TQBCS Chapter 86 – I

I Will Give You the Answers to the College Entrance Examination!

As Su Lin entered the classroom, though his classmates were already accustomed to his habit of arriving late, they were still a bit surprised. They were in the last days of their high-school career, and Su Lin had still not changed his habit. Moreover, not only was he late, he was late by an entire two lectures.

‘Is Yanran still ignoring me?’

Walking from the door to his seat in the classroom, Su Lin found that Qin Yanran only slightly raised her head to take a glance at him, and then lowered her head again to continue whatever she had been doing.

He didn’t know why, but Qin Yanran’s current attitude towards him made Su Lin feel a little distressed in his heart. Obviously, there hadn’t been much relationship between him and Qin Yanran, and Qin Yanran had never admitted she liked him, so it was normal for her to treat him like that, so why was he being sad?

“What’s the matter, Li’l Lin, you look dejected? And why are you late again today? Don’t tell me you are gonna be late for the College Entrance Examination tomorrow, too. Also, did Teacher Lin not catch you?”

Seeing Su Lin’s sluggish look, Li Hao, who sat at the same table, comforted him, “Are you still sad over the school flower, Qin Yanran, ignoring you? Say what Li’l Lin, is there really a need to look so down? Everything will be alright. Just think about it for a moment: everyone’s facing the College Entrance Examination now. So, for sure Qin Yanran is also thinking about the College Entrance Examinations; it’s normal for her to be like this! If you really wanna pursue her afterwards, follow my suggestion and somehow secretly inquire about the University Qin Yanran wants to go to. And then, you should get admission in some University of the same city. Like that, won’t you two be fellow classmates together in a strange city, making it easy for you two to depend on each other? Won’t there be a lot more chances for you two to get along?”

Li Hao had been thinking for Su Lin’s well-being, and no wonder he often said University was a paradise for picking up girls. It turns out he had been hatching such a plan in his heart.


Before this, Su Lin hadn’t given much consideration to the issue of University. But, in a blink of an eye, the College Entrance Examinations were at their head, just tomorrow. And it was now imminent for them to decide on the University they were aiming for.

“That’s right! Li’l Lin, I estimate that Qin Yanran will try to get admission into Qingbei or Yanjing university, so she might be moving to Beijing in the future. How about you? Do you think you can make it into a University in Beijing? Although your grades might not be enough to get you into Qingbei or Yanjing, but the Renmin University isn’t too bad either.”

At this moment, Li Hao was like Su Lin’s military strategist as he offered various ideas and advice to Su Lin for his future actions.

“That’s true! Moreover, I have always wanted to go to a University in the Capital (Beijing) as well.”

Thinking about his University of choice, Su Lin himself had been looking forward to the big stage of Beijing. Although the environment their might not seem be very great, it was, after all, still the political, cultural, and economic center of the country, and the largest city in China.

Moreover, Su Lin remembered that their class in-charge, Lin Qingxue, had also graduated from a University in Beijing? If he recalled correctly, it was Beijing Normal University.

“But that’s not enough. Take advantage of this time, and start pretending to ignore Qin Yanran as well. Catch her off-guard with her own antics! Since she wanted to treat you indifferently and make you nervous, you should do the same and let her have a taste of her own medicine!”

Li Hao, like an expert in matters of love, kept on advising Su Lin. Su Lin even wondered if Li Hao had watched too much “Your Number One” and was fooled by the words of those baldies.

“Alright, alright, Li’l Hao, let’s not talk about this matter for now. Come over here, let me show you something good…” Putting that matter aside for the time being, Su Lin started talking about business and took out the “good stuff” he had recently found. With that, the question papers were laid out on the table right in front of Li Hao.

“Something good? And it’s just this? Are these some mock question papers?”

Li Hao got a headache when he saw the densely packed questions on the question paper, and exclaimed, “Li’l Lin, you wouldn’t want me to do this mock exam before the College Entrance Examinations, right? Come on! My parents already bought me that ‘Three Years of College Entrance Examination Papers, Past Five Year Simulation.’ and I didn’t fill in a single answer on that. So, do you think I will do these papers you got from who knows where? Do you think these question papers of yours are the real College Entrance Examination question papers?”

“Li’l Hao… Shh…”

Su Lin silently looked around to make sure their classmates weren’t looking towards them, and the he said to Li Hao in a low voice, “These are really the question papers for this time’s College Entrance Examinations. These are copied from an original copy of the question paper. How is it? Don’t you want them?”

“What? Real College Entrance Examination question papers? Don’t trick me, Li’l Lin; do you think the real College Entrance Examination papers will be printed on this kind of inferior photo-copy paper?”

Li Hao obviously didn’t believe Su Lin’s words as he flipped the question paper sitting on the table. With that ordinary photo-copy paper the questions were printed on, and the fact that they didn’t even have the words, “College Entrance Examination” written on them, how could he believe that these were the real College Entrance Examination question papers?

“I am telling the truth! Li’l Hao, don’t you believe me? No matter what, these are the real College Entrance Examination question papers. These are the question papers we will have to solve tomorrow. If you don’t believe me, then I can’t do anything. I just wanted to help you out of kindness! It’s an opportunity, and whether you take it or not is up to you…”

Su Lin smiled, “And how do you think I got into the Top Ten of the Grade?”

“For real?”

Seeing Su Lin’s earnest appearance, it was apparent that he wasn’t tricking him, so Li Hao immediately gained interest in the question papers and said, “Did you really get your hands on the real College Entrance Examination question papers?”

“Shh… Don’t let anyone find this out. It’s not I who obtained these, but Peng Shenda and his cronies. You know how Peng Shenda’s father is the Chief of the Bureau of Examination, right? He leaked the question papers for his son, but their plan was secretly discovered by me. I quietly changed the question papers, and the ones they now have are a bunch of our useless simulation question papers. The true College Entrance Examination question papers are here, with us!”

Pointing at the question papers spread atop the table, Su Lin explained their origin to Li Hao in a low voice. Naturally, he didn’t talk about the fact that he had used his Time Stop ability for this.

“Woah! Li’l Lin, you don’t look like it, but it turns out you were so quick-witted! There’s an 80% chance that these question papers are really the ones from the College Entrance Examination!”

“What 80%? These are 100% the real deal! So, how about it, Li’l Hao, do you think you can do these questions?”

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