VPAATP V3 Chapter 11

Tit For Tat – II

“You!!!” Though Wu Xueping was a fairly calm woman, even she couldn’t stand my roguish words. Immediately, her face turned red with anger, as she said to me, “I really can’t comprehend how Xia Jing fell in love with a bastard like you!”

“Yes, I am a bastard. And I will also let you know that I am trying to set up Xia Jing. What can ya do about it?” I said undauntedly. Since I have been reborn, I have learned that there is no need for rules and etiquettes when dealing with people like Xia Jing’s mother. The best way to deal with people like her is to smack them with your wealth that is greater than her’s and Lei Xiaolong’s.

“Humph. You can try that then! You probably understand what kind of person my husband is. For him, dealing with an insignificant man like you won’t be an issue.” Wu Xueping started to use threats.

“Oh! Well…, if you want Xia Jing to hate you for a lifetime; go ahead and do it. Why so much nonsense?” I said indifferently.

“Then what do you want that will make you agree to leave Xia Jing? As long as it is not an excessive demand, I will certainly fulfill it.” Wu Xueping said as she inhaled deeply and calmed herself.

“Oh! Is that so? Then let me ask you a similar question! What do you want in return for letting Xia Jing be together with me?” I smiled and said with some interest in my tone.

“You.” Wu Xueping sneered, “And what qualifications do ‘you’ have to ask me this question?”

“Instead of asking me what qualifications I have, you should answer what you want in return for letting Xia Jing be my woman?” I said.

“And why would I answer you?” Wu Xueping asked back.

“You don’t need to answer if you don’t want to, and I won’t be giving up on Xia Jing either. But, if you do tell me and I can’t fulfill it, then I will leave Xia Jing willingly,” I said.

“Are you telling the truth? As long as I give a condition, and you can’t fulfill it; you will leave Xia Jing on your own. Without asking for any compensation from us either!” Wu Xueping asked as she was suddenly pleased.

“Indeed!” I nodded and said with certainty.

“Good! Well then, I will say it only once; you better listen carefully. I expect that you will keep your promise!” Wu Xueping said as she pondered for a moment.

“No problem!” I promised straightforwardly.

“100 million as the bride price*! If you can take out that much, then I will allow Xia Jing to be your wife.” Wu Xueping said as she appeared to be satisfied with herself.

“100 million as the bride price? I doubt Lei Xiaolong’s family would have given you that much, right?” I looked at the proud appearance of Wu Xueping. She looked funny to me, and so I said with some sarcasm.

“No need to bring up his matter! He is him while you are you! In short, either you take out that amount of money, or you can forget about marrying my daughter.” Wu Xueping became impatient after my sarcastic remark.

“100 million, huh. It sure is a big number!” I nodded and said, “So, is it 100 million USD, or is it 100 million Yuan?”

“Of course it is Yua… Uh…, It is USD, yes, it is 100 million USD.” Wu Xueping strutted and said. If she was going to scare him; she might as well scare him thoroughly.

“Heh, US dollars, huh! Is your company even worth that much? Oh, I forgot… This company is not your own!” I shook my head and said.

“This is my condition! If you can’t satisfy it, then no need for so much rubbish. You should give up already.” Wu Xueping said, waving her hand.

“100 million, 100 million it is then.” I looked towards Wu Xueping and said.

“Why aren’t you leaving already then?” Wu Xueping asked as she gestured for me to leave.

“Why would I leave?” I asked back.

“Why would you still sit here when you don’t have any money?” Wu Xueping asked with contempt.

“What made you believe that I don’t have any money?” I laughed and smiled towards her, “Give me your account number.”

“Humph. Here you go then.” Wu Xueping threw a business card towards me. In her opinion, there was no way for me to play any tricks.

I pulled out a palm-sized handheld computer. It was the latest high-intelligence device produced by Shuguang Corporation and had all functions that a full-sized computer might have.

As Wu Xueping saw me take out such an advanced technological product, she was surprised, “oh!” In her opinion, I was just a poor wretch who had nothing. But then she remembered that my family had a factory, and so, it wasn’t strange for me to have money for such a device.

On the handheld computer, I logged in to my online bank account, entered 100 million USD in the transfer field, and sent it to Wu Xueping’s account number directly. When I had just been reborn, 100 million was a massive amount to me, but now, it is just pocket change when compared to the amount that I have in my account.

Wu Xueping was looking towards me with ridicule. I didn’t say anything and just waited for the ‘success’ prompt on my device. After a while, the device gave off a ‘ding,’ and the ‘Transfer Successful!’ prompt appeared. I was about to say something when Wu Xueping’s phone rung.

Wu Xueping looked at the number displayed on the phone and accepted the call.

“Hello, Chairman Wu. I am Zhang Xiaoman, manager of Huaxia Bank.” Though Wu Xueping’s phone wasn’t on loud-speaker, it’s volume was still very high, and so, I could hear what the other person said.

“Hello, Manager Zhang. What’s the matter?” Wu Xueping asked. Her expression was strange as she wondered why the manager of Huaxia Bank called her at this time? Was there an issue with her account?

“It’s like this; about 30 seconds ago, your account received a large transaction. As per the company regulations, I need to inform you about any major transactions…”

“You have never informed me like this before though?” Wu Xueping said. Her expression was getting stranger as she thought that there were many large transactions on a daily basis. Several hundred thousand were injected and transferred from the account daily. Why was the manager calling now when he never called before?

“The transactions before weren’t this huge, so we never needed to inform you especially. But the amount this time is unusually massive!”

“A massive amount?” Wu Xueping asked, “Just how massive is it?”

“100 million USD…”

“What?! 100 million USD?!” As Wu Xueping heard the amount, she was scared witless and almost dropped her phone to the ground.

“Yes, 100 million USD! You may check through the online banking platform. If you have any questions, you can call me…, Hello? Chairman Wu, are you listening?”

“Oh, oh yes, I am here…” Wu Xueping replied as she calmed herself in a hurry.

“Can I leave now? You should have received the bride price you wanted, right!” As I saw Wu Xueping hang up the call, I stood up and said, relaxed.