OA Chapter 9

Fire Attack

Under the Shaman’s magic, the morale of the villagers was toppling while the countless wounded Barbarian Cavalry once again attacked with full force!

Blood and fire! Death and birth! Once more, the battle for survival between the different races resumed in the earthen surroundings of Daqing Village!

Different from before, the emergence of the Shaman had raised the morale and combat prowess of the Barbarians to the peak while the morale of the Daqing villagers had been smashed to the bottom.

Under the setting sun, in the middle of blood and corpses, the Barbarians attacked several times, nearly breaking through the village’s defense line. The village depended entirely on Wang Yin, Wu Ming, and the other Martial Artists to resist the attack that could take their lives at any moment.

Finally, as the stars shone, the Barbarians retreated. Wu Ming and Wang Yin’s faces were covered with exhaustion that was difficult to hide. Their helmet and armors were scarred.


With the help of two Township Militia members, Wang Yin’s armor, that was covered in flesh and blood and almost stuck to his body, was taken off. Wang Yin smiled bitterly and looked at Wu Ming, “Young master Nameless, my True Qi has been completely exhausted after today’s battle. I don’t think I will be able to continue for now so I will have to get some rest over the night. I hope you will look over this place…”

“Rest assured, I don’t think the Barbarians will try to invade at this time, otherwise, they will die without a burial ground!”

Today, Wang Yin had been fearless in battle and fought in the front lines. He was even fiercer than Wu Ming and fought the most enemies. Everyone saw his contributions, so Wu Ming immediately smiled and became reassured.

“Very good… Now that the Barbarians have retreated, I have to hand over this place in your hand, friend!”

Wu Ming’s attitude towards Wang Yin was very friendly. It could be wondered if Huang Ying had something to do with his attitude.

Seeing Wang Yin leave, Qin Hu went forward, “You had been very fierce today and used a lot of force, so go and rest early! Don’t make the beauty wait for too long……”

As he said that, several men around had a smirk on their face, obviously having misunderstood the meaning.

In fact, though Wu Ming looked like a naturally brave man, his purpose was different from Wang Yin’s, he had still retained a third of his physical strength secretly.

Now that he saw Qin Hu take the initiative to take the duty of night watching on himself, his heart was moved as revealed a grateful expression and said, “Many thanks!”

Soon, the entire earth was covered with the night sky.

It was just that… Qin Hu hadn’t realized Wu Ming’s expression changing as his face turned cold and cloudy after he got off the wall.


“Our only mission is to survive…… Since that’s the case, if we can choose Daqing Village, we can naturally join forces with the Barbarians as well!”

In a dark attic, Wu Ming and Huang Ying were sitting side by side, calmly looking at the tranquil village.

“You…… What you mean is that Qin Hu is thinking of……” Huang Ying covered her mouth. Although her heart had a faint idea, it was still very hard to believe now that it was said out loud before her, “Is he not afraid…”

“Everyone always thinks that they are special…… Perhaps, he believes that he has the ability to make the Barbarians look at him as special!”

The corners of Wu Ming’s mouth curled up into a smile of ridicule as he said, “Barbarians are strong while Daqing Village is too weak. If not for various coincidences, it was possible that the village might have been broken through today. It would be absolutely impossible to support the village for seven days, the enemy also has a Shaman to help them…… A person like him who worships power and obeys the strong, what do you think, who will he choose in such a case?”

“Since you know that Qin Hu might be thinking of selling out the village, why don’t you reve……?”

Huang Ying said halfway and didn’t say anything as a forced smile appeared on her face.

After all, they were the same as Qin Hu, all of them were outsiders. Ah, if they exposed Qin Hu’s plot, it was possible that they will also be suspected.

What’s more is that even if they could root out internal troubles, the two of them still didn’t have any confidence if Daqing Village could survive to the seventh day.

“Therefore…… We must risk danger!”

