VPAATP V3 Chapter 23

Helping People

Due to the embarrassment when changing seats, the girl lowered her head and dared not look at me again. She didn’t even turn her head to see the scenery as she had said. In fact, by now, the plane was already above the clouds, making it impossible to see anything below outside.

The young man next to me was unhappy, looking regretful and angry. He was probably furious at losing his lamb.

I didn’t care about him anymore. Picking up a free magazine, I started to go through it. It was an international magazine run by the airline itself, most likely some aviation news for flight attendants.

When I was going through the news, one of the articles caught my eye. It seems like Su Yuanchao was doing well in business for the last several months, even entering the aviation field. The content of the news was, ‘Many airlines in the world have already prepared to replace their core power systems with the new systems created by East Asia Motion. In the news, Su Yuanchao could be seen taking a photo with the giants of the aviation industry. And the surprising thing was that all these major manufacturing giants were standing on the same line for the same purpose after a very long time.’

“Hey brother, how about we change seats?” The young man finally failed to keep himself quiet and said to me, “She is my girlfriend, we just had a small quarrel!”

Girlfriend? What girlfriend and what quarrel? Does he think I am a fool? As he spoke in Japanese, I pretended to not understand and shook my head towards him, “I can’t understand what you said!”

As the young man saw that I wasn’t Japanese, he felt frustrated because he had to sit there and get bored, unable to get a chance to communicate with the girl. The girl looked towards me gratefully. I nodded towards her and kept on reading the magazine in my hand.

As I had to leave today, the girls didn’t let me off last night. I was tangled with all of them for an entire night. Although Xu Ruoyun and Xia Jing didn’t battle with my sword and spear, they still kissed and hugged me all night. By the time I was able to satisfy them all, it was already 6:00 AM… At this moment, I was feeling sleepy but due to not being used to sleep on a plan, I can’t rest properly. Not like it took a long time to fly from here to Japan, and if I slept, it will fell even more uncomfortable when I have to wake up again. So I tried not to fall asleep. Anyway, the plane provided free coffee, drinking a few cups would be enough.

But after I drank a few cups, I had to go to the toilet. When I returned from the toilet, I found that the young man was now sitting on my seat, appearing to be very happy about being able to pester the girl. Not only that, he was also waving his hands while talking, appearing very comical.

When I walked over to him, the brat pointed towards his empty seat and said a few words to me in Japanese. He was telling me to sit in his seat.

The fk did he mean by telling me to sit there? Am I his servant? I didn’t say anything and directly grabbed his collar. As I raised him up from the seat, he got stuck by the seatbelt and felt uncomfortable and pained. Quickly pulling open the seatbelt, he said in Japanese, “I’m sorry!”

I didn’t care for his sorry and threw him to the aisle of the plane. Patting the dirt on my hands, I sat back in my seat. As the young man was thrown to the ground, he struggled to get up. With a pale face, he walked back to his seat and sat there quietly, staring towards me. He wanted to say something, but then he remembered the strength I used, so he kept his mouth shut.

The girl beside me looked towards me in surprise. Her face was filled with joy. She was trying to find an excuse to get away from the young man, and couldn’t understand how to get rid of this pest. While worrying, she hadn’t thought I would return and teach that man a lesson and solve her worries without her needing to say half a word.

Looking at the scared appearance of that young man, the girl covered her mouth and giggled gently.

“Thank You!” The girl said to me in a low voice.

“It’s nothing,” I shook my head and said, “Who told him to sit on my seat!”

“Hehe,” the girl smiled lightly and asked me, “Oh, right! Are you going to Japan for travel and tour?”

“Almost,” I said. I am not very familiar with her, so I replied perfunctorily. Moreover, my impression of the Japanese people is not very good. Looking towards her clothing, appearance, and her fluent Japanese, this girl is a native Japanese. Although many Japanese are very friendly, the national sentiments I have can’t be changed over a day or two!

“I am a foreign exchange student in Huaxia, and am going back to Japan as there were some urgent issues in my family!” The girl said as she nodded towards me.

“Oh, so you are originally Japanese!” After listening to her, I nodded indifferently and kept on reading the magazine in my hands.

“…” As the girl saw my indifferent expression, she explained to me, “I am Wang Shu. I am also Chinese by birth! My father arrived in Japan to study when he was young. Later, he fell in love with my mother who is Japanese and stayed there afterward.”

Wang Shu? Uncle Wang? I couldn’t help but smile, and said, “Hehe, then you are a half Chinese.”

Wang Shu couldn’t understand why she would talk to him so much about her personal matters. He was just a stranger she met on the plane yet she disclosed so much about herself. Was it because he treated her coldly? Or something else? Wang Shu didn’t know. But she thought that the man before her was very cool and handsome, though he was a bit cold. If he was still a student, he must be one of the promising ones.

“Yes! That’s why my father sent me to study in Huaxia…” Wang Shu nodded and said.

“Good.” I nodded. Although Wang Shu was beautiful and sweet, I am not a person who would go around womanizing casually. There wasn’t any need to speak too much since meeting her was a coincidence and something like that wasn’t rare. {TL Note: Yeah, not someone who womanizes casually!}

Seeing that I didn’t want to speak more, Wang Shu stopped talking as well, taking a magazine and started reading like me.

Until the plane landed, both I and Wang Shu kept on reading the magazines in our hands. The young man on the side just laid there as if dead. On his face, he looked unhappy. He was probably cursing me in his heart.

But he dared not say anything. He might be scared that I will beat him up if he spoke!