TQBCS Chapter 92 – II

Conference Room

“Su Lin, this time, all of mine and Mayor Fang’s expectations rest on your shoulders. Whether we can completely exterminate Liu Jianguo and his gang now completely depends on whether you can restore the Accounts Book to its original form.”

Yan Longyong was badly exhausted by now. Mayor Fang Liping had already called him multiple times and urged him to hurry up and get to the Mayor’s Office as soon as possible. Moreover, according to what she said, the situation didn’t seem to be very positive and if they couldn’t bring out the Accounts Book, then it would be impossible for them to topple Liu Jianguo.

“Chief, we have arrived at the Mayor’s office.”

As Xiao Li stopped the police car at the entrance of the Mayor’s Office, they realized that the sky had already turned dark. As Su Lin looked at the time, he saw that it was already around 6 in the evening.

“Su Lin, have you finished writing down the Accounts Book?”

As he got out with the file containing all evidence in his hands, Yan Longyong asked hurriedly.

“I am about done, Chief Yan. Let’s go inside first; I will be done in a while.”

“Great! Su Lin, follow me!”

Yan Longyong immediately walked towards the conference hall with Su Lin in tow.

“Excuse me for arriving late, Mayor Fang!”

Opening the door of the conference room, Yan Longyong walked inside together with Su Lin. The conference room was currently full with the senior officials of Jian’an, and there were two officials from the Special Investigation Committee sitting in the seats of honor. Their prestige and momentum alone was enough to suppress all the other officials inside the conference hall.

“Chief Yan, you are finally here! Please give a detailed report of the case to the two honorable guests of the Special Investigation Committee sent by the Provincial Authorities.”

Fang Liping relaxed once she saw Yan Longyong arriving, but when she remembered the Accounts Book had already been burnt, her heart fell once more. As the matter stood, they absolutely had no evidence to convict Liu Jianguo. And when Fang Liping saw Su Lin following behind Yan Longyong, surprise filled her heart as she wondered, ‘Su Lin? What is he doing here? Moreover, what’s he doing in that notebook? Drawing?’

“Understood, Mayor Fang! Leaders of the Special Investigation Committee, and my fellow colleagues of Jian’an City, I will now present to you the details of the big case we cracked this time.”

Yan Longyong forced himself to be calm and presented the file containing the case materials and evidence, “As we all know, the Dragon-Tiger Gang is our Jian’an City’s biggest underground force, and has been wreaking havoc for a long while. The leaders of the Dragon-Tiger Gang are their Brother Dragon and Brother Tiger. From dealing in arms to selling drugs, and even bribing many of our Jian’an City’s officials… There’s nothing they aren’t involved in. This time, we had a fierce encounter with the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and this resulted in us capturing their entire underground base and everyone inside in one fell swoop. We captured a total of 73 gangsters, and one of the two leaders of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, Brother Tiger. We recovered 780,000 Yuan in black money, 35 KG of drugs, and many armaments and ammunition…”

Yan Longyong first started by reporting the details of the encounter, and the inventory of the goods they had seized from the possession of the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and the money they recovered. After that, Yan Longyong changed the topic of his conversation and began talking about the corrupt officials who had been colluding with the Dragon-Tiger Gang in Jian’an City, “This time, not only did we successfully eradicate the Dragon-Tiger Gang and all of their influence, but we also discovered evidence of the collusion between various government officials and the gang.”

Saying this, Yan Longyong took in a deep breath and looked towards Fang Liping for her suggestion over what to do. Fang Liping simply nodded towards him, her meaning clear: ‘You should say what you need to say without holding back for any reason. No matter what it is, let everyone know!’

“According to our investigation, the officials involved in the case are as follows: Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Liu Jianguo. Deputy Secretary of the Municipal Committee, Liu Sunmin. Director of the Finance Bureau, He Jianhui. The Deputy Director of the Traffic Department, Yang Shunyi…”

Yan Longyong listed the names of dozens of officials in high positions, as well as lower leveled officials. From the Secretary of the Municipal Committee to the ordinary officials, none were left out. This was a list he had asked Su Lin to organize beforehand. And now, mentioning all the names of the people involved in the presence of the two officials from the Special Investigation Committee, and the many high ranking officials of Jian’an was no different than dropping a bomb on everyone’s head.

Immediately, the scene in the conference room turned heated.

Let alone everything else, just the fact that Yan Longyong had mentioned Liu Jianguo in his report was enough to shock everyone. What’s more? Almost all of the senior officials present in the conference room had their names mentioned, too.

“Old Yan, you shouldn’t speak anything without basis! That’s no different than framing someone over personal grievances. You said that I, Old Yan, took bribes from the Dragon-Tiger Gang and even colluded with them, so why don’t you take out the evidence for all of us to see?! If you can’t produce any evidence, your words would be nothing short of slander. How dare you do something like that in the presence of the honorable officials of the Special Investigation Committee?”

“Ah! Old Yan, just because your criminal police solved a major case, it doesn’t mean you can falsely implicate us honest officials! Your courage sure isn’t small for you to dare falsely accuse so many honest officials like this! Not only did you accuse Secretary Liu of the Municipal Committee, but you even went ahead and accused so many of the senior officials? Do you really believe Secretary Liu is someone who would have any relationship with that Dragon-Tiger Gang?”


At once, Yan Longyong became the target of everyone’s criticism. Everybody in the conference office pointed their spears at his head.

“Everyone, please calm down! Calm down please!”

The one speaking and pounding on the table was none other than Liu Jianguo, Secretary Liu of the Municipal Committee. Different from everyone else, Liu Jianguo was not only unhurried, he had no anxiety to speak of either. Without getting angry in the least, he smiled and said to Yan Longyong, “Comrade Yan Longyong, your criminal police did a great service and I dare not question your abilities (in catching criminals). Even if I am the Secretary of the Municipal Committee, it’s only right for me to be punished like other criminals if I break any law. However, Comrade Yan Longyong, this is no food market, nor is this your back garden, so you must produce evidence of the claims you just made. According to your words, I and many of our other colleagues were colluding with the Dragon-Tiger Gang, so I would like to request that you produce evidence to prove those claims. This time, it’s Deputy Director Zhu and Deputy Director Zheng of the Special Investigation Committee who are in charge of the situation, so I will leave everything up to their great judgement.”

Liu Jianguo magnanimously spoke and turned the spotlight towards Zhu Li and Zheng Liangbo. Not only to gain clout, but also because he believed that now that the Accounts Book had been burnt to ash, there was no way Yan Longyong would be able to produce any evidence.

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