OA Chapter 7


Heaven’s will is unpredictable!

Listening to the screams around him, and the dead Xiaoyu on the ground, Wu Ming clenched his teeth.

In tumultuous times, people’s lives weren’t even worth as much as dogs.

Under the survival task given by the Overgod Palace, how could he have been slacking off?

Before, if the arrow had been a little off, then he might have been the one lying on the ground, dead.

“Kill the Han people!”

The sounds of horse hooves got nearer as the Barbarians fired arrow after arrow from their horse’s backs. Although there were only 10 people, the arrows flying towards them were like rain, suppressing the entire village from above. No one dared to leave the shelter or look out, due to which many ended up getting razed to the ground and encircled by the Barbarians.

One of the 10 Barbarian shouted and jumped off the horse, using both his hands and feet. He was just like an agile ape, climbing the wall in 2-3 leaps. His face had a hawk-like nose and deep eye, with a fierce and savage smile.

In the middle of the dark and uncertain flame, the oily totems on their face were being distorted, making the azure-black runes appears as if they were going to bite a person.


The azure arc-like light converged on his hand as he swung the scimitar, making the heads of several Township Militia flow off their bodies. The scene was extremely bloody, making the legs of the nearby Township Militia go soft.

‘If they hadn’t gotten the news from us, alerting everyone, this entire village might have been razed to the ground by now……’

Wu Ming looked at the scene and sighed. As he saw the several Barbarian’s rushing over, he signaled Qin Hu who was in a daze with his eyes, “Let’s go!”

If they weren’t going to demonstrate their worth in a crisis like this, then when were they?

Needless to say, if Daqing Village was really broken through, then under the massacre of the Barbarians, surviving for seven days would become a massive joke.

“The Barbarians want to break through the gate, don’t let them succeed!”

Wu Ming thought that, and he did that. As soon as he saw a Barbarian who just rushed towards the gate, he shouted and entangled with the Barbarian.


The guy fighting against Wu Ming had whiskers on his face. If looked closely, his face appeared to be curved. The angle was strange, while his strength was immense, really strong and ruthless. It was simply too extreme.

Wu Ming took a deep breath and suddenly lowered his body. Evading the chop from the Barbarian, he punched him.

In the fierce confrontation, the face of the Barbarian changed. He held a machete and took out three blades, one after another. The blades were that of military style.

“Strength is too great. At least, at the same stage as the Mortal Body Third Realm, Muscle and Bone refining stage!”

Martial Path started at the first stage, the Stable Heart, followed by Skin and Flesh refining, then Muscle and Bone refining, and then the Inner Strength Boundary of the five main organs.

Wi Ming was at the 4th Layer of Mortal Body Cultivation Realm, an Inner Strength Master. Not only had he refined his Muscles and Bones, but he had also refined his five main organs. But even then he will not dare go head-on against the machete and blades with just his body.

His complexion was dignified as he evaded two blades, moving his feet like the wind. He exhaled deeply, making his abdominal cavity sink in, letting him avoid the third blade.

The breath he just exhaled was really terrible. Wu Ming felt that even his strong lungs couldn’t withstand that, giving him a hot feeling in them. He immediately got into a boxing style and punched.


The fist with all his strength hit the Barbarian’s head and smashed him into the wall.

[Killed a Barbarian Cavalry soldier. Reward: 50 Minor Merit Points!]

Right at the moment that Barbarian fell to the ground, Wu Ming heard the voice of the Overgod Palace in his mind.


At this moment, a shriek sounded. It turned out that Kang Shouli and Huang Ying had gotten into trouble.

A Barbarian with a fiendish grin was rushing towards them! A meager Mortal Body Realm 2nd Layer Kang Shouli lost all courage and ability to move as he saw the ferocious Barbarian rush toward him. He ended up being beheaded, making Huang Ying give out a sharp scream.

As for the Township Militia, Wang Yin was like a rock that was sinking in water. He was entangled with the Ten-Men commander of the Barbarians. Both his hands and feet were tied in combat, making Peng!! Peng!! sounds. The other people had already rushed away, while Wang Qiao was also hiding, making Wu Ming have the impulse to shout out “MOTHERF*CKER!!”

He glanced at Qin Hu again. That guy was drowning in sweat. He was holding a steel knife he got from who knows where and was entangled in a fierce battle with a Barbarian as well. Wu Ming saw this and sighed and rushed to the back of the Barbarian facing Huang Ying, punching him.

Unexpectedly, the Barbarian was prepared and suddenly turned his head, swinging a blade out of nowhere.

The feeling of hitting emptiness was transmitted, making a trace of astonishment appear on the face of the Barbarian. Wu Ming immediately grabbed the collar of the Barbarian, picked him up and smashed him into the wall.


In the middle of a loud noise, the Barbarian came into close contact with the wall. His neck curved at a strange angle, while half of his head was now hollow. It was obvious that it was now dead.

“Thank you…… Thank you a lot Young Master Nameless, for rescuing me!”

Such a violent scene made Huang Ying’s voice shiver with fear as she spoke.

“It’s nothing…… It’s still in my ability……”

Wu Ming spoke carelessly and then saw Wang Qiao shouting loudly. The two rows of township people scattered, revealing a few things, making the corner of his eyes jump, as he started to curse with his big mouth.

“Daring to have ideas regarding my Daqing Village? I will f*ck you up!”

After the angry shout of the old man Wang Qiao, several villagers wearing leather armor holding tempered steel blades rushed towards the Barbarians to clash against them. The Township Militia wasn’t in name only, and they were at least in the 2nd or 3rd layer of the Mortal Body Stage.

The other team of people was even more ferocious, they actually took out a dozen longbows and even had a crossbow!

