TQBCS Chapter 92 – I

Conference Room

Around 5 in the evening, in the middle of the conference room of Jian’an City’s Mayor’s Office.

The aura inside the conference room was quite constrained, with a single war going on between multiple parties, daggers drawn. With tightened fists, Fang Liping stood up to present her report to the two members of the Special Investigation Committee.

“Since the Special Investigation Committee members are already here, let me present a brief report about our Jian’an’s Public Security Bureau’s accomplishments. During a fierce gang fight recently, our criminal police squad was able to root out the criminal syndicate known as the Dragon-Tiger Gang, capturing all of their gangsters on the spot, in one fell swoop. And during this operation, we discovered through some oral confessions and other evidence that many officials of Jian’an were involved with the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and other crime syndicates, giving and taking benefits and bribes. The following are the findings I and vice squad leader of the criminal police have summarized…”

Fang Liping emotions were in a disorder today. For years, she had waited for the day she could bring the prime criminal involved in the case of her husband’s death, Liu Jianguo, to justice. But now, the evidence that was necessary to spell his doom, the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Accounts Book, had actually turned to ash. This resulted in the loss of her only opportunity to give a fatal end to Liu Jianguo, and she had no doubt she would not get another chance.

Now, Fang Liping could only pray that the criminal police vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, could, somehow, come up with enough evidence that they could use against the enemy.

“That was a brief overview of the report. There are a lot of government officials involved in the case, and our evidence is also plenty, but first we will need to wait for the criminal police vice squad leader, Yan Longyong’s arrival. He will present a more detailed report, and also submit the oral confessions and other related evidence.”

Basically, what Fang Liping reported was what they had been told by the arrested gangsters of the Dragon-Tiger Gang. And although they had mentioned the names of many officials, she didn’t name anyone. After all, it would be tantamount to slandering the officials if she couldn’t produce concrete evidence to prove their guilt.

“Old Zheng, take a look, this case sure is quite complex…”

Once done listening to Fang Liping’s report, Zhu Li slightly smiled and turned his head towards Zheng Liangbo to inquire about his thoughts on the matter.

“Indeed! The case is far too broad now that it involves government officials of Jian’an City… It will be your Anti-Corruption Bureau’s responsibility to strictly deal with those corrupt officials.”

Zheng Liangbo was not a veteran in name only, and he knew that Zhu Li was just giving him face by first asking for his opinion on the matter. Naturally, Zheng Liangbo also clarified his position as someone who had only come to Jian’an as a deterrence if the case was as they claimed it to be. After all, if no solid evidence could be produced against those officials, they wouldn’t be able to do anything anyway.

“Deputy Director Zhu, Deputy Director Zheng, who would have known there would be so many vermins among the officials of Jian’an. It’s all due to our carelessness. As the Secretary of Jian’an’s Municipal Committee, I am ashamed and can’t be forgiven for such slight. These officials who dared collude with the Dragon-Tiger Gang, took bribes, and are so corrupt can definitely not be forgiven!”

Those righteous words were flowing out of the Municipal Committee’s Secretary, Liu Jianguo’s mouth, seeming natural. What’s more, he even changed his words and began praising Fang Liping, “This time, it’s all thanks to the coordination between Mayor Fang and vice squad leader Yan that such a massive case could be cracked like such. I would like to represent all 500,000 over citizens of Jian’an and thank Mayor Fang and Vice Squad Leader Yan in everyone’s stead. Meanwhile, I also hope that Mayor Fang can produce enough evidence so we can capture and punish these heretics who completely disregard the law!”

As Liu Jianguo said those words, his lips curved up into a slight smile as he was immensely pleased with his ability to act. But even though he said all those words earnestly, how was it possible for Fang Liping to not know Liu Jianguo was taunting her and subliminally saying she wouldn’t be able to produce any evidence.

Still, Fang Liping couldn’t show any weakness even if the Accounts Book had been burnt down. She rubbed her hands with a smile, stood up, and said to Liu Jianguo, “Secretary Liu, this is all thanks to our criminal police and I don’t have much contribution in the matter. I dare not accept your praise. Moreover, I must say that Secretary Liu made an even greater contribution compared to myself! As for the evidence, please rest assured, everyone; we will produce enough evidence that Secretary Liu, and everyone else here, will be convinced by it.”

Yan Longyong had yet to bring the evidence for the case, yet the people in the conference hall could already smell gunpowder in the air through the debate that happened between the two people.


At this time, Su Lin was sitting in a police car with Yan Longyong, and furiously writing down the records from the Accounts Book in his memory in large characters and digits.

That’s right! Su Lin was using his exceptional Eidetic Memory to bring the Accounts Book back into its original form.

“Su Lin, you… Are you really confident about it?”

Inside the police car, Yan Longyong had sweat running down his forehead as he asked anxiously. He, too, was working hard to organize all of the evidence and materials connected to the case.

“Chief Yan, rest assured! I guarantee you there won’t be the slightest difference between the Accounts Book I write out and the one that was burnt down!”

Su Lin kept on writing down, while adding in his heart, ‘Without the Dragon-Tiger Gang’s Swiss bank account number and password, obviously!’

Now that the Accounts Book had been burnt down, it was impossible for someone else to find out that account number and its password. However, all that was unimportant as Su Lin intended to transfer the money inside that anonymous account to himself. Swiss Banks were the haven for corrupt officials and crime syndicates, and it was through them that the criminals laundered money to foreign countries. Their security was so high that even the FBI couldn’t trace the transactions and identity of the people, so there was no need for Su Lin to worry about it being exposed. (TL: Let’s not talk about the authenticity of these claims and take them to be true in Su Lin’s alternate universe.)

“Su Lin, this time, all of mine and Mayor Fang’s expectations rest on your shoulders. Whether we can completely exterminate Liu Jianguo and his gang now completely depends on whether you can restore the Accounts Book to its original form.”

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