TQBCS Chapter 95 – II

Qin Yanran’s Not Wearing Any Clothes?!

“Aunt Ping, you have suffered much over all these years!”

How was it possible for Su Lin to not be moved after listening to Fang Liping’s laborious days? Fang Liping, a woman, had brought her small family to a different city, all just to avenge her husband’s death and the hand fate dealt her family. She had taken it upon herself to verify the authenticity of the incident, and then bide her time to take her revenge. She had brought her young daughter and aged mother with her, taken an official position in Jian’an, and then climbed the bureaucratic ladder step-by-step to become the Mayor of Jian’an! Was it that easy to do this all?

Before, Su Lin had only seen Fang Liping’s strong, aggressive, and capable side. But today, Su Lin realized that Fang Liping wasn’t a stone-hearted person, instead, she was just like the others, someone with a gentle and kind side, too.

Hence, the words Su Lin said came directly from the bottom of his heart, and he truly felt Fang Liping had suffered too much. This made him thoroughly admire her.

“Hehe, Su Lin, I made a fool out of myself just now. It’s just that I have never told everything I just talked about to anyone else before, and you had to listen to my incessant nagging just now.”

Fang Liping actually felt better after telling all that to Su Lin, and if an outsider saw them right now, they would definitely think they were having a heart-to-heart chat in the car. It felt very natural as she explained everything to him.

“We are here! Su Lin, you can get off now. We have a guest room in our house where you can rest for the night once I tidy it up a bit. Oh right, the guest room happens to be right next to Yanran’s room, too!”

As they reached their destination, Fang Liping stopped the car, opened the door, and got off. Su Lin, too, hopped off the car, and his gaze immediately landed on two tear-stains on Fang Liping’s beautiful face. Clearly, she had cried while speaking in the car.

“Aunt Ping, you… You are crying?”

“It’s nothing! It’s just because I spoke of some sad matters — you must keep everything to yourself. You can’t tell Yanran about this!” Fang Liping wiped off the tear-stains from her face, and thinking of something, she added, “Also, you wouldn’t have revealed the matter of you rescuing me that evening in Jiaxing Hotel to Yanran, right?”

“I haven’t. Aunt Ping, I swear I haven’t revealed that before anyone else!”

Su Lin guaranteed and then followed behind Fang Liping up the stairs towards their house.


Qin Yanran was very angry today. She had ignored Su Lin the entire day today, yet that guy hadn’t come up to ask her anything, or explain himself. It was as if he wasn’t worried in the least. Was he not afraid they won’t have an opportunity to see each other after the College Entrance Examination tomorrow?

In the bathroom, Qin Yanran laid in the bathtub with an unhappy expression, staring into the dim mist that spread everywhere.

However, tomorrow was the College Entrance Examination, and she had to put all of her focus on the College Entrance Examination. She had to hurry up and drive that Su Lin out of her thoughts, and everything would be good!

“How come it’s already so late and mother still hasn’t returned? I can’t fall asleep until she is back!”

As she walked out of her bathroom, Qin Yanran didn’t bother to put on anything, and there was only a light bath towel wrapped around her. In any case, it was her home, and there was no one else there, so she didn’t have to worry about being seen by anyone. And just like that, Qin Yanran walked towards her bedroom.


Outside the house, Fang Liping was about to take out her keys to open the door of the house when her phone rang. It was a call from someone from the Special Investigation Committee that had come to deal with the case, and it was an important matter, so she gave the key to Su Lin and asked him to open the door himself as she went to the side to take the call.

‘It sure doesn’t seem to be an easy job serving as the Mayor of a City. Aunt Ping sure is busy even at this time!’

Su Lin sighed. When he was young, he had always thought being a government official was an easy matter with nothing much to do, but it seemed that wasn’t the case. Who knew just how many matters government officials had to deal with?

‘I wonder if Yanran has already gone to bed for rest? Tomorrow’s the College Entrance Examination, and considering it’s her, she must be doing a final sprint-review of the subject matter!’ Su Lin put the key into the door as he wondered that.

Ka… Click… Ka…

As the sound of a key opening the door resounded in the house, Qin Yanran, who only had a thin bath towel bound around her body, became happy and joyfully hopped towards the entrance of the house thinking that her mother had finally arrived home at last. But when the door finally opened and she saw who had arrived, she was left dumbfounded… The person standing before her was not her mother, but… Su Lin!

“Ah! Su Lin, you… What are you doing here?”

Startled, Win Yanran lost her grip on the towel bound around her body, and the towel immediately fell downwards, leaving her beautiful, young, and smooth skin completely bare for Su Lin to ogle at, giving him a complete view of every single part of her alluring body.

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