TQBCS Chapter 86 – II

I Will Give You the Answers to the College Entrance Examination!

“What 80%? These are 100% the real deal! So, how about it, Li’l Hao, do you think you can do these questions?”

Seeing that Li Hao had believed him, Su Lin chuckled and spread out the rest of the question papers on their table as he said, “Language, English, Mathematics, Theory, and Synthesis. We don’t need to bother about the Sythesis exam too much, so these are the only ones!”

“Ah? There are so many more? How many hours will it take to solve all these?”

Seeing the papers being spread out by Su Lin, he realized that there were all the major subjects, plus the comprehensive exam as well. There were dozens of pages of the question papers, and just looking at them made Li Hao’s head hurt.

“If you do these, it take a few hours, but I am different. I will start to do the questions now, and try to complete everything before school ends today. You must watch me from the side and try to remember my problem solving process, as well as the answers, to the best of your ability. After that, you will take the solved question papers home and make sure to read and remember by heart.”

Su Lin had already thought up this plan before entering the classroom, otherwise, even if he gave the real question papers to Li Hao a day in advance, he might not be able to get as much score if he didn’t know how to solve the questions and where to find the explanation in his study material.

“Awesome! Remembering already-solved answers is what I love the most! Li’l Lin, I love ya!!!”

Li Hao was so happy he wished he could kiss Su Lin on his cheeks.

“Ah… It’s great you seem enthusiastic about it. Alright, Li’l Hao, I am gonna start solving the questions now…”

After opening the question papers, Su Lin started with the Language question paper and worked hard to solve the questions. The knowledge he had stored into his brain over the last few days could completely support him at getting an almost perfect score.

Since it was the Language question paper, there composition obviously had to be different, hence Su Lin didn’t do the composition and also skipped some subjective questions. This made his speed in answering the question paper very fast, and in less than half an hour, he was done with the Language question paper.

“Li’l Lin, you are too damn awesome! I couldn’t even see how you solved it all? You just glanced at the question and finished it at light-speed?”

It was now that Li Hao truly understood Su Lin’s greatness. He now thoroughly believed that Su Lin had relied on his own strength for the last mock exam. It’s just that everything was too strange, and he couldn’t comprehend how Su Lin changed so much!

After that was Mathematics, English, Theory, and Synthesis question papers, and Su Lin kept on turning page after page, filling them with the ink of his pen.

Just like that, Su Lin kept on fluently answering the question papers. In the meantime, he also realized that he simply needed a glance at the question for the correct answer to immediately pop up into his mind.

And as for the answers, most of them were the ones Su Lin had read from Qin Yanran’s notes. It seemed that Qin Yanran’s notes were really good, especially when it came to comprehensive subject matter.

From the morning ’till afternoon, Su Lin almost didn’t stop for any breaks. Finally, when it was around 3 PM, he completed all the examination question papers.

Li Hao, on the other hand, didn’t have the patience to sit in place and watch Su Lin solve the questions. In this time, he had already slipped away multiple times.

“Finally done! Li’l Hao, you must make sure to keep these papers securely hidden, and then remember the answers ones you are home. If you follow the answers as they are on the question paper, you will definitely be able to pass the College Entrance Examination and get admitted to a good University!”

As he wiped the sweat from his forehead, Su Lin thought that he had done whatever he could and said to Li Hao, “Li’l bro, this is the most I can help you with now!”

“Relax! Li’l Lin, hehe… With these, I will definitely make my family shine, and then look down upon my relatives as their eyes are blinded!”

Li Hao delightedly hid the question papers into his bag with great care, as if they were some rare treasures and he might break them with the slightest mistake.

And on the very same day, in other classes of the Jian’an First High, there were several elite students in the single-digit (1-9) or double-digit (10-99) positions of their Grade were sitting with a certain set of question paper copies.

It’s just that the set of question papers in Su Lin’s possession were the real deal… while the ones in their hands were just a bunch of simulation exams without any authority.

After wiping his sweat, Su Lin breathed a sigh of relief. With that, he simply had to wait for tomorrow’s College Entrance Examination now! And then, after another two days of bravely fighting for a good score in the College Entrance Examinations, their high-school life will come to an end.

“Su Lin, come here. There are some people in the office looking for you!”

At this moment, Lin Qingxue appeared at the door of the classroom and called out Su Lin’s name.

“Looking for me? What’s the matter?”

Su Lin felt a bit strange. Who could be looking for him at this time? Moreover, if there were people looking for him, couldn’t they directly come to his classroom? Why would they need their class in-charge, Lin Qingxue, to come pass the message?

Frowning, Su Lin realized that there might be something wrong.

“Teacher Lin, who is looking for me?”

After leaving the classroom, Su Lin discretely asked Lin Qingxue. But Lin Qingxue herself was frowning, and interrogated Su Lin in a low voice, “Su Lin, there are two criminal policemen in police uniforms who requested to meet you by mentioning your name. What’s the matter? Did you do something? Was it due to the one million in your account? The money wouldn’t have really come from some illegal source, right?”

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