VPAATP V3 Chapter 26


Under my persuasion, Ding Wenfeng gave up the idea of participating in the match, but he still kept on telling me to be cautious. I didn’t take it too seriously. It was just a game. Also, it wasn’t hard for me to defeat Yang Wei with my skills!

As I arrived at the changing room, I discovered Yang Wei who had already changed into the tournament uniform, smoking a cigarette. At that time, I felt a bit strange. Did this guy already know about our match? But I didn’t fret over the matter too much.

Just when I had changed my clothes, Yang Wei rushed to the stage, hopping around like a big rabbit. Looking at him acting like that, I felt a bit dizzy. Only now did I understand why boxers loved to jump around while fighting a match, it was to cause visual confusion to their opponents!

“Don’t hop around like a rabbit!” I stood on the stage and said to Yang Wei.

“Liu Lei, don’t blame me for being ruthless!” Yang Wei said as he rushed over to me.

Ruthless? His words bewildered me. I don’t seem to have provoked him in any way, so why was he acting like I killed his parents and he must have his revenge today? Don’t tell me he hates me ’cause I refused to join the Taekwondo Society?

As I was thinking, Yang Wei already arrived near me, punching towards my neck.

The neck was one of the most vulnerable parts of the human body, yet he aimed for it. Looking at Yang Wei aiming for my life, anger bubbled in my heart. Easily dodging the blow, I said to Yang Wei in an icy tone, “What’s the meaning of this?”

“What’s the meaning of this? Heh! You dare hinder my plans! So now, you have to pay with your life!” Yang Wei said while glaring towards me maliciously. After speaking, he rushed towards me again.

“Wait!” I quickly yelled for him to stop, “Wait a moment! When did I hinder you? Make it clear to me at least!” Although I wasn’t afraid of him, having an enemy out of nowhere… That was just foolish!

“What, do you not know about it yourself? You climbed the coattail of a good relative, yet you dare act as if you don’t know anything!” Yang Wei sneered and said.

When did I climb a relatives coattail? Who is big enough for me to climb? I couldn’t understand what Yang Wei was saying. Before I could ask him, Yang Wei’s fist was already reaching my neck.

Because I wanted to know what the heck he meant, I didn’t hit him yet and only parried his offense, “What are you trying to say? To begin with, who are you?”

“Who am I, can’t you tell? Liu Zhenhai is my grandfather. The same Liu Zhenhai who you recognized as your own grandfather!” Yang Wei shouted to make everything clear, “There was a path to Heaven, yet you entered it not; while Hell has no gate yet you barged in with force. The battles between Aristocratic Families aren’t for a nobody like you to participate in!”

Yang Wei? As far as I remember, Liu Zhenhai’s grandson was Yang Zhiyuan whom I killed. Where did this Yang Wei sprout from? Damn! Why do I have to be tangled with these foolish people all day and night!

“Doesn’t that make us cousins. We should be on the same side, why are you trying to attack me?” I didn’t want to send another one of Liu Zhenhai’s grandfather down to hell. Who knew if that old man would send someone else to threaten me with one of my wives. It’s impossible though, but still…

“Cousins? Bulsht! You inherited all the family business of the Liu’s, leaving not even dregs for me! But don’t worry, after today, all of Liu’s businesses will belong to me!” Yang Wei rushed to attack me like a crazy dog.

I only thought that this man had gone mad. There was no use reasoning with a madman like him. I shook my head and didn’t want to continue to tangle with him anymore. I will just let him faint. As for everything else, it can be discussed later!

I reached my hand towards Yang Wei, wanting to lightly hit the back of his head. But right at that moment, I saw Yang Wei pull out a cold dagger shining brightly and stabbed it towards me!

Fury rose into my heart. This bastrd actually dared to attack me with the intent to kill! I had thought that the words he said were just him grumbling to enhance his morale. Who would have expected this guy would attack me with a dagger!

With a fire rising in my heart, I seized the dagger from his hand and stabbed Yang Wei with it. Yang Wei fell to the floor, giving out a pitiful shriek. He held his abdomen that was leaking blood like a punctured pipe!

The organizers of the tournament quickly stopped the match and several First Aid staff came over, giving him immediate treatment. After that, a few of the staff members came over to me, questioning me why I stabbed Yang Wei with a dagger? Even after explaining to them for half a day that Yang Wei was the one who tried to stab me first and I only acted in self-defense, none of them believed my words. In their opinion, I was the one responsible for the accident as none of them saw Yang Wei take out a dagger. And because I was moving too fast, it was impossible for them to distinguish what actually happened.

I was too lazy to explain any further and let them believe that I stabbed him. So what if I stabbed him? After that, the organizer disqualified me from the match for using a sharp weapon and maliciously injuring an opponent.

When I told all this to Ding Wenfeng, he merely smiled and said to me, “Forget it, let’s just travel around!”

“You actually believe I didn’t stab Yang Wei on my own initiative and made up a lie before you?” I was surprised and looked towards Ding Wenfeng. I was sure he didn’t see me seize the dagger and stab Yang Wei like the others, yet he actually believed me!

“I am clear about what kind of person you are. I am also clear about what kind of a fiend Yang Wei is!” Ding Wenfeng replied.

I looked towards Ding Wenfeng gratefully. Because of my one moment of impulse, we lost the right to participate in the competition. But this guy… Not only did he not complain, he actually trusted me so much. His action moved my heart.

Since the return ticket was already booked in advance, we had to stay in Japan for a few more days and wait for the tournament to end. As for Yang Wei, I called Liu Zhenhai and explained to him. Liu Zhen Hai sighed and said nothing. I could understand his difficulty. Now that I was also part of his family, it was hard for him to deal with these matters!

Although I had no interest in the Liu Family’s properties, I didn’t feel right about handing them over to scum like Yang Wei! After all, Liu Yue was the one who deserved it all, but I didn’t say anything regarding this matter.

After dealing with this matter, Ding Wenfeng and I were idle. When I asked him to go out and eat, the guy rejected as if his life and death depended on it. Whenever he had to eat, he would check the food, again and again, to make sure it was cooked properly. Unless he felt it was okay, he wouldn’t eat it.

In the afternoon, Ding Wenfeng and I were watching TV in the hotel. Since this guy couldn’t understand Japanese, he changed channels over and over until he found an adult channel. On the channel, the female lead was moaning the same words, En, En, Ah, Ah, repeatedly. Watching it, Ding Wenfeng slapped his thigh and said, “Haha, I can understand this!”

Heck! Just what kind of person was I involved with, having to accompany him in watching prn! After not having seksual intercourse with my wives for so many days, watching the video made me feel uncomfortable. Not being able to vent wasn’t a good feeling. Just when I had the thought of taking a bath, my cell phone rang.

I thought it might be my several wives back home and picked up the phone. As soon as I picked up the phone, the voice I heard was of someone else unexpectedly.