TQBCS Chapter 89 – II

Li Jianguo’s Clamoring

But today, the Municipal Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo, personally arrived at the Mayor’s office without prior notice, and this made Fang Liping raise her vigilance towards him.

“Mayor Fang, ah! Aren’t we good colleagues working together in Jian’an for so many years? Actually, it’s nothing big, and I just came to see you so we could talk about old times.”

Municipal Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo, was a man in his fifties. Although his hair had started to fall, leading to some baldness, his person appeared to be very energetic. Full of smiles, he arrived in front of Fang Liping’s desk and naturally took a seat as if he was truly there to talk about old times with a dear friend of his.

“True, it’s been a few years. In the beginning, I was the Director of the Education Bureau when I arrived in Jian’an, and Secretary Liu had already been thr Director of the Finance Bureau. It’s already been 10 years since I arrived in Jian’an.”

Liu Jianguo’s words reminded Fang Liping of old times, and the fact that she wasn’t a person of Jian’an city. She was someone who was born and raised in the Capital, but since her husband’s accident after he was appointed in Jian’an for official duties, she had applied for a transfer as well. Year-after-year, she had held onto her position in Jian’an, even rejecting transfer opportunities to other, better locations. Fang Liping had refused to leave Jian’an, even bringing her aged mother who needed care, and young daughter who had then received education in Jian’an since then.

“If I don’t remember incorrectly, Secretary Qin, Qin Zemin, must have been Mayor Fang’s lover, right?”

Changing the topic, Liu Jianguo brought up some memories that Fang Liping had been unwilling to recall for a long time, “It was around 11 years ago, if I recall correctly. Mayor Fang, your lover, Qin Zemin was our Jian’an City’s Municipal Committee’s Secretary, right?”

“Secretary Liu, what is it that you are trying to say? Why are you talking about my husband who has long passed away?”

Fang Liping’s brows furrowed as her expression became somewhat stiff, clearly conveying her dissatisfaction on Liu Jianguo suddenly bringing up the matter of her husband who had passed away.

“Oh right! Mayor Fang, I heard that you instructed the vice squad leader of the criminal police bureau and came up with a plan called “Eagle-Hound Plan” that swept through all the gangs in Jian’an over the last few days. If I remember correctly, Secretary Qin had done something very similar 11 years ago. Mayor Fang and Secretary Qin worthily are husband and wife; both of you have such similar style. Ah! However, what a pity! Oh, what a pity! Just when Secretary Qin almost unearthed the corruption and evil in the city, tragedy happened, and he ended up in an unexpected traffic accident, resulting in his untimely death… Ah! It was such a pity. Such a pity it was, ah!”

Li Jianguo was shaking his head while sighing hypocritically. How was it possible for Fang Liping to not know the meaning behind his words. This was a warning from him: if you don’t stop digging into matters you shouldn’t dig into, you will end up the same as your husband!

Her husband’s death was no accidental traffic incident, this was a point Fang Liping was quite clear about after having spent investigating the matter over all these years. Moreover, the biggest suspect with connection to the accident was none other than the then Director of the Finance Bureau, Li Jianguo, who was the current Secretary of the Municipal Committee.

Fang Liping knew that her husband had been tracing evidence of the underworld gangs and their collusion with the corrupt and hidden government officials. But just when they reached a turning point in the investigation and almost succeeded, Qin Zemin, under mysterious circumstances, passed away in a traffic accident. As for the other investigation personnel, either they were bought out by this Liu Jianguo after they lost their pillar of support, Qin Zemin, or they slowly disappeared into thin air, just like Qin Zemin before them.

After she heard of her husband’s death, Fang Liping, who was assigned to a government post in the Capital, tried her best to do something by asking for Qin Family’s help. But contrary to her expectations, the mighty and powerful Qin Family completely pushed aside the entire matter under the continuous pressure put by Qin Zemin’s elder brothers, who were also the reason Qin Zemin had been sent to serve in a place like Jian’an City.

Originally, Fang Liping had wanted to get to the root of the cause of her husband’s death, but Qin Zemin’s elder brothers continuously created difficulties for her, and in the end, nothing came out of the investigation of the accident. This immensely enraged Fang Liping, and she brought her less than 10 years old daughter to Jian’an by herself, and took an official position here. Over all these years, she had stayed in Jian’an and investigated the death of her husband for the sole purpose of avenging him.

“Liu Jianguo, are you threatening me?”

Since Liu Jianguo had spoken such, there was no longer a need for Fang Liping to be polite with him, “No matter what happens, I will definitely bring the truth to light. I have already informed the Provincial Public Security Bureau and the Anti-Corruption Bureau, who have formed a special investigation team and will be arriving in Jian’an City today. As long as we get solid evidence, you blood-sucking corrupt officials will have no place to escape from justice!”

“Mayor Fang, how can you falsely accuse me like that? I am the Secrety of Jian’an’s Municipal Committee, so how is it possible for me to be involved in corruption? I am the servant of the people, and everything I do is for the people. I just came to visit you so I could leave you a reminder out of the good will in my heart. Simply to tell you that some things should and some shouldn’t be done.”

A sinister smile appeared on Liu Jianguo’s face as he said, “Do you really think that just because you annihilated the Dragon-Tiger Gang you will be able to obtain solid evidence? Haha! The Accounts Book you have been attaching innumerable hopes to might have already vanished from the world!”

Since Liu Jianguo dared come to her place, he definitely had some assurance in getting away unscathed. Those several men in black who broke into Su Lin’s house weren’t people from the Dragon-Tiger Gang, instead, they were Liu Jianguo’s people. He obviously had insiders in the criminal police bureau, so when he received the news that the Accounts Book had been lost, he quickly arrived at the conclusion that it might be somewhere in Su Lin’s home.

Therefore, without hesitating, Liu Jianguo sent his best men to retrieve the Accounts Book. As the matter stood, all evidence of his crimes would vanish as long as the Accounts Book was destroyed. Only when he had received news in the Municipal Committee’s Office that his men had found and burned the Accounts Book did Liu Jianguo dare come to Fang Liping’s office like this to clamor.

‘Hehe! You are still too tender to fight against me! Before you, your husband, who had been the Secretary of Municipal Committee couldn’t do jack to me, who was just the Director of the Finance Bureau at the time, so what can you do? Now that I am the Secrety of the Municipal Committee, it’s even easier for me to kill you without causing a ruckus!”

Liu Jianguo was immensely satisfied in his heart.


At this time, Su Lin and the criminal police vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, finally arrived outside Su Lin’s house.

“Mother! Mother, how are you?! Ah?”

As soon as the police car stopped, Su Lin rushed outside and made his way into his house while shouting.

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