TQBCS Chapter 94 – I

Su Lin, You Should Rest at my House!

With such conclusive evidence in front of them, dozens of Jian’an officials confessed to their crimes under the lead of Liu Jianguo, confessing their collusion with the Dragon-Tiger Gang, and their heinous acts. The Special Investigation Committee was also well-versed in their methods and made sure to record everyone’s confession in private, to have a better chance at determining lies from the truth.

“Great! Boy, it’s all thanks to your contribution this time that we were able to succeed with our mission. If you hadn’t helped us completely recover the Accounts Book, not only would we have failed in convicting Liu Jianguo and his cronies, he might even reverse the charge and put the blame on us!”

Now that the matter had finally come to an end, the criminal police vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, could finally rest his heart easy. One could say that this was the biggest case he had cracked during all his time in the criminal police department.

“Chief Yan, it’s what I should have done. Moreover, Liu Jianguo and his son, Liu Yuanfeng, also had enmity with me, so it only helps me if their family gets toppled from power like this. Now, I no longer need to be afraid of Liu Yuanfeng’s retaliation, and my parents won’t have to worry about not finding any work!”

The previously high and mighty Secretary Liu of the Jian’an Municipal Committee now had his head lowered like a criminal without a shred of arrogance as he confessed to his crimes and awaited a severe penalty; just being able to get this outcome was enough to fill Su Lin’s heart with a great sense of achievement. 

But the most important fact was that now, with Liu Jianguo’s fall from power, his son, Liu Yuanfeng, wouldn’t be able to escape from justice either. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Liu father and son’s influence from Jian’an was about to completely disappear. Once that happened, Su Lin wouldn’t have to be worried about his parents being unable to find work.

Previously, all those places had refused to hire his parents solely because of Liu Yuanfeng’s threat. But now that Liu father and son were going to get convicted for their crimes, would his parents have to worry about not finding work with their years of experience?

What’s more? There were now 6 million Yuan in his bank account, far more than the few thousand his parents made every month. However, what made Su Lin worry was how he would go to his parents and explain the origins of all this money to them.

“Su Lin, you did really well this time!”

Su Lin and Yan Longyong had been talking outside the conference hall when they saw Fang Liping unexpectedly walk out and praise Su Lin with a smile.

‘Woah, Aunt Ping actually smiled towards me!’

As much as Su Lin remembered his encounters with Fang Liping, he had always seen her wearing a serious expression. Although Fang Liping was a woman, the aura she radiated when someone was in her vicinity was enough to make someone lose their guts for half a day. But today, Fang Liping had unexpectedly smiled towards him, Su Lin, on her own volition. And it wasn’t just a smile out of politeness, but a true smile filled with happiness, a smile of sheer joy.

“Aunt Ping, it was what I should have done. It’s all because I have a really good memory that I was able to remember the contents of the Accounts Book. They thought that we wouldn’t be able to do anything to them after they burnt the Accounts Book, but how would they know I would be able to recover the Accounts Book even if they burnt another 100 of them!”

Seeing Fang Liping’s expression allowed Su Lin to relax, and he replied in a somewhat boasting manner.

“You kid!”

Fang Liping didn’t mind Su Lin’s tone and said with a smile, “I am aware of your great ability. Yanran told me before how she lent you her notebooks for an evening, and you returned them to her the next morning, having remembered all their contents to the T, without a single error. No wonder you rose to the Top 10 of the Grade so suddenly. I don’t know just what kind of pills your mother took when giving birth to you, for you to have such a monstrous memory!”

“Oh? Yanran told you that?”

Su Lin was surprised. He had not thought Qin Yanran would actually talk about these matters with her mother. Perhaps, Qin Yanran had only mentioned the matter as something interesting, but now that Su Lin heard about the matter, his heart went a little wild with fantasy. But when he thought about Qin Yanran’s icy demeanor and treatment of him, Su Lin couldn’t help but feel a tad discouraged.

Didn’t the sages of the old say the heart of women was like a bottomless pit of petty thoughts. (TL: Please don’t grill me!) He wondered just what did they think about all day long? Su Lin couldn’t be bothered to think too much into the matter, and decided to let nature take its course. Although, that’s what he wanted to do, now that the fantasies had sprouted inside his mind, he couldn’t help but feel the itch.

“That’s not all! I don’t know just what magic you, little devil, have casted upon our family’s Yanran, but before, our Yanran had never mentioned anything about her classmates, let alone talking only about a male classmate of hers. But now, for the last half a month, she’s only been talking about you, her handsome and smart classmate. She’s been going Su Lin this, and Su Lin that…”

As she spoke, Fang Liping suddenly narrowed her eyes to seriously look at Su Lin. She had not forgotten how her beloved daughter had left the hospital in sadness that evening, and how she had locked herself up in her room and cried. So Fang Liping immediately asked Su Lin about his visit to the hospital, “Oh right! Su Lin, what made you visit the hospital the other day?”

“I… Aunt Ping, didn’t I tell you about it that evening? The aunt who lives next door got sick, so I took my parents’ place to visit her, to see how she was doing. I didn’t know I would meet you, Aunt Ping, right when I left…”

Su Lin blinked and answered with some fear lingering in his heart as he answered her. He didn’t dare let anyone know about his fervent time with Elder Sister Zhu in that hospital ward.

“Eh? Didn’t you come across Yanran in the hospital? If I remember correctly, Yanran had gone after you when she saw you pass by our hospital ward’s entrance that evening!” Fang Liping asked.

“Did she? But I didn’t see Yanran anywhere in the hospital that evening!”

No matter how Su Lin tried to rack his brain, he couldn’t recall seeing Qin Yanran in the hospital that evening. He couldn’t help but wonder if there had been some sort of a misunderstanding? At once, Su Lin stopped thinking about the matter. Since he hadn’t seen her, there was nothing he could do about it.

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