VPAATP V3 Chapter 3

Dinner With Xu Xueyun – II

Sure enough. When I went home and told about the Xu Xueyun’s dinner invitation to my women, all of them expressed their desire to go there. Then, at four ‘o clock in the afternoon, my great delegation went to the restaurant that Xu Er had arranged.

As it was impossible to fit so many people inside Du XiaoWei’s car, I had to drive out a luxury van from Liu Yue’s car dealership. Anyways, Liu Yue was now part of my family, and also had a share in this meal.

It seems that buying a car for every one of them also needs to be put on the agenda. Otherwise, going out together with them will be difficult. When I shared my idea of buying a car for them each, all the women were delighted except for Liu Yue.

“I had wanted to drive a car for a long time now, but was afraid that husband would not allow me.” Zhao YanYan immediately followed up.

“Yeah, I am already a Junior in University and have a lot of things to do. Having a car will make it much easier.” Chen Wei’er nodded.

“Right, having our car will be much more convenient. We won’t have to look at husbands complexion when we go shopping.” Yu Ting thought to herself.

“That’s easy. Tomorrow, you all come to my car dealership and choose whichever car you like. You can directly take it away from there.” Liu Yue said.

Xia Jing and Xu Ruoyun had only joined the family recently, and so, they said nothing. But looking at their bright expressions, it was easy to see the hope on their faces.

I helplessly added, “Wives, let me say one thing first. Of course, you can buy a car. I won’t oppose it. But first, we need to learn how to drive, to make sure you are skilled when you drive your car. It is necessary if you want to hit the road!”

“Are you going to enroll us in some driving school for that?” Zhao YanYan asked.

“No, most of the driving schools nowadays are shams. They only know how to earn money, and don’t care whether someone learns to drive or not. Even when you get your driver’s license, you won’t dare drive on the road.” I replied.

“How are you going to do it then?” Chen Wei’er is now the most enthusiastic about learning to drive. Although she isn’t usually extravagant, the transportation of Yanjing is…, From the villa to the University, she has to change multiple busses, while taxis are too expensive. Driving there herself will be much better.

“Hehe, don’t you already have a great teacher nearby,” I said as I looked towards Liu Yue.

Liu Yue’s beautiful face glowed red as she said in embarrassment, “Then, I will offer to be the driving instructor for my sisters.”

“Haha, great! So, husband, when are you going to buy us our cars?” Zhao YanYan said as she laughed.

“When you have learned to drive!” I said while putting on a stern expression. Driving isn’t a joke. If you don’t pay attention when you drive, not only are you responsible for your life, you are also responsible for social irresponsibility.

“Ah! How are we going to learn if we don’t have a car.” Chen Wei’er said in her baby mode.

“When did you not have a car? Is Liu Yue’s Land Rover broken? You can use it to hold exercises!” I said.

“Broken Land Rover?” Liu Yue pouted. Was this the only thing that I could say. It was a Global Limited Edition, Ah!

“Chief Liu, how about you let them use the Santana 2000 to learn?” Du Xiaowei had already drooled over my Land Rover. Now seeing me give it to my wives to learn driving, he felt distressed.

I naturally understood what Du Xiaowei was thinking, and so, I said, “Let’s do it like this. Liu Yue, you let Xiaowei drive the Land Rover for a while. You guys can take the Santana 2000 to learn driving.”

“OK!” Liu Yue says while sulking, “I finally got a good car to drive before the rest of the world, but some people are not willing to buy one for me.”

“Well, well, you are a girl yet you want to drive such a fierce car all day long.” I said, “When you all learn to drive, I will buy you all a sports car each.”

“Then what about me? Ah, are you going to make me drive this Santana 2000?” Liu Yue was the first one to speak.

“Eh… I didn’t say it. Everyone gets…” I sweated. This girl Liu Yue has her car dealership, yet she wants to act like a spoiled brat with me.

“I think that husband is biased.” Liu Yue said.

“How dare he be biased? You are now our teacher. When we go to buy a car, obviously you get to pick first!” The Queen of the harem, Zhao YanYan said.

I quickly turned and started to chat with Du Xiaowei. Living a life involved with so many women wasn’t easy.

It was Du Xiaowei who was the most excited when talking to me. He had gotten the Land Rover, that was all. He could also be considered a regional-level manager, yet he acted like this. It was just a car, dammit. Was there a need to be so excited. You could get any number that you wanted.

The restaurant that Xu Er arranged wasn’t very grand, but it wasn’t low level either. It was a mid-level restaurant with various private booths and all those services. Though not as luxurious as the B City’s Hotel.

Xu Er had been waiting at the door for a while. Because we had changed our car today, he couldn’t recognize it. When the security-guard guided us to the parking, I got off the vehicle. It was only then that he saw me and quickly came forward.

Xu Er looked towards me, and then he looked towards the embarrassed girls behind me, then he again looked towards me with a strange expression. He invited me, and my girlfriend; how come so many people arrived? However, as the host, he dared not say his doubts out loud. It was him who had invited me after all.

“Brother Liu, Sister-in-law,” Xu Er nodded towards me, and Xia Jing with a smile.

The stunned Xia Jing spit out her tongue, and pushed Zhao YanYan to the front, “Big Brother Xu, this here is your sister-in-law…”

“Ah?” Xu Er was stunned. He had seen the two of them act lovey-dovey with his own eyes. The two were 100% lovers, he was sure. How come the sister-in-law changed today.

“Then you…” Xu Er blurted out but immediately regretted after speaking. What if this sister-in-law didn’t know about the relationship between Liu Lei and Xia Jing? Wouldn’t he be guilty of spoiling their private matters if he spoke too much?

“Hehe. She, she is also little sister-in-law.” Chen Wei’er pointed towards the little Xia with a smile.

“Little sister-in-law?” It was getting harder for Xu Er to comprehend the matter.

“She is the little wife!” Zhao YanYan explained.

“What? Little wife? Then, the others are…” Xu Er was now feeling a little faint in his head.

“Hehe. Big Brother Xu, don’t listen to their nonsense. It is seniority that they came up among themselves. In fact, all of them are my girlfriends. In my heart, all of them have an equal place.” I explained in a hurry. The girls were getting ridiculous by the day.

“I, I, I understand.” Xu Er was a little confused by all this. Finally, he just gave up, “Sisters-in-law are good…”

Only now did Xu Er understand why I had asked him to arrange a bigger private room.

In his heart though, Xu Er was still somewhat confused. This Brother Liu certainly seems like a kind person, how could he be such a playboy? And the strangest thing is that his girlfriends get along well with each other.