TQBCS Chapter 89 – I

Liu Jianguo’s Clamoring

The reason Lin Qingxue was so worried about Su Lin was because she had believed the 1 Million Yuan Su Lin had were obtained through some illegal method, and now that the criminal police had taken him away, it must have been because he had been exposed.

Qin Yanran, on the other hand, though also worried for Su Lin, didn’t believe Su Lin could commit any crime. Instead, she thought that it might have been for some completely different reason that the criminal police took him away.

“Teacher Lin, you shouldn’t be so anxious. Just a moment, I will make a call to my mother…”

As Qin Yanran said that, she took the cell phone from Lin Qingxue’s hands and dialled her mother’s number.

“Hello! Mother, it is me, Yanran. Mother, today, criminal police officers came to the school and took Su Lin away with them. Do you know what the matter is, Mother? Ah! Su Lin shouldn’t have committed any crime, right…”

Although she tried vigorously to control herself and put on a calm front, Qin Yanran still ended up revealing her worry for Su Lin as she spoke on the phone.

“Yanran, there’s no need to be anxious; Mother will immediately call the vice squad leader of the criminal police and ask what happened. I will call you back in a few minutes.”

On the other side of the phone, Mayor Fang Liping wasn’t in a good condition either. At noon today, she had received a confidential report from the vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, of the criminal police. Not only did he notify her of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s extermination at their hands, but also informed her of their achievement in the “Eagle-Hound Plan.” Their goal? Immediately get possession of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Accounts Book no matter the cost!

Therefore, Fang Liping had been relaying information to and from the Provincial Public Security Department and the Anti-Corruption Commission. If they truly succeeded in unearthing the transactions related to the corrupt officials through this case, then a great sensation, enough to startle all of Jian’an would commence. It wasn’t something they could underestimate.

But right at this time, Fang Liping received a call from her daughter, Qin Yanran, saying that Su Lin had been taken away by the criminal police. In her heart, she immediately connected the matter to the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and their goal of obtaining the Accounts Book. However, Fang Liping still called the vice squad leader of the criminal police bureau, Yan Longyong.

“Hello! Mayor Fang? Yes, it’s me, Yan Longyong. We are currently on the road, hurrying over to Su Lin’s house. It is as we estimated, and the Accounts Book really was with Su Lin, but at his house. Moreover, the situation doesn’t look to be too good… Su Lin’s house was broken into by some men in black, and I estimate that it has already been found by them…”

At this time, Yan Longyong was sitting in the front of the police car, while Su Lin was anxiously sitting in the middle of the back seat. They were rushing towards Su Lin’s house at full speed, overtaking multiple vehicles on the way. On the phone, Yan Longyong was explaining the matter to Fang Liping as he gave her a brief explanation of the current turn of events.

“Alright, I understand how it is, Chief Yan. If you can, put in all your efforts to get your hands on the Accounts Book, no matter what. I will immediately relay the matter to the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Bureau. I will ask them to immediately send their own investigation personnel to deal with this case. They, too, have attached a great amount of importance to this case. That’s why, Chief Yan, you must do your best to obtain conclusive evidence, or we won’t be able to topple those…”

As Mayor Fang Liping gave orders to Yan Longyong over the phone, she didn’t forget to add, “Also, Chief Yan, you must make sure to protect Student Su Lin. No matter what happens, we can’t make Su Lin miss his College Entrance Examination tomorrow!”

“Mayor Fang, please rest assured that nothing will happen to Su Lin. He’s someone who can protect and bring our police officer, Han Xiaoxiao, out of the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground without getting injured, so when would it be our turn to worry about anything happening to him?”

Yan Longyong said in a somewhat joking manner to lighten the mood, while looking back towards Su Lin from the corner of his eyes. Su Lin also heard what Yan Longyong said, and replied with embarrassment, “That was just us getting lucky; it was all due to luck!”

“Good! Since it’s like this, I can feel relieved. I will be waiting at the government office for good news from your side.”

Ending the telephone call, Fang Liping finally relaxed somewhat in her Mayor’s office. But still, the matter was far from reaching its conclusion. If they couldn’t obtain the Accounts Book, they won’t have any evidence, and she won’t be able to topple that Municipal Party Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo, and those subordinates and partners of his.

Thump! Thump!

At this time, some knocked on the entrance door of Fang Liping’s office.

“Come in!”

Straightening herself, Fang Liping saw that unexpectedly, it was the Municipal Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo, who had arrived. Surprised, she asked, “Secretary Liu, what brings you here in person? What kind of matter could it be that you didn’t send your secretary, Xiao Li, over this time?”

Although Fang Liping clearly knew of Liu Jianguo’s shady dealings and corrupt actions of taking bribes and erasing criminal evidence, she had to maintain face since he was still the Jian’an City’s Municipal Committee’s Secretary. Not only was Liu Jianguo of the same rank as herself, with how the country’s bureaucracy worked, the Municipal Committee’s Secretary possessed slightly more authority compared to the Mayor.

Usually, the dealings between Fang Liping and Liu Jianguo weren’t little. However, all of those were restricted to matters of the government they had to cooperate in. What’s more, almost all of the dealings between them were handled through their personal secretaries. The current event of the Municipal Committee’s Secretary personally arriving at her office was quite rare.

Usually, if Liu Jianguo wanted to discuss any governmental affairs with her, he would issue a notice through the Municipal Committee, and the members of the Committee would then arrange for a discussion in a conference room, with everyone involved present.

But today, the Municipal Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo, personally arrived at the Mayor’s office without prior notice, and this made Fang Liping raise her vigilance towards him.

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