VPAATP V3 Chapter 33

Identical Phones

“Ring Ring Ring…” The ringing of a cell phone resounded. Wang Shu and I reached our hand to our pocket simultaneously and pulled out two identical mobile phones.

Even Wang Shu’s ringtone was the same as what I used! I looked towards Wang Shu strangely. As far as I remembered, she was using a different model of cell phone on the airplane!

As Wang Shu saw that both of us took out identical phones, her beautiful face turned red. Initially, when she arrived home, she wasn’t careful enough and dropped her phone, breaking it! Later, when she went to the store to buy a new one, she saw the same model of phone I had used in the plane, so Wang Shu bought it on a whim.

Though it was just on a whim, it was hard to explain it at this moment. It made Wang Shu feel very awkward.

I looked towards my ringing phone and picked it up.

“Old Liu, I am Ding Wenfeng. Where are you? Don’t tell me police arrested you for being a suspect of attempted r**e! Should I call the police station to explain the situation to them?” Ding Wenfeng said over the telephone.

“Bastard, you were the one who got caught! I am eating a barbecue here at the beach!” I said to Ding Wenfeng.

“Eating barbecue?! I haven’t eaten a meal yet you are eating a barbecue accompanied by a beautiful woman, throwing me here in the guesthouse!” Ding Wenfeng complained.

“Oh, all of it is fresh! If you want to eat, I might bring some back for you!” I said with a laugh.

“I will pass, my stomach is still…” Ding Wenfeng sighed.

“I will return later, you can eat the food in the hotel,” I hung up the phone after I finished talking.

“I… my former phone broke, so I bought…” Wang Shu said with a little embarrassment. While saying this, she felt as if her little secret had been exposed.

“Hehe, this model of phone is very easy to use…” I said conveniently.

“Ah, yes! The functions are very easy…” Wang Shu said as she found an excuse.

“Ah! The meat got burned!” Wang Shu suddenly smelled something burn, and quickly turned the meat on the wire with her chopsticks, and picked it up. She whispered hastily, “Come on, eat it quickly, it’s still edible! Otherwise, we won’t be able to eat it in a while!”

After eating a bit more, I felt my stomach full, and said to Wang Shu, “Okay, don’t grill anymore, I can’t eat more than this! Let’s put it all back.”

“Okay, let’s put it all back. We can use the rest as tomorrows breakfast!” Wang Shu said to me.

It was already very late, and the night had darkened even more. I looked towards my watch and realized it was already more than 10 o’clock in the night, so I said to Wang Shu, “Let’s go back already. It’s so late, your family should already be worried!”

Wang Shu and I took everything and put it back in the car. Getting in the car, we headed back to the city.

“Thank you, for accompanying me today. It’s the happiest day I have had since I returned to Japan!” Wang Shu sincerely said as a bright smile hung on her face.

“No need, no need. The one who should be saying thank you is me. After all, I was the one who got to eat such a delicious feast!” I said with a smile.

“That’s good. If you still want to eat it again, just call me. We will go out and eat again!” Wang Shu said. Suddenly, she thought of what if I wouldn’t call her, so she added, “If I want to eat again, I will call you as well!”

“Understood!” I didn’t care about it too much and simply nodded.

The car arrived before the hotel I was staying at, but I didn’t feel relieved letting Wang Shu drive back when it was already so late. Although there were still many people on the street, who knew what might happen.

“Let’s do it like this, we will drive where you live first. I will take a taxi and return!” I said to Wang Shu.

“It’s alright!” As Wang Shu saw my care for her, she was very happy, but she still refused, “You should go up quickly, I will call you as soon as I return home!” Saying this, Wang Shu also made a phone call gesture. {TL Note: https://bit.ly/2NQ4lnB}

I nodded and didn’t insist on the matter anymore. After all, we were still in a famous city in Japan. There were a lot of people and many shops on both sides of the street still open. The neon lights were shining all around.

I watched Wang Shu leave and then entered the hotel. Just as I entered the hotel, I saw a person coming over to me.

“Hello, sir. Might you be Student Liu Lei!” A middle-aged man came over and said to me in Chinese.

“Yes. Who might you be?” I looked towards the man before me with a puzzled expression. I don’t seem to know someone like him.

“Hello, I am a staff member from the Tournament Organizers. Please follow me, we should sit down and talk!” The middle-aged man pointed towards a sofa not far away.

“Alright!” I nodded. Although I couldn’t figure out what they wanted from me, they wouldn’t be planning any harm towards me. Moreover, even if he did have any evil thoughts regarding me, he wouldn’t dare do anything inside the hotel.

The middle-aged man and I sat on the sofa. The man asked the waiter for two drinks. Handing one of the drinks to me, he said to me, “Let me introduce myself. I am Gao Yajun, the CEO of the University Student Exchange Sparring Tournament!”

“Oh, hello!” I said politely. I still didn’t know what he wanted from me though.

“Well, the matter is like this. Yesterday, the match you had with Yang Wei, I studied it…” Before Gao Yajun could finish his words, he was interrupted by me.

“Mr. Gao, I don’t want to explain or discuss anything regarding yesterday’s match. My qualifications have already been revoked, therefore, I would prefer you not to disturb me regarding it again!” I said without any politeness. The matter between me and Yang Wei was now a family matter, I didn’t want any outsiders butting in my private business.

“Studen Liu Lei, that was our fault, so I would like to apologize to you!” Gao Yajun’s words stunned me for a moment. As I listened to him, he said, “We have investigated the matter clearly. The match between you and Yang Wei was fixed beforehand by a member of our staff who received a bribe from Yang Wei. We have already fired that staff member, so I want to apologize to you. It was a negligence on our part!”

“So that’s what happened! I was wondering why I had to compete even when all matches had ended!” I was enlightened by his words.

“Exactly. Therefore, Student Liu Lei, your qualifications to participate have already been restored. You can attend the tournament tomorrow!” Gao Yajun said.

“Oh… About that, I don’t want to compete in the match anymore.” I wasn’t really interested in the tournament, and only participated because of Ding Wenfeng, so I refused the invitation.

“Why? I watched the video recording of your match and saw how Yang Wei tried to stab you with a dagger first. So, the accident has nothing to do with you, and you can participate in the competition without needing to take any responsibility. With your skills, getting a pretty high ranking won’t be an issue!” Gao Yajun said to me.