Wu Ming inclined his head and listened attentively. Soon, he heard the faint sounds of the earth being encircled and some disturbance from a distance together with the sound of horse’s hoof. He then said to Huang Ying, “Let’s go, we will act according to the plan!”

“This mistress understands!”

Huang Ying looked at Wu Ming’s complexion and then disappeared in the darkness.


“Sir Qin, you….. What have you done?”

Looking at Qin Hu suddenly attack the two villagers next to him, the two other people nearby the now chopped up men and all the villagers in the surroundings were scared.

“What I have done? Hehe… naturally, we are going to surrender!”

Qin Hu licked the blood on the blade as his expression turned crazy and ferocious.

Suddenly, his blade flashed. As a master of third realm Mortal Body Refinement stage, he easily dealt with the regular villagers. After all, if a tiger entered a flock of sheep, it would slaughter the flock in an instant.


“The outsiders are murdering people!”


The villagers squealed as the gongs and drums resounded. Qin Hu sneered and said, “Hey… Nameless, Huang Ying, the two of you can go ahead and keep on drowning in your happiness for as long as you can!”

After that, Qin Hu slowly opened the gate of the village.

The already prepared Barbarians from the outside immediately launched their assault, entering the village in large number just like the wind.

Barbarians were a race that could only display their full might when on a horse’s back. One person and one horse, only together could they exert their full might. In the past few days, they could only abandon their true might and stick with long-range attacks. They had already suppressed a lot of evil fire in their stomachs all these days, now that they had the opportunity, they were going to massacre to their heart’s content!

“Sirs, I am……”

Qin Hu looked at the scene as his expression quickly changed into a smile as he went ahead to meet the Barbarians.

But immediately, his face changed again.

When the Barbarians saw him, instead of stopping for him, they increased their speeds as fiendish grins appeared on their faces as they attacked him.


The enemy took their machetes and rushed with all their might. Taking advantage of their horse’s charge, they chopped down with a force that could compare to the True Qi Realm Experts.

Qin Hu held up his steel blade and tried to fend off the attack.


In the middle of the loud bang, his arm shook and split as the blade left his grasp and a deep and bloody gash appeared on his chest. Qin Hu fell to the ground with his mouth full of blood and eyes filled with despair and struggle. It was obviously the final struggle before death.

Step on!

Immediately, a large number of horse hooves stepped over and crushed him into a meat sauce.


“Kill off all these Han dogs!”

The Barbarians were excitedly riding their steeds, spreading all over the place like tigers entering a flock of sheep, slaughtering everything that came in their path.

The entire Daqing Village had soon turned into a scene from hell.

At this time, all the people in the Ancestral Halls; old, young, men, women, and children also woke up from their sleep. Amidst the chaos, Wang Yin also rushed out and yelled loudly, “What is happening? Have the Barbarians attacked at this time?”

Under the chaos, there was no one to answer his questions. He could only pick up a lance and fiercely rush through the Barbarian Cavalry attacking them.

“Brother Wang!”

Wu Ming put on a leather armor and suddenly rushed towards him, “Pardon me, it’s my fault for not keeping an eye and letting the Barbarians launch an attack at night! Right now, all we can do is slaughter them and hope for our survival!”

“Let’s go!”

Wang Yin didn’t stop and kept on going.

Through Huang Ying’s inquiries, Wu Ming knew that the man before him was a cold-hearted and strong-spirited man. At this time, the survival of the Daqing Village depended on his shoulders so he would obviously not stand back.


Wang Yin immediately pulled out the snake-like lance and went ahead with Wu Ming, followed by Wang Qiao.


“Haha! This is great…… There are thousands of people outside, in addition to the life of these men, my drums can be tempered greatly!”

At this time, the Shaman wearing the antler mask ignored the danger of war and rushed into the village with an anxious squad of ten people who didn’t participate in the grand slaughterfest. {TL: Slaughterfest >> Festival of Slaughter}

The Shaman raised his blood red drum and kept on constantly swinging and drumming, reciting some words as he did what he did.