“Crossbow? Mail-armor and helmet? It seems that no matter what dynasty, these things will always be privately owned! Were these people preparing for rebellion?”

Seeing these big killers appear, even Wu Ming felt cold sweat trickle down his forehead.

It was clear to him that not only was this world’s high-end military force quite astonishing, even their conventional military weapons far exceeded the ancient weapons from his previous life.

Sure enough, as soon as they saw these weapons, the face of the Barbarian Cavalry’s leader changed. He shouted a few words and no longer entangled with Wang Yin, quickly jumping off the wall.

The surviving Barbarians had also stepped back, while arrows flew everywhere in the dark.

“Want to leave? Did you ask me first!”

Wang Yin’s eyes had already turned red. He suddenly snatched a crossbow arrow and taking advantage of the flame, pulled the trigger under the fence.

Weng Weng!

The string of the bow made the sound of thunderclap! The strength of the formidable crossbow made thundering sounds rumble next to Wu Ming’s ears.


The Barbarian Tulu Warrior had just landed on the horseback when the long arrow came following. The powerful arrow not only directly passed through the chest of the Barbarian, but it also pierced through the horseback!

Killing two birds with one stone!

As they saw that their leader had been killed, the remaining Barbarians started to tremble in fear. Qin Hu seized the opportunity and directly cut off the neck of his opponent, letting a slight smile appear on his face.

Under the roars of the Barbarians, several arrows flew here and there.

But the township militia villagers weren’t lacking in courage either as they were screaming and yelling. After a long time of noise, the area started to calm down, returning to tranquility.


Early in the morning, the entire Daqing Village was shrouded in sadness and solemnity.

Within their ancestral hall, the villagers were surrounding the coffins with their eyes red. Women and children were wailing.

Wu Ming, Qin Hu, and Huang Ying had also put the bodies of Xiaoyu and Kang Shouli in coffins, their hearts felt as if a heavy stone weighed upon it.

“I would like to thank you all for helping us last night!”

Wang Qiao had clasped his hands at this time. As he arrived before Wu Ming and the others, he saluted them and said, “Young master, you can rest assured the coffins of your companions will be properly buried……”

It could be said that last night’s battle of Wu Ming and Qin Hu had left a deep impression on Mr. Wang Qiao.

After all, two 3rd and 4th layer Mortal Body Realm warriors were absolute experts if placed in the Daqing Village. Perhaps, besides Wang Yin, no one else could resist their assault.

“Many thanks to the village head!”

Wu Ming’s eyes were red, “It’s just that, the Barbarians are savage, and I am afraid they won’t give up just yet…… I think it would be better to prepare to resist them early!”

He knew in his heart that perhaps there wasn’t much to be afraid of close combat against the Barbarians, but if they started to fire arrows from horsebacks from the plains outside, then it would be a fate of absolute slaughter.

Just talking about close combat, a Tulu warrior alone was enough to give them a headache.

In contrast, it was, of course, necessary for them to advance and retreat together with the Daqing Village if they wanted to have a higher chance for survival.

“How could this old man not know that last night was just the beginning? The Barbarians always attack in a hundred-man team……”

Old man Wang Qiao had a bitter expression. His appearance was as if he wanted to say something but was hesitating.

Wu Ming naturally knew what he wanted to say, so he said directly, “I can try to call for reinforcements, but there are still Barbarians roaming outside the Daqing Village right now, so perhaps……”

These direct words made Wang Qiao’s heart sink. He couldn’t help but say, “How could this be? I don’t understand what we are going to do now……”

Though this old man also had a lot of scheming, since they had been living peacefully for years and suddenly had to face these blood and iron army of Barbarians, it was already good that his performance was at this level.

However, no matter what happened, Wu Ming was certainly not going to promise anything to anyone.

After all, if he could really call reinforcements, wouldn’t he be a god then!

Today was a different day now. Old man Wang Qiao now found that everything was wrong. No matter how many forces he sent out, there wasn’t going to be a chance to get reinforcements!

Moreover, this man may not even be speaking the truth. If that were the case, then wouldn’t the last hope of the people of Daqing Village be severed as well.

When a man is drowning, even if it’s a straw, he will grab onto it desperately.

Perhaps, in Wang Qiao’s heart, he was thinking of going all out to deceive him.

There was a faint smile at the corner of Wu Ming’s face as he said, “I know just how cruel, inhumane, and disgusting the methods employed by these Barbarians are, and we really need to hold them off!”


Not far away from the Daqing Village.

In a temporary camp.

Dozens of Barbarians were gathered before a Shaman very solemnly and respectfully. The Shaman was wearing a stag mask, a black and white coat, and a bloody drum around his waist.

At this time, the Barbarians were kneeling before him as they were dejected over the attack last night they did against the Daqing Village.

“Wolf Spirit God, please give us your blessings!”

The shaman suddenly opened his mouth and said, “According to the holy custom, since your Ten-Man commander died in battle, then your entire squad ought to be buried along with the dead!”

There was no fluctuation in his eyes under the mask, but the people who heard his words trembled in fear.

“Go, your life will be inherited by us! We will conquer them and wash the shame with their blood!” The shaman walked forward and grabbed the hair of one of the captive. In his other hand was a golden dagger he used to slowly cut the neck of the captive.

The artery was cut and a large amount of blood gushed out like a fountain. Seeming just like an illusion, the blood rushed towards the scarlet drum around the Shaman’s waist, making it appear brighter and brighter……

“Old Ali, go and wipe that Daqing Village from the face of this world!”

The Shaman’s sound was like that of a superstitious as he looked around the camp with his fierce eyes. There were piles of sacks of grain and a large number of Han people they had held captive……