VPAATP V3 Chapter 30

Wang Shu’s Troubles – II

As Wang Shu saw her gravely ill father, sadness filled her heart. Though she tried to persuade her father on the surface, indignance was filling her heart whenever she thought about how her uncle betrayed her father and invaded their enterprise

Wang Shu wanted to immediately rush over to the company and ask her uncle why he did all this, but Wang Donglin prevented her from going. Wang Donglin knew that since Sawai Toji dared to betray them, he had already given up on all morals and familial ties. Going to him would only fuel the fire. It was better to find another way! Fortunately, there was still 25 percent of the company’s shares in Wang Shu’s name. If they could get help from the other shareholders, though it won’t be easy, it would be possible to reverse the situation!

Wang Shu studied Fashion Designing and had no sense of company management, stocks, or anything related to it. After all, how much could a single person do!

Afterward, Wang Shu carefully considered everything regarding her father’s company and what they would do if they couldn’t get it back. The conclusion she reached was that her family was still better than a middle-class family, and with her professional skills, she would be able to find a gratifying job easily as well. The savings they had in the family were enough for both Wang Donglin and Wang Ya to live the rest of their life without any hassle.

Therefore, she urged her father not to fret over this matter for too long. But what could be done? Wang Donglin had poured his heart, blood, and sweat in the company; the company was like a child of his own. If he just let it go, it would always be a knot in his heart. Seeing her father grow weaker, thinner, and paler every day, Wang Shu was getting more anxious and pained. She wanted to find someone to pour her heart out to, so she thought of me.

After saying all this, Wang Shu closed her eyes, her face showing immense sorrow.

All of these worries weren’t for her to be shouldering, but now, they were shoved onto her by life. Her father’s trust and hope forced her into getting involved in the mess of that company, burdening her who had yet to even graduate from College!

“You are right, everyone has issues and burdens when it comes to their families! Not everyone can smile and be carefree like you though. Especially my father. I don’t want to see him losing hope with every passing day. I want to see him be happy and well!” Wang Shu said as tears welled up in her eyes.

I could only sigh. Matters like Wang Shu’s were very common in this world! But their solutions—it wasn’t easy to do anything. From a legal perspective, the company now belonged to Sawai Toji, while Wang Shu was just a shareholder. If she wanted the company to again come under her family’s control, she would need to buy back the shares held by Sawai Toji, or the other stockholders. The shares in her hand needed to exceed what Sawai Toji had. Though it seemed stupid, it was the most effective way!

But the key issue was Sawai Toji being an old fox in the company. While Wang Donglin was in the company, he had not participated much in the company’s matters after Sawai Toji joined. Sawai Toji was the one managing everything, leading to his relationship with the employees becoming closer than Wang Donglin’s. It was because, the employees only came in contact with Sawai Toji, while Wang Donglin became a figure that helmed the enterprise.

Sawai Toji, after acting like the spokesperson and leader had already become a key figure. It was one of the reasons he was able to usurp power so easily and successfully.

If I help Wang Shu out, the matter would be solved easily. All I had to do was take out enough money, and both the shareholders and Sawai Toji will certainly be controlled easily. Although this will help Wang Shu get back the company, she will certainly not be happy if she knew it cost more than the company itself to buy it back. Thinking of me as a messed up Young Master from an Aristocratic Family might be the least degrading then!

What made me feel strange was the worry for Wang Shu plaguing me, had I started to like her? No, the amount of time we spent together can only add up to a few hours at most, the feeling must only be a favorable impression I have for her!

As Wang Shu saw my dazed and cloudy expression, she thought that I too found the matter difficult and it was hard for me to think of a solution. Therefore, she consoled me, “Forget it, I know this matter is very troublesome. My father is so smart yet he can’t think of a solution either. What can the two of us do?”

After I heard her words, I smiled bitterly. This matter had clearly reached a dead end. With Sawai Toji’s meticulous planning and effort, it was impossible for him to leave any loopholes. And the fact that the documents were signed—not even the law could do anything against him now. The most important point was Wang Dongling. When Wang Donglin signed the papers, he was completely sober, having no issues. He had the full ability to think independently. Therefore, even if Sawai Toji was sued by the law, he won’t lose!

Wang Donglin certainly thought of these matters, so now, he was helpless. As they said, ‘Once you fall from grace, it’s hard to rise again!’ Now, it was impossible for them to make a comeback unless Sawai Toji handed them those shares of his own volition. But was that even possible?

“Wang Shu! All I can say is that there’s no way to deal with this matter through normal means. You will have to employ extreme methods to deal with Sawai Toji!” I said to Wang Shu very seriously.

“Extreme methods?” Wang Shu immediately understood what I meant and shook her head, “You mean to force uncle and make him hand over the company, right? That’s impossible. No one in the world would spit out the food they already ate!”

“Yeah, force him. Naturally, we will need some extreme methods as well!” I said.

“No! I have heard he is very close to the local gangs around here. If we started a conflict with him, it will become very troublesome!” Wang Shu shook her head.

“Since that’s the case, we should go and speak to him together some day. Who knows if we talked to him openly and honestly, we might reach favorable a turning point!” I said this. But in my heart, I thought, ‘Local Gangs? In the past, I singlehandedly extinguished the local gang in S City, not even leaving a single one of them!’ However, I could naturally not say this out loud, otherwise, Wang Shu might start to think of me as a violent madman!

“Right, that’s all we can do. I hope he can have a change of heart!” Wang Shu nodded.

Change of heart? Hehe, the very fact that he could do all this is proof that Sawai Toji had already lost his little bit of conscience! There was no way he was going to have a change of heart! I told Wang Shu to arrange a time and ask Sawai Toji to meet us. I wanted to find out his bottom line, and what great abilities he had. If it was like what Wang Shu said, and he was related with the local Gangs, I will first deal with the gang in the dark. Once the local Gang was uprooted, it would be much easier to go and deal with Sawai Toji!

Although I am not afraid of them, there was still a possibility of him going rabid and trying to harm Wang Shu and her family! Therefore, I first needed to get rid of the local Gang, it would save me a lot of efforts and I won’t have to employ other tricks either.

After Wang Shu and I decided on a plan, she felt much better. Grabbing a handful of sand, she threw it towards the sea, stirring up blossoming waves. She appeared just like a child having a good day!