Under the flame, the scarlet red blood on the drum appeared to be getting brighter and colorful as strange marks appearing to have life appeared on it. The symbols twisted and moved strangely.

“Damn you, you evil wizard!”

Seeing the scene, Wang Yin’s eyes turned red, “The Shaman’s drum is made of white bones of the dead humans, covered in their skin, and dyed in their blood. When used, it can collect the power from the souls of the dead in the area……”

In ancient times, the souls of the dead were very valued. Having one’s soul devoured by a Shaman after their death made it impossible for them to rest in peace. It was even more hateful than having the graves of your ancestors dug up!

Wu Ming and everyone who listened felt their scalps numb.

“Come with me!”

Wang Yin shouted and pulled out a short spear from his back and threw it towards a Barbarian, smashing his heart into a pulp.

“Protect the Shaman!”

The Barbarian Cavalry screamed, rushing to protect him even if it cost their lives.


Wang Yin’s strength passed through the lance, making the long handle curve strangely as he swung it fiercely.


The Barbarian Cavalry tumbled down from his horse and got dismembered by the chaotic blades of the Township Militia that followed.

“Shoot the arrows!”

The two sides fought against each other with all their might, slaughtering each other miserably.

Seeing this scene, a disdainful smile appeared under the Shaman’s mask. Suddenly, he took out a bone whistle strapped to his arm and blew on it.

“Xiu! Xiu!”

The piercing whistling was just like invisible arrows as the township militia in front of it covered their necks and fell to the ground, their faces turning dark.

The Shaman unceasingly blew the whistle. Every time the whistle blew, a person fell to the ground violently. The surrounding Barbarians gradually got together, making Wang Yin and the others fall into an absolute disadvantage.

“Don’t stand in front of the Shaman, the whistle is poisonous!”

Wu Ming had actually been silently observing from the side from the very beginning. Not regarding attacking his first goal, he shouted right after he had observed.

“Yes, don’t get in the way of the whistle!”

Wang Yin also shouted as he killed two members of the Barbarian Cavalry.

The Township Militia dispersed in abundance and took out their bows and arrows to attack the enemy. Even then, the Shaman kept on blowing the whistle without getting flustered, killing people!


Suddenly, the light in the surroundings started to get brighter and brighter as horrible red and yellow flames started to spread!

“Throw water!”

“Throw water!”


The dazzling flames almost shone the entire sky, causing the entire Daqing Village to tremble in the sea of fire.

“What happened?” Wang Yin shouted anxiously, “Did the Barbarians set everything on fire?”

But at the same time, the Shaman in the opposition also started shouting, calling the Barbarians to reorganize.

After all, the spreading fire had divided the Barbarian Cavalry, and there was a chance for them to accidentally get burned and injured.

Daqing Village was surrounded on all sides and the inner area wasn’t too big. There were houses all over. Even terrible was the fact that the outermost part was mostly wooden and grassy buildings, bricks and stones were rare. The situation was very terrible.

If nothing was done, the Daqing villagers and Barbarians were going to perish together!

“Leave! Leave!”

At this time, the Shaman got on the horse together with the Barbarian Cavalry next to him, obviously trying to get away from the place!

But how could Wu Ming let him go? He immediately pulled the bow made out of horn and knocked an arrow to it, shooting it with full force.


The wolf fang arrow shot towards the Shaman but was blocked by the horse as it went through its neck, crazily splashing blood all around.

If you want to shoot an enemy, shoot their horse first. The Shaman who had been riding a horse was now rolling on the ground.

“Pay with your life! F**k You!”

Seeing that the Barbarian’s reinforcement had been blocked by the intensity of the fire, although Wang Yin’s heart was anxious, he wasn’t going to let off the God-given opportunity to kill the enemy’s leader! With a bang, the snake-like lance shot for the Shaman. Right at this time, the last Barbarian who was with the Shaman rushed and blocked the path in front of the Shaman!