VPAATP V3 Chapter 28


“What did you say? Wang Shu? The girl we met on the plane?” Ding Wenfeng immediately from his a*s to his legs, and said, “You have only known each other for a few days, yet you already hooked up with her!”

“Dammit, what do you mean by hooked up? The girl is in a bad mood, so she wants me to accompany her and go around. Your thoughts are too filthy!” I said while looking towards him with despise.

“God!! Why isn’t there anyone who wants me to accompany them!” Ding Wenfeng complained, “We need to have a discuss an important matter, right now!”

“As long as it’s not about you coming with us, anything can be discussed!” I said.

“No… You are so heartless!” Ding Wenfeng said, putting on a sad expression. He hadn’t expected to get rejected before he even got a chance to speak.

“If you want to make her feel even worse, you may come with us!” I looked towards Ding Wenfeng and said to him.

“Why can’t I have such good fate with women?” Ding Wenfeng helplessly shook his head, lay on the bed, and continued to watch the AV.

I looked towards Ding Wenfeng and shook my head, saying to him, “In fact, it isn’t too hard to pick up girls. There are many men already in a relationship but can pick up a girl. All you need to do is make them curious about yourself! But looking at the way you act, and your always joking expression, it won’t be easy for any girl to be interested in you!”

“Right! What do I need to do about it then?” Ding Wenfeng asked with great enthusiasm. With his eyes shining brightly, he turned off the TV and focused on me.

“Even if you want them to be interested, first you need to put on a superficial look. For example, I an not a serious guy, yet you know how I can get a girl’s favor easily.” I thought that there was some time till Wang Shu would arrive here, so I decided to give a lesson to this guy.

“What you said is reasonable, but it is also very hard to be serious all the time!” Ding Wenfeng said.

“You sure are stupid. Who told you to be serious all the time. Instead, you only need to act when the girl isn’t too familiar with you, later you can do whatever you want!” I started to teach him nonsense I learned from my experience. Ding Wenfeng listened to my words with great interest as if listening to a Divine Scripture.

“In other words, one must appear serious as a form of bait. Once the fish is hooked, you can do whatever you want?” Ding Wenfeng said excitedly.

“Seems like… Yeah, that’s what it means.”I couldn’t help but smile at the conjecture Ding Wenfeng reached.

“It’s a brilliant idea. Listening to your words is better than reading books for a decade! No wonder, I, Ding Wenfeng couldn’t get a girlfriend from my childhood to now. It was because my method was wrong!” Ding Wenfeng said excitedly.

At this time, my phone rang. It turned out to be a call from Wang Shu who had arrived at the hotel. I walked out of the hotel room, while Ding Wenfeng was still in a state of excitement, planning his next course of action. I estimated that he had entered his fantasy Kingdom.

I walked out of the hotel and saw Wang Shu standing at a distance, leaning on a Toyota. A beige short-sleeved T-shirt, white shorts, and her hair naturally scattered over her shoulders. As the breeze blew, her hair also swayed gently, brushing past her cheeks. Watching the scene and her light movements, I felt a little intoxicated.

As soon as Wang Shu saw me come out of the hotel, she smiled towards me, “You came down so quickly. I had thought it would take some time!”

“Oh, I had already dressed up, waiting for your call. You think I am like you girls, wasting half a day before I dress to go out?” I laughed and said to her.

“Humph, bad bully! Who did you say takes half a day to be ready!” Wang Shu’s little face turned red, with an expression of a spoiled child deprived of candy.

A girl who talks to a guy with such an expression proves that they are already familiar, at least they aren’t in a conflict. I could naturally understand that Wang Shu had some interest in me, but I couldn’t say anything regarding it. Zhao YanYan just made a fuss about Sherley. It was better if I don’t hit on another girl. What’s more, there weren’t any special feelings between me and Wang Shu. We were just friends who met on a plane.

Sitting in the car produced by a Japanese vehicle company, I didn’t feel anything was improper. Though the contours, design, and aesthetics were important in a car, the most important part was still the engine. All the vehicle companies in the world used East Asian Motion “Chinese Series Engines,” making it have no difference no matter what company the car belonged to.

“You told me to come out, don’t tell me it was to take a ride around the streets?” I asked strangely. Wang Shu had already driven a few laps around the same places. Even if the East Asian Motion Engines don’t need to be refueled, one can’t just play around with it like this?

“Ah!” Wang Shu was startled. She had just been reflecting and thinking about a few matters and didn’t know she had been driving in circles all this time. My words woke her up, making her embarrassed as she stopped the car before a beach and said to me, “I am sorry, I had been lost thinking about some matters.”

“Don’t worry, it isn’t an issue. Hehe, if you have any difficulty, why not speak it. I will listen to you and see if I can help you somehow!” As soon as I said those words, I regretted my action. Wasn’t I just asking for trouble with those words? But looking towards Wang Shu’s worried expression, the words had flowed from my mouth automatically.

“Really?” After Wang Shu heard my words, her eyes brightened with joy but then they dimmed again, as she said, “It’s okay. There’s no use even if I told you. It’s a matter of my family, speaking about it will just add to the troubles!”

The more Wang Shu appeared like this, the more doubts I had. Therefore I said to her, “Actually, many times when a problem looks impossible to solve, it might be easily solvable if you share it with others. It is what you call ‘The closer you are the harder it is to see.’ It is better to say your worries, rather than bury them. Who knows, we might find a solution?”

Wang Shu listened to me, hesitated a bit, and then said, “Then I will trouble you. Originally, I only wanted someone to accompany me to casually walk around, not thinking I will actually turn to you for help. However, having two people work on a problem is still better than having one person!”

“Yeah, this humble one will be happy to give you advice!” I said with a nod. It seems that my immunity to beauty was still very low. Originally, I didn’t want to get tangled in these matters, but now, looking at Wang Shu’s face covered in sadness, I couldn’t help but want to do something for her.

“Alright then,” Wang Shu nodded and said, “Let’s go to the seashore and sit down and talk!”

I and Wang Shu left the car, walking over the beach. At this time, it was near dusk and the sun was almost setting, reflecting it’s rays on the sea, making a beautiful scene. Just like a painting.

I and Wang Shu wandered next to the seashore. At that time, I couldn’t help but think of couples I saw before. Wang Shu probably thought of the same thing. Lowering her head, she started to walk a bit faster. Her cute little face appeared bright red, not only because of shyness but also due to the setting sun…