VPAATP V3 Chapter 20

The Understanding YanYan

The next day, Meng QingQing came to New Century Office early in the morning. I asked the Manager of the Marketing Department to hand her over the PC retail business. He didn’t ask me why and just completed the process. He was the oldest in the company and knew what to ask and when to ask. As long as the leadership of the company had no problems, it had nothing to do with him.

After the restructuring of New Century, it moved out of the street behind Huaxia University. The original office location changed to a small digital park for students to shop and get acquainted with new technology. It was this digital park that I wanted to hand over to Meng QingQing.

“Are you truly going to give all this to me? You really won’t ask for anything?” Meng QingQing asked as she looked towards the property papers, transfer rights, and accounts for the retail business, and the digital park.

“Right, all this is now yours.” I nodded.

“You don’t have any motives right? Why else would you give me something so big?” Meng QingQing said with doubt.

“All of this is my compensation to you!” I said with a sigh.

“Compensation? What, are you telling me after I take this, the matter between us will be cleared!” Meng QingQing said with her rising emotions, “No! I won’t take this. I won’t. You want to avoid responsibility!”

“I am not trying to shirk away from the responsibility, that’s not what I mean!” I said hurriedly. Looking towards her with a smile, I said, “What I mean is, this is my compensation to you for treating you so crudely that night. I am certainly not trying to avoid responsibility!”

“Oh, then it is alright. Later, if I can’t get married, then I will depend on you!” Meng QingQing said as she collected all the documents. After a while, she suddenly hesitated, but then asked, “By the way, why are you able to do all this? You aren’t the Chief of New Century, then why can you decide to hand over your retail business and the digital park to me?”

“Oh… About that, I have shares in New Century, so I have a bit of say.” I explained.

“It turned out to be like that. Then, I will accept it all with confidence. I was afraid that you will have to take responsibility for this and get criticized secretly.” Meng QingQing said as she felt relaxed.

Now, I cannot understand what relationship I have with Meng QingQing. If I say that we are lovers, then that isn’t true. If I say we are friends, then compared to normal friends, our relationship is much more than that. If you say that a male can touch a female at will, and the female also acts spoiled before that male, and the two are friends; then that’s the kind of friend I and Meng QingQing are.

After sending off Meng QingQing, I returned to my villa. After all, I had promised my wives to bring them to Liu Yue’s car dealership to get them their cars.

Actually, as long as Liu Yue does it by herself, the matter would be solved in a few minutes. But my wives just wanted me to go with them. I couldn’t refuse them at all.

It won’t be hard for them to learn to drive. With Liu Yue and Xu Er acting as their coaches, my wives will be able to learn driving very easily and obtain their driving license soon.

Over the days, the girls also examined some car models online. In their heart, they already had a car that they wanted for themselves. They only wanted me to come together to see if I liked what they liked.

Although a majority of car makers in the world have changed to Huaxia Brand Engines after the emergence of East Asia Motion, the outward appearance, and brands of cars haven’t changed. The only difference is the new engine.

My wives were very straightforward when buying cars, not like those women who just look at the cars that they like, but then decline to be humble. They all finally agreed that they will choose cars according to the order they entered the dealership. Zhao YanYan was ranked first.

Zhao YanYan’s taste wasn’t any different from the one in my previous life. She didn’t like sports cars that appeared too flamboyant and flashy. She still had a special liking for the Volkswagon Beetle. I accompanied Zhao YanYan as she went for a test drive. Her driving wasn’t bad.

“Husband, we haven’t been alone for a very long time!” On the way back from the test drive, Zhao YanYan said to me.

True! Since we arrived in City B, we haven’t had any time alone because of the other girls. It seems that Zhao YanYan was beginning to miss the times when I pursued her alone.

“I am sorry. I will look for an opportunity to bring you to tour the world with me and you alone!” I said to her, feeling guilty.

“Forget it. I just remembered the old times all of a sudden.” Zhao YanYan looked towards my guilty expression and felt moved. Shaking her head, she said to me with a smile, “In fact, life is pretty good the way it is. At least, there are people to accompany me when I go shopping. Every day, when you aren’t home, the sisters accompany me to chat. They also take care of me a lot.”

“YanYan, sorry, I have wronged you. I made you share me with other women.” I smiled bitterly.

“No. In fact, I know that husband’s love for me has never wavered from the start. It is still the same. There is nothing that I have to share. You are good to sister Wei’er, Liu Yue, Yu Ting, and the others. Your feelings for them, and their feelings for you. All are real. But they are not the same for everyone. They all are different!” Zhao YanYan said from her heart.

“YanYan, thank you!” My relationship with Zhao YanYan was the most profound compared to the other women. But I just couldn’t give them up either.

“No need to say that. If there weren’t that many sisters, you would have already killed me in bed!” Zhao YanYan lowered her head and said shyly.

“Haha!” I suddenly remembered, during the period before the College Entrance Examinations, I and Zhao YanYan were intimate at home every night. Finally, after being intimate for so many days, and so many hours, Zhao YanYan could no longer leave the bed on her own. I had to pick her up and bring her to the car on the day of the College Entrance Examination. Nearby, as Uncle Zhao saw all that, he looked towards me resentfully and said, ‘If my daughter can’t pass the exams and get admitted to a University, you better be prepared to face my wrath!’

In the end, Zhao YanYan was able to achieve a great result on the examination, making Uncle Zhao speechless.

“Have you lost your mind, why are laughing like that? Get off already or do you want me to help you get down?” Zhao YanYan said to me as she glared.

“Got it. Got it.” I said with a laugh.

“Get off the car then. Others are waiting for you. I can’t just have you all by myself all the time!” Zhao YanYan said as she pushed me down the car.

Zhao YanYan’s yellow beetle was finalized. Next, it was Chen Wei’er’s turn. Wei’er had no special requirements for her car and it could be domestic. She settled on a woman’s car but finally knew that it was developed in Japan, and so didn’t buy it. Finally, she chose a BMW E36 series. The one she chose was the last model of the BMW E36 series in 1999.

In 1999, there weren’t many domestic Auto Brands, and East Asia Motion hasn’t been licensed yet. In desperation, the people had to choose international brands.

Xia Jing, Yu Ting, and Xu Ruoyun pursued some more fashionable designs and naturally chose sports cars. If I were still afraid about their safety, I would be too delusional. There wasn’t any reason for me to worry about anyone harming them. Since the accident, Du Xiaowei became more cautious. In recent days, he transferred a group of top-grade mercenaries from South Africa. They were specially called to protect my various wives.