VPAATP V3 Chapter 25

Tournament Begins

Listening to Ding Wenfeng’s words, I felt my head blown. Just what sort of person had I got acquainted?

The two of us strolled through the streets for a few more hours, returning to the hotel at 8 o’clock in the evening. As the sponsoring personnel saw us, they advised us to prepare well for the tournament matches tomorrow.

Next morning, a call from the hotel management on our room’s telephone woke us up. They told us to get ready before 8 o’clock as we needed to reach the competition with a pre-prepared vehicle that will be waiting for us only until 8. Ding Wenfeng, and I quickly climbed down our beds. This guy rushed into the bathroom and stayed inside for half an hour. I kept on knocking on the door in anger. This brat had gotten sick, walking out with his body swaying. “Fuk, what nonsense is this! What did this Young Master eat last night, I almost lost by an*us in there!”

I was a bit puzzled by his condition. I ate the same raw salmon and shrimp yesterday, but I was fine. Then what happened to him? In fact, the reason was my strong metabolism and no impurities in my body. I didn’t dwell on the matter for long though.

I looked towards Ding Wenfeng swaying like a soft shrimp and shook my head. How was he even going to participate in the tournament now? What if he dropped dead before even going on the stage? The audience might laugh until their sides hurt!

I rushed and called the organizer. The other man replied that it wasn’t mandatory for both to go to the competition. As long as one person was willing to fight all the matches for the other, it was acceptable. It didn’t matter if the other participant just sat there or not. Though it was unfair to me, it wasn’t hard with my level.

I helped Ding Wenfeng get on the bus. This guy was still like a dead shrimp, being a burden! However, I couldn’t say anything to him. I know that Ding Wenfeng was doing it out of kindness to accompany me even though his condition wasn’t good.

Almost everyone on the bus was Asian. After all, only Asians participated in tournaments like these, Europian’s and American’s don’t attend these sort of tournaments. As I looked over all of them, I realized that the representatives of North Korea weren’t present. Representatives of South Korea, Thailand, as well as Singapore, were also present.

Because of the language barriers, a majority of the representatives were speaking to people of their own country. Suddenly, I saw a person I recognized. Unexpectedly, it was Yang Wei. I couldn’t understand why this guy wouldn’t come with us but arrived as an independent martial artist. He participated in the tournament with the name of Chinese Taekwondo Society as his team. He was talking to the Korean’s who practiced Taekwondo and didn’t even look towards the others. I was happy with his reaction. Now, I didn’t need to deal with this troublesome guy.

“Is there any beef between you and that Yang Wei?” I looked towards Ding Wenfeng and asked. {TL Note: Beef here refers to Contradiction}

“Oh, hehe, that’s because of our families. Now that you asked, I might as well tell you. Actually, I am from a major Aristocratic Family, and so is Yang Wei. The juniors in Aristocratic Family have the natural-born talent of being irked by the each other! In brief, Yang Wei probably considers me his nemesis!” Ding Wenfeng said while forcing a smile on his face.

“Aristocratic Family? You? You don’t look like one though!” I felt strange as I looked towards Ding Wenfeng. In my opinion, he was an ordinary University student who was a bit lecherous, but very amiable. How could someone like him be a Young Master from an Aristocratic Family?

“Hehe, I might not appear like one, but I am. You see, it’s because the more low-key I appear, the less people find me for trouble. Just like the Martial Arts Society, I manage. Because I am low-key, there aren’t many members, and because there aren’t many members, no one finds us for trouble!” Ding Wenfeng said proudly.

“That’s because a lot of people now worship foreign martial arts! They don’t care about learning the Chinese Martial Arts, instead, they learn other similar stuff that evolved from Ancient Chinese Martial Arts. It’s really a tragedy for our legacy!” I said while nodding.

“Actually, it is only recently that Chinese Martial Arts declined. The number of people who know the true essence of the Arts is very little. Moreover, the foreigners have developed the deep-rooted idea that Chinese Martial Artist is swindlers because some were cheating like that. This made people believe that Chinese Martial Arts are fake, exquisite tricks as shown on TV and described in Fiction Novels.” Ding Wenfeng said with helplessness.

I nodded because what Ding Wenfeng said was indeed a fact. If I hadn’t been born again, and met Jiao Yazi who taught me Martial Arts, I probably wouldn’t believe in all this in my previous life either.

The tournament was hosted in the gymnasium of Japanese National University. Many such tournaments have been held here. Once, they even held the Asian Winter Games in the University.

The first match was a Korean representative against a Japanese representative. The moves of the two people were ordinary. One was using Karate, while the other used Taekwondo. The Korean displayed great prowess, aiming for the weaknesses like face and lower part of the body. The Japanese wasn’t bad either and held against his onslaught for a long time. Finally, the Japanese got beaten into a pig and was sent to the hospital, carried on a stretcher.

The victorious Korean player wasn’t in a good condition either. His left eye was blue, while his right eye had turned red, with his vest turned into a rag.

I didn’t have a favorable impression of the fighting methods of the two countries, so it had nothing to do with me whether the Korean won or the Japanese. Next was a fight between a Korean and Singaporean. Like that, it was soon noontime. I was about to bring Ding Wenfeng for a meal when at that moment, the staff of the tournament informed me it was my turn.

My heart roared at whoever the motherfuker was who arranged it like this, making me fight on a hungry stomach. Just when I wanted to look at the information about my opponent, I saw Yang Wei walk to the fighting ring. Apparently, he was my opponent!

“What’s going on here?” I asked the staff member next to me.

“Oh, about this. As the both of you are from the same country, you are considered a special group. As all of you are from the same University, you need to compete in a pre-requisite match to decide who will stay in the competition and fight the other Universities!” the staff member said to me.

“Is that so?” I didn’t know much about the tournament rules, nor did I ask more. Since Ding Wenfeng had said Yang Wei was a hateful guy, I might as well eliminate him!

“Indeed!” the staff member nodded towards me.

“Alright! So when do we begin?” I asked.

“First, you need to follow me and change into a special tournament suit,” the staff member said as he led me to the locker room.

I said a few words to Ding Wenfeng. When Ding Wenfeng heard I was going to fight against Yang Wei, he frowned and thought for a while, saying to me in the end, “I will go!”

“You are still like this, what are you going to do?” I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “Aren’t you afraid of getting the Martial Arts Society humiliated!”

“No! Yang Wei, this guy. I understand him very well. He is a sinister bastrd who will do anything to win!” Ding Wenfeng said, “And this guy isn’t weak either!”