OA Chapter 12

Original World

“Overgod Palace… is broken?”

“What’s more, the current Overgod Palace is still missing some pieces…”

“As for these privileges for being the Overgod Apostle…”

Wu Ming’s eyes brightened, “All of these things only point to one conclusion! That is, the Overgod Palace at this time…is broken, only at the initial level! Since it doesn’t even have a master, it can only follow some rigid rules and do basic things only!”

At this time, Wu Ming was excited beyond belief in his heart, “Since it’s like this… If I can control the Overgod Palace, and become the Lord of Heavens and Myriad Worlds, what would I not be able to achieve?”

Wu Ming was excited, thoroughly excited.

One who can become a Primordial Saint or Western God with the help of the Overgod Palace will still be under the palace! They can’t compare to one who will have a chance to ascend and become the master of the Overgod Palace!

“… Right, True Vision, what’s that?”

Wu Ming looked around and saw emptiness. The Primal Chaos and everything else had vanished already. All that remained was the aloof and majestic Overgod Palace, without anything else in sight. He could only look around helplessly.

Soon, he felt something was wrong. Wu Ming called for the Exchange List and his mouth gradually widened.

<<Primal Chaos Art>>: First came the Primal Chaos, giving birth to everything living! Practice this law and return to the origin. Cast a Primal Chaos Golden Body, and the ancient body will last through eternity! Exchange Requirement: 1 Million Heavenly Merits! (Out of Stock!)

<<Splitting Heaven And Earth Art>>: Practice to Great Achievements, understand the core of Fengshui, split the Heaven and Earth, create new worlds! Exchange Requirement: 990,000 Heavenly Merits! (Out of Stock!)

<<Absolute Supreme Profound Art>>: Created by the first Daoist, the Ancestor Venerables own Art. Practice and reach the boundary of Supreme Limitless Sage! Exchange Requirement: 910,000 Heavenly Merits! (Out of Stock!)


“<<12 Ancestral Witch Blood Essence>>… Out of Stock! <<XuanYuan Sword>>… Out of Stock! <<Primal Chaos Bead>>… Out of Stock!”

Wu Ming was speechless, “Basically, as long as it is on the Heavenly Merit List, 9 out of 10 are out of stock… The Major Merit List is also lacking compared to before, and only the Minor Merit List barely has something…”

“Overgod Palace… Is there a Reincarnator’s Trading Plaza?”


“What about the number of other reincarnators? Can I check?”

[Can’t answer! Insufficient Privileges!]

“Are there other Overgod Apostles like me?”

[Can’t answer! Insufficient Privileges!]


After several attempts, Wu Ming couldn’t help but reveal a forced smile, “Good… The Exchange Lists are out of stock, and there isn’t a Trading Plaza either… The Overgod Palace really is at the most basic level, without any flexibility!”

“Although I know the Overgod Palace has a lot of shortcomings, I am already happy having the upper hand. But the Overgod Palace as it is now, I feel I just went from being a rich upstart to being an unknown singer!”

But no matter what, he finally got to have free treatment, and he no longer has to use his Merit Points. Wu Ming immediately said, “Overgod Palace, I want the treatment!”

A white light immediately fell and shrouded his entire body, making Wu Ming feel as if he was inside a warm hot spring.

[Ding! Treatment Completed!]

Wu Ming moved his arm and said, “I don’t feel a thing…”

Indeed, Wu Ming only felt his mind relaxed and nothing else after the treatment.

If he wasn’t sure the Overgod Palace wouldn’t deceive him, he would have thought the Overgod Palace was spouting nonsense about him being injured to milk some cash from him.

“… Overgod Palace… Why did my things disappear…”

Wu Ming carefully tried to communicate with the Overgod Palace. Although he had some authority now, it didn’t seem to be high. At least, he wasn’t yet at the level where the Overgod Palace would answer all of his questions.

After trying it out a bunch of times and getting the “[Can’t answer! Insufficient Privileges!]”, Wu Ming had figured that out.

“Those are foreign objects. There might even be some powerful foreign objects. Every time you enter the Overgod Palace, you will have to spend additional Merit Points to bring foreign objects along. Do you want the Overgod Palace to bring your foreign objects from the outside?”

Wu Ming had an expression of incredulity, “Damn… Someday, you are gonna get crushed to death with your money!”

However, no matter how expensive the Overgod Palace was, he had no choice but to pump out Merits. He already knew his current authority wasn’t high enough and must be very limited. He had no choice but to keep his mouth shut.

“Forget it… Overgod Palace, can you scan me and choose the most suitable Profession, Cultivation Technique, and Bloodline… go ahead and come up with a suggestion!”

[Can’t answer! Insufficient Privileges!]

“Error Message!”

Depressed, Wu Ming opened the Exchange List and selected the <>, asking, “After I buy this Technique, can I start practicing immediately?”

[Overgod Palace only provides the Cultivation Technique manual. If you want to practice, you can spend 100 Minor Merits to gain an opportunity for enlightenment. The progress will be decided by your innate talent!]

This time the Overgod Palace finally replied.

“Can’t that be done automatically?”

Wu Ming was stupefied. He had spent so much effort to obtain those Minor Merits, yet now, his dream of becoming a peerless expert had been immediately destroyed.

“If the Cultivation Technique’s enlightenment opportunity depends on my innate talent, then I am hopeless…”

Wu Ming clearly remembered how his predecessor took several months just to cross the threshold for the <>.

