VPAATP V3 Chapter 31


I also rarely went to the beach. In my past life, after studying in Songjian, I went to B City. That’s where I found work and lived the rest of my life. Though I would leave B City when I had to rush out for business, I stayed in B CIty for the majority of the time. Whenever I went out on business, I would always be in a rush, never having any time to enjoy the local scenery. Thinking about it now, I rarely went to somewhere even near a seashore.

As I looked towards her, Wang Shu appeared to be very happy. Watching Wang Shu like this, I felt I had returned to my childhood as well. Getting up, I started to throw sand in the sea together with Wang Shu. Who would have expected a sea breeze, blowing the sand I threw over to Wang Shu. Wang Shu made an “Oh” sound, and immediately grabbed a handful of sand, aiming it towards me.

I naturally won’t show any weakness either. I immediately returned the sand over to her. Finally, it turned into a big sand fight between the two of us, covering both of us in fine sand…

Wang Shu finally couldn’t go on any further. Gasping for breath, she sat down on the sand. Smiling brightly, she beckoned her hand towards me and said, “No more, please… I am exhausted… Timeout! Let’s stop the battle… Ah, can’t you understand when others are asking for a truce!”

“Haha!” I patted the sand off my hands and sat next to Wang Shu, and said to her, “Then, Wang Shu, do you admit defeat?”

“Humph. You are a boy and obviously, you have better physical strength compared to me. What kind of a victory is this!” Wang Shu said disdainfully.

“What kind?” I suddenly turned my head and looked towards Wang Shu for quite a while. After staring for some time, I said, “Wang Shu, don’t you think we need to do something right now?”

“Do… do what…” Wang Shu’s little face immediately turned crimson. Lowering her head, she said in a shy voice, “I… We… The family’s matter hasn’t been solved yet… I don’t want to think of relationships for now…”

“Cough!” I almost choked on my breath. Hurriedly calming myself and breathing normally, I looked towards Wang Shu, stunned! Fck! Just what was filled in this girls brain, thinking of something like that!

“Hello, Miss Wang, should we go out to have a meal, or do you want to starve here? Or could it be, you have practiced the Divine Art’s and reached the great realm of ‘Wind as my food, and the night as my curtain!’” I said while suppressing the urge to laugh.

“Ah?!” As Wang Shu listened to my words, her face became redder, ready to drip blood at any time. She looked towards me sneakily, and when she discovered I had no change in my expression, she felt relieved and said, “Oh, originally, you were talking about a meal! Naturally, we must eat. Now that you said it, I feel sooo hungry! Let’s go. I was the one who invited you out, so you decide what you want to eat!”

“I am new here, so I don’t know where we can get healthy and delicious food! I don’t dare to eat out now. The one who came with me only had a few bites of salmon yesterday, today he went to the toilet all day. Thanks to having a strong constitution, I was barely spared from the torture!” I said, waving my hand, “You are more familiar with the places around here. You tell me what you like to eat, we will eat that!”

“Well, then I will be the host!” Wang Shu stood up and brushed away the sand from her clothes. Just at that time, a breeze blew, shoving up the hems of Wang Shu’s T-shirt. From the angle I was sitting at, it was just enough to see her bra…

“Pervert! What are you staring at!” As Wang Shu finished brushing away the sand and saw me looking towards her with an intoxicated look, she immediately realized she was exposed. Quickly pulling down the hem of her T-shirt, she appeared angry.

“You are wearing a bra, so I couldn’t see inside!” I also took advantage of the opportunity and stood up.

“You still have the cheek to wanna see what’s inside!” Wang Shu stretched out her pincers and clamped my waist.

Although it didn’t hurt me at all, I still made a frowning expression. Looking at my painful expression, Wang Shu felt satisfied and let go of my waist. With a self-fulfilled smile, she said, “This is the fate of those who randomly look at what they shouldn’t!”

“Don’t worry, I won’t look randomly again. Next time, I will look seriously!” I said with a nod

“Humph, don’t you dare reach for a yard when given a mile! Whatever happened to you? You appeared to be such a gentleman on the plane, but now… How long has it been since then, yet you are already like this? Don’t tell me this is how you really are!” Wang Shu said while giving me a side glance. Though she said all this, there wasn’t any anger in her tone.

“I am a man who’s only true to others when I am familiar with them. I am familiar with you, so I am like this. If I wasn’t familiar with you, I would have been like that!” I said.

“Alas! It is I who was careless when making a friend!” Wang Shu opened the car’s door and sat in the driver’s seat.

As it was already dusk, there weren’t many pedestrians on the beach, and even cars passed there rarely. Wang Shu drove with top speed, having no fear of getting in an accident.

After a short while, the car stopped before a supermarket. I felt a bit strange. Weren’t we going out to have a meal? How come we came to a supermarket? I still followed Wang Shu into the supermarket though.

Wang Shu pushed a shopping cart through the supermarket. She bought a bunch of fish, shrimp, sea scallops and some fresh beef. She also bought some staple food such as rice cakes. Then we went to the seasoning area where she bought a lot of spices.

Was this girl thinking of cooking a big feast for me? I wondered as I looked towards all the ingredients inside the cart.

“You will know in a while!” Wang Shu probably saw through my thoughts and said with a faint smile.

Since Wang Shu had already spoken, I didn’t ask further. When it was time to pay the bill, I rushed forward and handed over my UnionPay Credit Card.

Wang Shu looked towards me with a frown and made funny faces. She obviously had some veiled criticisms regarding my action, but in her heart, she was very happy.

“I was the one who asked you out, why did you go ahead and pay for it?” Outside the supermarket, Wang Shu said to me as she pretended to be angry.

“Oh! So it was this food you were going to treat me to. I thought you were buying some food casually, so I paid for it!” I said while pretending not to know.

“Humph, do you really believe that lousy excuse would work!” Wang Shu said with a smile.

“You treat, I pay; isn’t it all the same?” I handed the plastic bags in my hand to Wang Shu. Wang Shu opened the back of the car and put everything inside it.

When we sat on the car, Wang Shu turned the car and actually drove back in the direction we came from.

“How come we are going back?” I asked.

“Hmm, you will know when we get there!” Wang Shu said with a sly smile on her mouth.

She really drove back to the beach we had just left. Wang Shu stopped the car and opened the headlights, flashing them to the place we had been sitting before.

Wang Shu got out of the car, opened its back and shouted towards me, “Liu Lei, come over and help me get everything out!”

I quickly got down and went towards her, taking over the ingredients we had just bought. Wang Shu lowered her head and searched inside the cars back for a long time. Finally, she took out a small barbecue frame and a small box of charcoal from inside it!

I immediately understood why Wang Shu brought me back to the beach. She wanted to make a barbecue at the beach! {TL Note: At least she has a sense for romance.}