VPAATP V3 Chapter 1

Lost His Wife And His Soldiers

“Ah! I am also in Huaxia University,” I said as I nodded, “I probably heard people mention her before.”

“Chief Liu, you are a student?” Xu Er asked, somewhat surprised.

“Yes. What’s the matter, didn’t know about it?” I looked towards the incomparably surprised Xu Er.

“Nothing, it’s nothing. I just hadn’t imagined that you would be a student, Chief Liu.” Xu Er shook his head and said, “Ah! Truly young and promising.”

“Well, no need to praise me so much. If you work hard, you will see great development in the future.” I said while patting Xu Er’s shoulder.

“En, Chief Liu, I will surely work hard.” Xu Er nodded.

“Right! The matter is already solved. Shouldn’t you report the good news to your sister already? What if she is worried?” I reminded.

“Yes! I will tell her about this matter. Chief Liu, if not for you, I really wouldn’t know what to do.” Xu Er said with incomparable sincerity, “Chief Liu if you have any use for me in the future, do tell me. I, Xu Er, promise that I will do anything even if I have to jump into a sea of fire, or tread through a mountain of swords.”

“Don’t worry. It’s not that serious! It was just a little matter. I wasn’t even bothered by it nor did it cost a single cent.” I said.

“That won’t do. Chief Liu, you have helped me, and I will remember it for a lifetime.” Xu Er said, “Chief Liu, you don’t say. If not for you, who knows when I would have been free from that Lu Baoqiang.”

“Inform your sister soon. Who knows, this matter might weigh on her mind, making her unable to do any other work.” I said.

“En. I will go to her University to find her.” Xu Er said.

“Doesn’t she have a cell phone?” I asked.

“No, she isn’t willing to buy one.” Xu Er shook his head and said, “I can only go to her University.”

“Well then, you can come along with me. I am also going to the University.” I said.

“Then, Thank you. Chief Liu.” Xu Er said.

“No need to call me Chief Liu. I am probably the same age as your sister. You can call me Liu Lei, or Brother Liu.” I said to Xu Er.

“How can I? Ah, you are a great person after all.” Xu Er shook his head.

“What great person? I am just a student.” I laughed.

“Then, I will call you Big Brother.” Xu Er said.

“Big Brother, hmm. It sounds good.” I said.

“Then I won’t be polite anymore, Brother Liu. Thank you Big Brother Liu.” As Xu Er said that, he was very touched.

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