Thus, it was clear his body’s innate talent was quite limited in this aspect.

However, it has always been difficult to get started practicing and then overcoming the bottlenecks. If he could use the enlightenment provided by the Overgod Palace to rush through the first bottleneck, then it would be worth the money.

“At this time the Merit Points are far too precious. I should keep as much as possible. I will have a look outside and see if I can get any good resources. If I can’t, then I will come to the Overgod Palace. For now, this is the most feasible plan!”

Wu Ming then looked at his condition.

At this time, the writing on the light screen had impressively changed:

[Reincarnator Identification Number: GS-69]

[Name: Wu Ming]

[Cultivation Base: Mortal Body Realm 5th Layer – True Qi]

[Equipment: None]

[Title: Overgod Apostle]


“Can I choose to return to the real world?”

[Yes! Note: Any information regarding the Overgod Palace cannot be leaked to any other person, intentionally or unintentionally. Violaters will be directly obliterated!]

The listed taboo and the punishment made Wu Ming’s scalp go numb.

“I wonder if the right to waive penalty gained after every three minutes can be used on this…”

Wu Ming sighed.

He knew that although he made a major contribution to the Overgod Palace, he still couldn’t ignore the missions and the penalty of being obliterated.

As for becoming the master of the Overgod Palace, it now seemed to be a distant and unreachable dream.

But no matter good or evil, he had already taken the first step!

“After returning to the original world, can I still come back?”

[Ordinary Reincarnators will be called here at the beginning of the next mission only. Overgod Apostle can come to the Overgod Palace’s World at any time!]

“If that’s the case, then… Send me back!”

After seeing the message, Wu Ming breathed a sigh of relief and decided to keep the Minor Merits for the time being and return to the original world.


“What happened? Why is my brother still not awake?”

“I don’t care, I must save him no matter what!”

In his confusion, a woman’s voice seemed to enter his ears. Immediately, Wu Ming’s body felt cold as his hair stood on end, acting as if he had come across his nemesis.

‘Such a deep memory. It seems to be Wu Ming’s sister — Wu Qing, right? I just don’t know why Wu Ming is so afraid of her?’

Wu Ming slightly opened both his eyes, feeling the warm and soft bed he was lying on. His body was covered with a quilt. If he remembered correctly, this should be the room he arrived in right after crossing over.

“Young Master Ming woke up!”

His movement of opening his eyes was seen by a maidservant who shouted immediately.

“Woke up?!”

At once, a Daoist woman was surprised and looked at him.

The woman had sharp phoenix eyes, willowy eyebrows, thin bright-red cherry lips, jade-like clear skin, and fresh air around her. Unexpectedly, she was quite a stunning beauty.

Her face had a cold expression, giving people a feeling of fear and ruthlessness. Only, her eyes looking at Wu Ming seemed to be like water, exuding tenderness.

In the next moment, those eyes seemed to have seen Wu Ming’s eyes.

“Little brother, are you awake?”


Wu Ming tried to say yes, but no words came out, so he tried raising his right hand.

A burning sensation spread throughout his body, followed by a peculiar coolness, making him cry out.

“How can you be so careless?”

Seeing Wu Ming like this, the frozen expression of Wu Qing’s face actually fell as she sat down on the edge of the bed and said, “How come you provoked such a powerful enemy? If Elder Sister hadn’t been worried about you so much, I am afraid…”

“Sorry! It was Little Brother’s fault!”

Wu Ming’s mind was in chaos as he looked at his right hand that had been wrapped up in gauze.

Clearly, after he had been injured, someone applied medicine on it and wrapped it up carefully, so as to avoid it getting worse.


Wu Qing snorted. Her eyebrows slightly moved and the cold expression returned to her face, making Wu Ming subconsciously feel cold, “You were unconscious for a day and night, so you should take a good rest…”

Without saying much, Wu Qing got up and left.

But Wu Ming was still in a daze: “Unconscious? The wound on my hand? It seems like… The time I went to the Overgod Palace, did it just transfer my soul? It can only transfer a soul… Sure enough, the Overgod Palace is at the most basic level!”

At this time, he looked inside his Dantian and smiled forcefully, “I am still in the 4th Layer Inner Strength, how come I didn’t advance? Luckily, I completely remembered the process of breakthrough to the True Qi Realm, so I won’t have a bottleneck when advancing now…”

“Institute Supervisor, please…”

Without making Wu Ming wait for long, Wu Qing once again pushed open the door and came in, followed by an old Daoist.

The person was wearing clean Daoist robes, a crown with five moons, and boots that made him seem like he was walking on the clouds. With a thin appearance, a long beard, and extraordinary features, he seemed to be like an immortal.

And the most unforgettable feature for Wu Ming was the old Daoist’s eyes. His eyes seemed to contain stars in them as if he had seen everything in the world, life, and death.

“Hm! This humble Daoist guarantees your younger brother has no issues with his soul and body, fellow Daoist. Probably, he was frightened by something before he fainted. So, after some recuperation, he will be good as new!”

Taking a quick glance with his eyes filled with stars, the old Daoist said while caressing his long beard.

“Many thanks, Institute Supervisor!”

Wu Qing bowed, did some ritual, and respectfully sent out the Daoist. Sending away the servants, she arrived at the side of the bed. Unable to maintain the cold expression anymore, she collapsed and hugged Wu Ming, crying in his bosom, “Little brother… Elder sister was so worried… I was afraid I will never see you again…”