TQBCS Chapter 88 – I

Su Lin Was Taken Away By The Criminal Police!

“The Accounts Book isn’t on you? Impossible! Su Lin, according to what Han Xiaoxiao said, after you both obtained the Accounts Book from the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base, she hid it on your person!”

Yan Longyong wrinkled his brows in thought. If the Accounts Book was truly lost, then the matter will become exponentially thorny to deal with.

It was impossible for those people holding high positions in Jian’an to have not received any news. Now that the Dragon-Tiger Gang had been dealt with, and rumors were flying around, it was impossible those officials didn’t know anything.

Therefore, the officials who had dealings with the Dragon-Tiger Gang had already begun reorganizing their net worth, destroying evidence, and shifting their assests and properties to free themselves of any prosecution.

“Let me try to remember what happened. Chief Yan, it went like this: After we obtained the Accounts Book, I kept it in my clothes, and even when we came out of the underground base, I could still feel its presence on my person. But after I lost consciousness and woke up again, I didn’t see it anywhere on myself, so I am not sure where the Accounts Book went?”

As Su Lin did his best to remember where the Accounts Book went, he was sure that the Accounts Book was on his person until they reached out of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base. But what happened to the Accounts Book after he lost consciousness was something he had no impression of in his memories.

“The Accounts Book was on your person when you came out of the underground base? Good… I will immediately ask all the policemen who were present on the scene that evening!”

Taking out his cellphone, Yan Longyong called several people and earnestly questioned all the policemen who had been present on the scene that evening. But all of the policemen he inquired replied that they hadn’t seen any sort of Accounts Book. Finally, he found no clue to the whereabouts of the Accounts Book.

“Chief Yan, who was the one to send me back home after the incident?”

Hit with a sudden inspiration, Su Lin immediately asked.

“At that time, I had nothing else to deal with so I personally sent you back home together with another policeman,” Yan Longyong said, and as if he had figured out the reasoning behind Su Lin’s question, he spoke up, “Su Lin, are you saying… Could it be that the Accounts Book was left somewhere at your house?”

“That’s right!”

Su Lin nodded and said, “Yesterday morning, I woke up on my bed without having much recollection of the event that evening, so I obviously didn’t think about the whereabouts of the Accounts Book, thinking that the police might have obtained it. But since the Accounts Book still hasn’t been found, so there’s a high chance that it was brought back to my house, inside my clothes. It’s very likely that when my parents changed my clothes while I was unconscious, they found and put the Accounts Book somewhere.”

After the simple analysis made by Su Lin, the only possible place where the Accounts Book could have ended up had to be the Su Lin’s house. With how many large and small cases vice squad leader Yan Longyong had solved, it was impossible for him to not realize this point.

“Right! It’s just like what you said, Su Lin; there’s a high chance the Accounts Book is at your house!”

Different from Su Lin, Yan Longyong was also assessing the risk and danger Su Lin’s family might be under as they reached the conclusion regarding the whereabouts of the Accounts Book, “Su Lin, since we can guess where the Accounts Book might be, then those cunning officials and people of the Dragon-Tiger Gang will also be able to guess the whereabouts of the Accounts Book and pinpoint it to your house…”

“Chief Yan, what you mean to say is…”

As he listens to this point, Su Lin’s gaze also turns stern and he anxiously cuts off Yan Longyong’s words, “What you want to say is that they might rush to my house to get their hands on the Accounts Book? Will my parents be in danger?”

As these words came out of his mouth, Su Lin’s heart thumped. There definitely couldn’t be any good if that happened.

Su Lin, don’t be anxious. I will call the police bureau and have them immediately send a team of criminal policemen to your house to look for the Accounts Book and to protect your parents.

Seeing Su Lin’s worried face, Yan Longyong hurried to comfort him. In the meantime, he took out his cellphone to make a call and give out his orders. But just at this time, his cellphone rang.

“Hello! I am Yan Longyong, what’s the situation? Tell me!”

As soon as the phone connected, one of Yan Longyong’s subordinates reported something to him, making his complexion sink, “Alright! I understand; I will immediately rush to the scene. In the meantime, you should thoroughly search the suspects and the place! The Accounts Book we are looking for might just be in their possession. You mustn’t let them go and retrieve the Accounts Book.”

“What is it? Chief Yan? You… What’s the matter?”

Su Lin couldn’t tell what the other side said over the telephone, but from Yan Longyong’s words and demeanor, he had a bad premonition, and he was sure that something bad had happened.

“Su Lin! You must be mentally prepared for this; be strong! I just received a report from one of my subordinates that a bunch of men in black broke into your home and your mother was injured amidst the confrontation. I reckon they had already guessed the Accounts Book might be in your house, hence they rushed there to retrieve it.”

Yan Longyong’s face was full of apology as he regretfully said to Su Lin, “Forgive us, Su Lin! This time, it’s due to negligence on our criminal police bureau’s part. We should have figured this out and sent a team to protect your family in secret yesterday!”

“What? Some people broke into our house and even injured my mother?!”

As he heard the news, Su Lin stood up from his seat with clenched fists. Rage filled his eyes; this time, he was truly angry!

‘Good, good, good! You bastards of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, you actually dare come to your Grandpa Su’s door and bully my family!’

“Su Lin, you should calm down first! I have already relayed orders to the police department and the traffic police to block all city paths and search for the criminals everywhere. We will definitely be able to bring those criminals to justice soon!”

“How is my mother’s injury right now? No, this isn’t good! I must go home and take a look myself!”

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