? What’s the reward? How many Merit Points will you give me?”

Wu Ming asked with surprise.

[Insufficient authority, cannot answer!]

“Then how about trading with some Cultivation Techniques and Bloodlines. I won’t be too greedy, just give me the top ten items on the Heavenly Merits List, alright…”

[Insufficient authority, cannot answer!]

After Wu Ming asked for different things, a smile appeared on his face, “It is actually a lost part of the Overgod Palace, and… they aren’t even snatching it from me, nor do they have anything to tempt me to hand it over… Sure enough, I can see that the Overgod Palace is either a dead thing that… or could it be a restricted passive program?”

“I choose to contribute!”

Wu Ming clenched his teeth and decided.

After all, a thousand birds in the forest aren’t as good as a single one in your hands.

With his current strength, he won’t be able to study this thing at all. And his previous bitter experience already made it clear that this thing had no effect on his Reincarnation Instance.

Even if he was in the outside world, with his identity and status, he would have to slowly break through the higher realms and study the World Origin for a long time. He didn’t know just how many other people had gone through the same experience of being reincarnators. Just the thought of it chilled his bones.

Because of that, he must be cautious and not leak a single thing about his experience.

The ordinary is innocent while the talented will arouse jealousy. Wu Ming understood this point.

“In any case, it didn’t belong to me. I won’t feel bad betting with it even if it went wrong!”

Wu Ming clenched his teeth and immediately chose “OK”.


In an instant, the Heaven & Earth split and the jade pendant changed into flowing light, suddenly merging into the Overgod Palace above the Primal Chaos.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The Qi of Absolute Beginning circulated, and the entire world seemed to have huge changes.

The Overgod Palace thundered and became even more extravagant with bright and glorious light. Suddenly, a stream of light fell into Wu Ming’s body.

[Ding! Reincarnator GS-69 has made an outstanding contribution to the Overgod Palace! His basic permissions have greatly improved! He will get the exclusive title – Overgod Apostle!]

“Overgod Apostle? What’s that?”

Wu Ming had a questioning expression.

[The Overgod Apostle is a person who made remarkable contributions to the Overgod Palace! The Overgod Palace and the Overgod Apostle will grow together!]

[A Reincarnator equipped with the title of Overgod Apostle will obtain the following privilege:

A: The Reincarnator will know the Mission’s information ahead of time by three times.

B: Every time a mission is finished, the Reincarnator gets 5000 Minor Merits for free!

C: Obtain True Vision and avoid Merit Point exchange expenses!

D: After every three missions, obtain the right to waive the penalty from the failure of the Main Quest!]

“I… I… I…”

Wu Ming was thoroughly shocked.

“This… This is simply…”

He was very clear in his heart that even if the Overgod Palace give him Cultivation Techniques or the top Bloodlines as a reward, the relationship between the two would still be that of master and captive. But now, the order had flipped and he had become the master of the house!