VPAATP V3 Chapter 34

Strange Call

“Oh, I participated in the competition for a promise I made to one of my friends. But now, I have a reason not to participate, why would I continue?” I smiled and said, “I don’t care about these trivial things like rankings!”

“Ah! It’s such a shame then.” The Gao Yajun shook his head and said, “How about you go back and reconsider it. It’s a rare opportunity!”

“Okay, I will think about it!” I nodded and said. Although I had decided not to participate, I still had to show basic courtesy.

“When you have thought about it, you can contact me at any time. The hotel connection code of my room is 1010,” Gao Yajun said.


“Old Liu, I thought you weren’t going to return. Weren’t you going to get a room with Wang Shu!” Ding Wenfeng said to me sourly.

“Knock it off! The two of us are just ordinary friends. Get a room? Did you think I was as frustrated as you?” I closed the door and said to Ding Wenfeng contemptuously.

“Who’s going to believe that lousy excuse! By the way, I am still hungry. As it’s past the hotel meal time, they said they weren’t responsible for my meal anymore!” Ding Wenfeng said.

The hotel we stayed at wasn’t a luxury hotel, to begin with. I wondered what criteria Japan employed to rate hotels for their two or three-star standard.

I estimated that contacting a good hotel would have been too much for the organizers of the Tournament.

“Oh, right! I still have some barbecues that I have not finished eating. Wanna eat them?” I handed a plastic bag to Ding Wenfeng. The brat immediately snatched the bag as if he was a starving ghost.

I was just going to make fun of Ding Wenfeng when I heard my phone ring.

The number on the phone belonged to Wang Shu. I thought that the girl might have reached home, so she wanted to inform me. I picked up the call and said, “Hey, Wang Shu, have you arrived home?”

There was no response from the other side.

“Hello? Wang Shu?” I asked in confusion, “Wang Shu, why aren’t you replying?”

There was still no response from the opposite side.

I said a few more words but still got no response. I thought that Wang Shu might have touched the redial button when driving, so I didn’t care too much about it. Just when I was going to hang up, I heard a voice coming from the receiver. It was a faint voice, of a male, who said in Japanese,

“100 million Yen! My dear niece, as long as you sign the transfer papers, this 100 million Yen check will belong to you!”

“Humph!” Wang Shu snorted coldly. Although the sound wasn’t clear, my keen hearing still caught it! Did Wang Shu get in some trouble? Wait! That man who just called Wang Shu his niece, could he be Sawai Toji?

I signaled Ding Wenfeng to stay silent with my hand, and adjusted the volume of the handset’s speaker to maximum, sticking it tightly to my ear.

I could hear the man on the other side continue, “For the 25% shares you own, my price is already very fair! Think about it,100 million Yen; it’s around 7 million Chinese Yuan! When you go back to China, you can live the rest of your life in luxury!”

7 million Chinese Yuan? I had thought Wang Shu’s family’s company would be colossal, but it seems I was wrong. Even if I bought the entire company, it wouldn’t even amount to anything over 30 million Chinese Yuan!

30 million Yuan was nothing to me. It wasn’t even pocket change compared to a days revenue generated by Shuguang Corporation! But that man was a villain who stabbed his brother-in-law, sending an old man to the hospital bed!

Although I want to think like that, I still understood what a company could mean in the eyes of the pioneers. Just like Su Yuanchao who wanted to revive the company after it went downhill, that too when he had enough savings to live the rest of his life in luxury. He was willing to do anything for the company.

“Humph! Don’t even think about having those shares, I will never sell them to you! You might be the one in power inside the company, but your conscience will be condemned for eternity!” Wang Shu refused as soon as she opened her mouth.

I shook my head as I listened to her. Speaking of conscience to a villain like him was akin to playing flute before a cow, it was useless. Wang Shu’s experience regarding the world wasn’t too much!

“Conscience? What is conscience even worth? In the recent years, how much has Wang Donglin even done for the company? The one worrying over the matter of the company and running it is me! All he does is wave his hands and take all the profits! The one doing everything, leading the managers, and looking over the company is me! Yet what do I get, not even thanks!” Sawai Toji spoke with fervency.

“You… You are so shameless!” Wang Shu said while scolding him, “If not for my father, would you even have reached where you are today!”

“Yeah, I am thankful to Wang Donglin for the kindness he did for me, and the fact that he recognized. That’s the only reason I am even giving you all these conditions! This 100 million Yen is a form of compensation I am giving to the Wang Family!” Sawai Toji said.

After thinking something, he subsequently added shamelessly, “These 100 million Yen is the money I stole from the company though, hahaha!”

“You…… You……” Wang Shu hadn’t thought her uncle would be such a shameless man, playing their family for a long time already. Yet her father regarded him as his most trusted confidant!

“How is it? What do you think of my offer Miss Wang Shu?” Sawai Toji said with a cold smile, “I don’t care if you don’t want to sell your shares, I will just sell everything the company owns, leaving behind an empty shell! Haha, at that time, all these shares in your possession won’t even be worth scrap paper! Anyways, not like the company is mine. I can just open a new one after I sell everything here and take the money!”

“…” Wang Shu didn’t speak, but I could hear her breathing heavily. She was obviously fuming in rage!

“I will give you an hour to consider it. If you don’t cooperate, then don’t blame me for being ruthless! Ahem, let me tell you the consequences of rejecting a toast and drinking a forfeit. You know what kind of place my close friend Mr. Miyamoto runs right! Hehe, recently, many female workers retired from there, and now, he needs some fresh blood for his work.” Sawai Toji continued, “I haven’t seen you for several years, but my dear niece, you sure have a nice figure. Plump where it needs to be plum, and perk where it needs to be perky…” {TL Note: His friend probably runs a b*****l or related business!}

“Sawai Toji, you dare! My mother will certainly not let you off!” Wang Shu yelled.

“Elder sister? Heh, what can she even do to me? Not like she’s part of the Sawai family anymore!” Sawai Toji said while having a smug smile.

As soon as I heard Sawai Toji’s words, my heart became restless. A ruthless b a s t a r d like him could do anything! Although I haven’t known Wang Shu for a long time, I still have a very favorable impression of the cute girl. If something happened to her, I will regret it for a lifetime.