VPAATP V3 Chapter 16

I Want To Touch

“You think I don’t dare!” Although good men don’t fight with women, I just love the feeling of bickering with Meng QingQing. It felt just like little quibbles between lovers.

“Humph. You can try it then. When the policeman asks you how you retrieved the disk, what are you going to tell them then?” Meng QingQing looked towards me haughtily, and said, “Right! Weren’t you just tracing someone’s chest for a long time a moment ago, and also… also you played with it like that! You were doing it deliberately!”

“Forget it!” As I saw Meng QingQing acting like a child, I sighed and threw the disk back to her, “If you want it, just take it away,” I already took enough advantage of her. Giving her that disk wasn’t a big deal.

“You still want to do something more!” Meng QingQing said with anger, “I can tell that you are doing this deliberately to set me up. I know you want an opportunity to touch me again!”

“Yes! I am doing it deliberately, what can you do about it?” I also said that intentionally.

“Humph. If you want to touch, then just say it frankly. Is there a need for such dirty tricks!” Meng QingQing said while putting the disk in her bag.

To be honest, though I knew that Meng QingQing just said it as a joke, her joke is too alluring! Since she is already saying it, I might as well be honest and act on my instinct.

“Good, I want to touch you now!” I said seriously.

“?” Before Meng QingQing could respond, my hand was again in her collar.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the room became very ambiguous. Meng QingQing was blushing deeply. She didn’t know how to reject… This rascal actually… As for me, I just played with the softness in my hands with fondness.

“This is enough, take your hand out quickly. What are we going to do if someone came in at this time!” Meng QingQing said as she returned to her senses. Though it was only after saying it that she realized that what she said was a bit hinting. What if there was no one outside, will she let him do as he please then? Meng QingQing didn’t know. Her mind went blank for an instant as she thought that this hateful man bullied her again and again. Can’t he show some tender affection for her?

I also felt that I was going too far, and drew back my hand. What am I going to do if news spread that I harassed a female thief inside the company! If that happened, then… Fu*ck!

“This bag…” I pointed towards the Limited Edition LV bag in Meng QingQing’s hand to shift the topic.

“I bought another one of the same kind!” Meng QingQing clutched the bag and ran away with a blush.

Heh, a bad young lady from a wealthy family huh! I couldn’t help but swear in my mind.

This time, as Meng QingQing ran out, no one tried to stop her. The people from the security department and Chu Gao just looked towards her with a strange expression. Feeling their strange stares, Meng QingQing became even more flustered and ran down to the elevator quickly.

When I stepped out of the security room, none of the people outside dared say anything. But as they looked towards me, the expression in their eyes was stranger than when they looked towards Meng QingQing. They probably thought of me as a rogue now!

Although they dared not say anything, Chu Gao finally couldn’t stay quiet. Waving towards the security guards, he said, “Don’t stare like idiots and go back to work! That lady just now… yeah, that lady was Director Liu’s girlfriend, trying to play a prank on you all. Yeah!”

The way Chu Gao explained it, even a fool could tell that Meng QingQing wasn’t my girlfriend. This made them run their imaginations wild, thinking about what kind of relationship I might have with Meng QingQing!

But the boss had spoken. So what if what he said was not true, it was true for them. No one would dare think anymore and play with their jobs as a joke.

“Boss, you already have a girlfriend yet you are still womanizing outside!” When everyone had left, Chu Gao changed the way he addressed me as.

“Even if I explained, you just won’t understand!” I shook my head and said to him. It is all my fault for getting drunk and being impulsive.

“Well, whatever. It’s your private matter. Just make sure that sister-in-law doesn’t find out!” Chu Gao reminded me in goodwill.

“You don’t need to worry about that! You should just manage your company well!” I patted the back of Chu Gao’s head lightly.

“Boss, don’t just go out and be a womanizer by yourself! When are you going to bring your brothers out to pick up some girl heh? We don’t get to see you a lot nowadays! Though I am now someone with some status, I am still a virgin you know!” Chu Gao said while making a pleading expression.

“Haha! Do you even need me to find you a Miss…” As I said the word Miss, I remembered the night that I had with Meng QingQing and my heart got pierced by pained.

{TL Note: Here, the Miss is the Miss in *Prostit**ute*}

The first time for a girl is very precious. When I had the first night with Zhao YanYan, Chen Wei’er as well as Liu Yue, they were very meaningful for all of us. Though Yu Ting’s first time wasn’t as luxurious as the others, I still treated her with my most tender loving and feeling.

But the ones I am the most apologetic to are Ye XiaoXiao and Meng QingQing. Both of them had their first night taken by me when I was drunk. Both of them certainly had a trauma because of this and might not recover easily. Remembering all this, I sighed heavily. The responsibility wasn’t easy to bear.

“Miss? Boss, you don’t go out to find a Miss often…” As Chu Gao was saying that, he suddenly stopped as he saw my expression turn a bit bad, “Boss, what happened? Is there something wrong with you?”

“Nothing!” I shook my head and smiled, “I will help you with that matter. With your current status, is there even a need to worry about not being able to find a girl!”

“Hehe, I was just cracking a joke. The female students from my former High School contacted me after they found out that I am now the Chief of a major corporation. The girl that I was pursuing in High Scholl also took the initiative to contact me, saying that the reason she didn’t agree with me back then was so I could focus on my studies and become successful. I sneered in my heart though. Did she really think I was a fool and didn’t know that she was dating another guy who was richer at that time.” Chu Gao said proudly, “But I certainly won’t have any liking for those girls anymore.”

“A good horse won’t eat grass eaten before…” As I said that, I felt that it wasn’t the right thing. Didn’t I return to this world for Zhao YanYan? Wouldn’t that make me the same as a horse eating grass that was eaten? After all, Zhao YanYan had married someone else in my previous life.

However, after I thought a bit about it, I felt relaxed. I am not a horse, so there isn’t any need for me to obey a rule like this.

“Yes, I also think so!” Chu Gao said while nodding his head.

Before I could turn back and return to the conference room, my phone rang. I looked at it and realized that it was an unknown number. As soon as I picked it up, Meng QingQing’s angry voice came from the receiver. “Dead Liu Lei, Stinky Liu Lei, what do you mean by this? If you don’t want to give me the information, just say it. Why the heck did you give me a bunch of trash! Just what is the meaning of this!”

“What trash? What do you mean? And how do you know my phone number?” I asked as I felt strange.

“Your number? I asked the boss of the bar and he handed it over to me!” Meng QingQing said, “Wait, instead of you asking me all this, it should be me asking you! What is this jumbled mess that you gave me in the disk!”