VPAATP V3 Chapter 27

Three Calls

“Husband?” From the other end of the phone, a sweet voice spoke in her broken Chinese.

“You are?” The voice was a bit familiar, but I couldn’t remember who it belonged to.

“I am Shirley!” The voice from the other side said in English. Only then did I remember I had a lover on the other side of the world! {TL Note: Shirley was the model Liu Lei fcked in America, giving her a major role in a movie, letting her become a big star. You can read the Chapter V2C141: Celebrity Shirley}

My feelings for Shirley were very complicated. The adoration from my past life, the thirst for beauty in this world, and the pleasure of having one of the biggest movie stars as my women, it all mixed to create a complicated feeling.

“Oh, so it was my cutie. How have you been?” I asked with a smile.

“Humph, it seems husband has forgotten some people. You probably didn’t even pay attention to the news of this concubine coming to China for movie cooperation. I specially requested for that spot!” On the other side of the phone, Shirly had a sweet smile on her face, “Soon, I will be able to see my husband. I am very happy about it, hehe!”

“You are coming to China for a film?” I felt bad. It seems like I have been neglecting her a lot recently. Su Yingzi is also a star, yet I call her almost every other day. But Shirley, I… I didn’t even know she was coming to China for a film shooting!

“Yeah, it is a company with a strange name called Three Rock Media Company!” Shirley said.

Three Rock Media Company! I was stunned. Wasn’t that the company my brother-in-law Chen Zelong is running right now. He sure isn’t doing any small work, even inviting an International Super Star! {TL Note: Chen Zelong is Chen Wei’er’s brother.}

“Oh, right! The female lead for the film is the biggest Asian Celebrity from your country, Su Yingzi. Ahem, one day, I will certainly surpass her. Husband, when that time comes, you must come to cheer for me!” Shirley said with excitement.

Su Yingzi? My forehead filled with heavy lines. I must cheer! It won’t be a smart move! Who am I going to cheer for?

“Right! How did you know my phone number?” I felt a bit strange as the organizers gave me a new phone number before my departure. Only a few people in the family knew about this number.

“I called at your phone number! It was picked up by a girl; she was the one who told me,” Shirley said.

“She didn’t ask you who you are?” It wasn’t possible for my wives to give out my number so casually.

“She asked. I said I am your mistress, so she gave me the number!” Shirley said without feeling any qualms about her status.

After I listened to her, the dark lines filling my forehead got heavier. Couldn’t she say she was looking for me due to business matter? Isn’t this causing trouble!

Shirley talked to me for a bit more, telling me sweet nothings, and excitedly talking about random things. After a while, she hung up as she needed to go. Just when I put down the phone, it started to ring again.

“Husband?” This time, it was Zhao YanYan’s voice.

As soon as I heard her voice, I knew something went bad. Generally, Zhao YanYan would talk to me in a spoiled and ambiguous manner, but now, listening to her tone, it wasn’t right! Sure enough, as she spoke her next words, Zhao YanYan started to get angrier, “Good, Liu Lei, what kind of man are you! Are all of us sisters in the family not enough for you that you went outside to find yourself a mistress! A Foreign Mistress!”

Mistress? Considering Zhao YanYan as the main wife, wouldn’t all other girls also be my mistresses.

“Listen, YanYan, don’t be angry. It was purely an accident…” I said while raising my voice, trying to explain the matter. I couldn’t say Shirley was the movie star I adored in my previous life, right?

“Then hurry up and speak!” Zhao YanYan was obviously not angry by the fact that I had another woman. After all, there were so many women living together with her right now. The reason she was angry was that I didn’t tell them about Shirley. In her opinion, she was the Queen of the harem, and whenever I got a new concubine, I must give her an official statement.

As I heard Zhao YanYan letting me give my explanation, I knew the matter was going to be resolved easily. I told her how David managed the roles in the film industry, how Shirley was arranged to sleep with me, and how it was impossible for her to be with another man other than me, and how I helped her get a role in the film, etc.

As Zhao YanYan listened to my words, she sneered twice and said, “Humph. When she comes to China, make sure she comes to see me!”

“Right, right! I will have her serve tea to my Queen!” I said with a laugh.

“Good. Make sure you pay attention to safety over there. We miss you very much. Now, I won’t take too much of your time, the other sisters want to talk to you as well!” Zhao YanYan said with pride.

Finally, after a long time, I was able to make the girls believe my words, dealing with their suspicions. Putting the phone to the side, I was about to take a long breath, but the damned phone rang again.

“Hello! Is this Liu Lei?” Again, it was a woman’s voice.

“I am. Who are you?” Was my memory having issues recently? It was another voice I felt familiar with, but I couldn’t recall who it was!

“I am Wang Shu!” the woman on the other side said.

“Wang Shu?” I seem to have met her before!

“Have you forgotten already? On the plane…” Wang Shu reminded me hastily.

“Oh! I remembered you now. So it’s you. What’s the matter?” I remembered the pure and sweet girl from the plane, the simulation I had when I felt her, and the faint scent of perfume. Because of her, I almost smashed someone’s face. If it weren’t for me, that bastrd might have caused trouble for her after she got off the plane.

“Well… I am in a very bad mood. I need a friend to accompany me… You know, I have been studying in China since I was little. I have almost no friends here. After thinking for a long time, I finally decided to call you. You won’t refuse me, right?” Wang Shu said, acting like a spoiled brat.

She had already said it, could I even reject her now! Even if I wanted to reject, I felt embarrassed talking about it!

“Alright, where are you? I don’t know the way around here, so you need to pick me up!” I said to Wang Shu.

“Really! That’s great. I thought you would reject me!” Wang Shu said with her tone overflowing with happiness. “Tell me where you are, I will drive there and pick you up!”

“Oh… Right, I am at the Suwon hotel. After you are here, give me a call, OK!” I said.

“Good, I will see you in a while!” Wang Shu said as she hung up her phone. I simply shook my head.

“You are going outside?” Ding Wenfeng’s expression wasn’t good as he had to mute the TV and listen to me talking on the phone for so long. At the moment he heard about me going outside, he naturally wanted to go as well. Otherwise, who knew if this guy would call me every minute and annoy me. Even ghosts would be annoyed by him, let alone me.

“Yeah, I am going on a date,” As I looked towards Ding Wenfeng who couldn’t wait to go out immediately, I deliberately lied to him.

“Date? We have only been here for a few days, who is going to date you?” Ding Wenfeng said as he didn’t believe me.

“Wang Shu!” I said, raising the mobile phone in my hands.