TQBCS Chapter 94 – II

Su Lin, You Should Rest at my House!

No matter how Su Lin tried to rack his brain, he couldn’t recall seeing Qin Yanran in the hospital that evening. He couldn’t help but wonder if there had been some sort of a misunderstanding? At once, Su Lin stopped thinking about the matter. Since he hadn’t seen her, there was nothing he could do about it.

“Alright, let’s not talk about these matters. Su Lin, tomorrow’s your College Entrance Examination, so you must be in a severe need of a good night’s rest! If you can score great and get admitted to a good University, your future will be immensely bright. Your talent will also be able to benefit the nation and the people!”

Fang Liping was worthy of being the Mayor of Jian’an as she immediately changed the subject once she failed to get the answer she was looking for.

“That’s right! Aunt Ping, you don’t have to worry about it; I guarantee you I will be able to score great and be able to get admission in the best Universities of the country!” As Su Lin said this, he remembered what Li Hao had reminded him in the morning. And now that he had Fang Liping here to answer his questions, he couldn’t not ask her about the University Qin Yanran was aiming for, so he said, “Oh right! Aunt Ping, I wonder if Yanran has already decided on the University she wishes to apply to after the College Entrance Examination? With Yanran’s achievements, it won’t be hard for her to get into any University of her choice!”

“I am not too worried about Yanran’s studies. I am sure she would either apply to Tsinghua or Peking University! Either way, she will be going to a University in the capital…”

Fang Liping almost became excited when she spoke up, but then immediately calmed herself down, “Moreover, her grandfather, uncles, and rest of her paternal family are in the capital. It’s just that her father had passed away early on, and hence I brought her over her to Jian’an. So she will definitely be going back to the capital for her further studies! What’s more? Her grandmother wants to send Yanran to the Central Academy of Fine Arts to become an artist. In the end, it will be up to Yanran to decide for herself, and I don’t intend to intervene in her decision-making!”

‘What am I going to do if Yanran actually goes to the Central University of Fine Arts?’

Su Lin already knew of their being a possibility where Qin Yanran might go to either Tsinghua or Peking University, but now, there was an equal chance she might end up going to the Central University of Fine Arts. If it were the former two, everything would be great, but if she chose the latter… Su Lin had zero foundation in the ability to draw, and he had never bothered taking any sort of art classes either, so if Qin Yanran really chose to get admission in the Central University of Fine Arts, he probably won’t have a chance to study in the same University as her then.

“Right! My mother, Yanran’s grandmother, used to teach at the Central University of Fine Arts; she was a professor there. And my mother told me that evening that you were the one who saved her life, and my mother can’t stop talking about you in the hospital. So how about you visit her at the hospital with us after your College Entrance Examinations are over?”

Fang Liping had a kind expression on her face, and the strict and majestic look of the Mayor was nowhere to be found on her. The look she gave Su Lin was incomparably gentle, as if she weren’t looking at an outsider, but someone from her own family.

As she spoke, Fang Liping herself felt strange and her heart was full of questions about everything that had happened over the last few days. Su Lin, such an ordinary you g man, had become the greatest benefactor of their family. Her mother’s life had been saved by him, she, herself, had been rescued by him back in Jiaxing Hotel, and even her daughter, Qin Yanran, was her classmate and seemed to have a positive impression of him. To top it off, he helped her avenge her deep-seated hatred over her husband’s death by completely toppling Liu Jianguo from power. All of this was thanks to none other than him, Su Lin. And her family’s connection to him seemed to be getting stronger and stronger as time passed!

Moreover, she could clearly see from her daughter’s actions that she had started to get romantically interested in the opposite gender, and that all seemed to be due to him, Su Lin, as well.

“Oh right! How could I forget about that? I had been thinking of visiting her yesterday, but then the accident happened and everything is as you know. Let’s do it as you say. Once the College Entrance Examinations end, I will definitely pay a visit!”

Su Lin was in a fantastic mood at the moment, after all, he had finally dealt with the biggest threat to his family. Now, he no longer felt a sense of danger or any pressure, and he had even obtained a great sum of money from the Dragon-Tiger Gang, so there was no economical issue to speak off either. It could be said that his life was going to take a turn for the better now, and he would get to experience a broader world soon, too!

But just then, the criminal police vice squad leader, Yan Longyong, who had been standing nearby rushed over and interrupted Su Lin while handing him his phone, “Su Lin, take the call… it’s from your mother.”

“Hello, mother…”

Su Lin took the phone and answered. Seemed like his mother had been worried about him, so she decided to call Yan Longyong to ask about him.

“Brat, where did you run off to? It’s almost 9 in the evening! Are you even coming back? Tomorrow’s the College Entrance Examinations, you know?”

Just when Su Lin put the phone next to his ear, his mother’s all-too-familiar voice sounded from the other side.

“Mother, I am currently at the Mayor’s Office, and will immediately come back home once the matter here is dealt with. I helped Chief Yan, and now they are capturing large numbers of corrupt officials! Right! Mother, you and father no longer have to worry about not finding any work. No one will cause any trouble for you anymore!”

As Su Lin told the news to his mother, he thought she would be excited with joy, but he was disappointed when he heard her next words, “You… You can’t come back tonight. You should… just go to Little Hao’s place and spend the night over there. Tomorrow morning, you can go to take the College Entrance Examinations together with him. You know those bastards who broke into our house smashed and flipped all the furniture in the house, so the house is uninhabitable right now! Your father and I came over to your little aunt’s place for the night, and we will go back to settle everything tomorrow. We will let you know when you can come back home!”

“Mother, you didn’t call because you were worried about me, right? Instead, it was to tell me to not come back home for the night!” Su Lin pulled a long face as he spoke. He had thought that once he was done with these matters, he would be able to go back home, take a nice bath, and get a good night’s rest for tomorrow’s College Entrance Examinations!

“Alright, that was all from me! Remember, tomorrow’s the College Entrance Examination, so you can’t be late no matter what!”

Ding! Beep! Beep! Beep!

Mother Su felt relieved and hung up the phone, leaving Su Lin with a resigned face as he returned the phone to Yan Longyong.

“What happened? My little hero Su, have you been kicked out of your house and lacking a place to spend the night?”

Fang Liping, who had been standing by the side, didn’t miss the dialogue between Su Lin and his mother, and couldn’t help but tease him a little.

“That’s right! Aunt Ping, those men in black who broke into our house to steal the Accounts Book turned our house upside down, and even flipped the beds and furniture. It will probably take a day or two for everything to be reorganized, and I am afraid it’s not habitable as it is now. I must go over to my friend’s place to spend the night!”

“Oh! So that’s how it is! Then… how about you rest at our house, Su Lin? Both you and Yanran need to attend the College Entrance Examination tomorrow, so I can drive you both to the Examination Center from our place.”

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