TQBCS Chapter 91 – II

The Accounts Book is in My Brain!

“Mayor Fang, I have failed in fulfilling my mission. Although we caught the intruders who broke into Su Lin’s house… The Accounts Book has already been burnt to ash by them. The key evidence… We have nothing now…”

As he received Fang Liping’s call, Yan Longyong couldn’t help but report to her awkwardly.

“What? The Accounts Book was burnt?!” Fang Liping’s heart went cold as soon as she heard the news. In her heart, she was 90% sure that this matter was the reason why Liu Jianguo had been so arrogant when threatening her before. It was because he had already gotten his hands on the Accounts Book and destroyed all evidence!

“Chief Yan, no matter what’s happened, please gather all the evidence and remains, take the intruders into your custody, and gather all the oral confessions and other materials and head over to the Mayor’s office. We can talk about everything here!”

Anxious, Fang Liping tried to come up with some sort of solution to the matter, but first, she had to ask Yan Longyong to arrive here with all the evidence that they still had.

“Understood! Mayor Fang, our criminal police department has already gathered all the oral confessions from the people involved, and there’s a lot of evidence and people involved in this. But the evidence concerning Liu Jianguo and his other high-ranking cronies isn’t much, and everything was dependent on that Accounts Book. But now that Accounts Book is gone, it won’t be easy to convict them with the little evidence we do have!”

“You should get here first, and then we can talk. We can only try our best after that.”

Fang Liping hung the phone with a depressed sigh. She had never thought that even after all the planning they put into the operation, they would have such an accident at the last moment. No wonder Liu Jianguo had been so arrogant today. It was because he already knew the Accounts Book had been destroyed. There was a high chance he was the one who sent those intruders to Su Lin’s house.

“Chief Yan, what will happen now? Now that the Accounts Book is gone, what are we going to do?”

As they stood at the scene, Su Lin couldn’t help but ask worriedly. If they couldn’t thoroughly root out Liu father and son’s influence from Jian’an City, there was no way his family would be able to remain in Jian’an without incident. At that point, Liu father and son will definitely target his family openly and covertly.

“Su Lin, I am sorry, but I need to hurry over to the Mayor’s office with all the evidence and material we do have left. The Special Investigation Committee sent by the Provincial Authorities is already here, and I need to report to them as soon as possible. Alas! Now that we don’t have the Accounts Book, the rest of the evidence in our hands won’t be enough to convict the bigger corrupt officials who are the root of the entire matter!”

Yan Longyong’s complexion wasn’t very good. They had spent a long time planning for this operation, but now, they were returning without any good results. It was akin to having wasted all of their efforts. And although they had caught a lot of people from the Dragon-Tiger Gang, their Brother Dragon was still out at large, and it won’t be long before they make another gang like the Dragon-Tiger Gang, with the help of those corrupt officials, like Liu Jianguo, supporting them from the shadows.

“Accounts Book! Accounts Book! Chief Yan, will it be enough as long as we have the records of all the transactions listed on that Accounts Book? Or do we actually need the original copy of the Accounts Book for it to be acceptable?”

Su Lin was also distressed over the loss of the Accounts Book and didn’t know what to do. At this time, the pages of the Accounts Book were flipping in his mind. Those were the ones recorded by his Eidetic Memory when he had looked inside the Accounts Book back in the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s underground base. He had turned every single page of the Accounts Book to take a look back then, and now that he tried to recall, he realized that all the records had been imprinted in his mind, page by page.

“The Accounts Book itself doesn’t have much significance; what we want are the transactions recorded in it! It’s because those transaction details are very thorough, and record the amount of bribe, account number, and the time of transaction. There’s even information about the shipment of matters, vehicles used, and the other important details. As long as we have that information, we can easily investigate and verify it. That would then be conclusive evidence, making it impossible for them to get away from the grasp of justice!”

Yan Longyong answered him while ordering his men to gather everything and prepare to head out, “But now, the original Accounts Book with all that information has been destroyed. It’s not hard to verify all the evidence and trades, and even a copy of the Accounts Book would be enough as evidence. Su Lin, I must now hurry over to the Mayor’s office as we need to come up with a contingency plan for unseen events. I will ask two policemen of our criminal police squad to assure the safety of your family and you.”

“Chief Yan, bring me along with you!”

As he heard Yan Longyong’s words, a confident smile appeared on Su Lin’s face as he said, “Chief Yan, bring me along! I am confident I can help you topple those corrupt officials.”

“What? Su Lin, you want to come along? But what use would it be even if I brought you along?”

Yan Longyong said doubtfully, “At that time, we will be dealing with the Provincial leadership, and you won’t have any opportunity to even speak there. And even though you are someone who has seen the Accounts Book and can go there as witness, just your testimony alone won’t have much persuasive power there. Now that the Accounts Book is lost…”

“Chief Yan, just bring me along! Believe me, the Accounts Book is completely in my brain!”

A confident smile appeared on Su Lin’s face as he said, “At that time, when I obtained the Accounts Book, I had curiously flipped through the entire thing, and I clearly remember the entire book, with all its records.”

“You remember the entire contents of the Accounts Book?” Yan Longyong didn’t believe his words and questioned, “Impossible! The situation back then had been so urgent, so how much of the Accounts Book could you have looked at? How much could you have remembered? That’s impossible!”

“Chief Yan, we don’t have the time to get into the details of how I remember. We should hurry up and board the car. If you don’t believe me, you can give me a pen and a notebook, and I will make sure to return all the records of the Accounts Book to you in their original shape!”

Saying that, Su Lin led Yan Longyong into boarding the police car they had arrived on.

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