VPAATP V3 Chapter 35

Where Was Wang Shu Locked?

As I held the phone, I was getting more and more anxious. I didn’t know what to do! Though I heard the conversation between Wang Shu and Sawai Toji, they didn’t mention where they were, nor did they reveal any other hints!

Even if I wanted to rescue her, I had no way!

But leaving Wang Shu over there…

“Lock her up in the basement!” Sawai Toji said with a smile, “I will go check on her in an hour and see how she won’t agree!”

“Mr. Sawai, the basement is shared with the other companies in the building. Should we really shut her down there? What if someone from another company found out…” a man next to Sawai Toji said. He seemed to be the confidant of Sawai Toji.

“What’s there to be afraid of! It is already so late, everyone working in the other companies has already left work! Besides, that place is filled with mice and cockroaches, who would want to go there!” Sawai Toji said, “Put her in there. Go, but be careful when you take the elevator! Make sure you don’t bump into other people… Or, just take her through the stairs! People of the Huima Software Company leave late from work, don’t let anyone from their see you!”

“I understand! You can feel relieved about that Mr. Sawai.” The confidant spoke, “Haha, little beauty, there are a lot of big mice there, and they have all been hungry for a long time now! Look at your soft and tender skin, if you were nipped by those mice, hahaha!”

“Humph!” Wang Shu coldly snorted, not saying a single word.

“Wait!” Sawai Toji suddenly waved his hand, stopping his confidant. After that, he pulled Wang Shu’s backpack and poured out everything on the ground. Picking up the mobile phone that fell on the ground, he looked at the display and immediately pressed the hang up button on the phone. Sawai Toji’s face couldn’t help but have a malevolent expression!

“B***h! Who did you calling just now!” Sawai Toji yelled with anger burning in his heart.

“What call? Who did I call?” Though Wang Shu pretended to not know about anything, her heart was very nervous.

“Humph, so you won’t acknowledge it! Look here!” Sawai Toji shoved the phone before Wang Shu’s eyes.

“Oh, that! That’s my friend from China!” Wang Shu calmly replied.

“Tell me, did you call him intentionally!” Sawai Toji asked.

“What are you, an idiot? Do you really believe I just called someone so casually!” Wang Shu said with some impatience, “If I were going to call for help, why didn’t I call the police? Why would I not call my father, but call a strange friend?”

Sawai Toji thought about it and realized her words made sense. If she had the opportunity to call someone, why wouldn’t she call Wang Donglin or the police? Thinking till here, Sawai Toji suddenly relaxed. How would he know that Wang Shu only had the opportunity to press the redial button, there wasn’t any chance for her to call anyone else!

Sawai Toji slammed Wang Shu’s mobile phone on the ground and stomped on it a few times. The newly bought mobile had suddenly turned into scrap metal!

Wang Shu looked towards her ruined phone and didn’t say anything. In her heart though, she prayed for Liu Lei to save her… Oh, God! Wang Shu suddenly remembered that though she had called Liu Lei and he might know she was in danger, he didn’t know where she was!

Wang Shu’s heart was filled with regret. If she had agreed to let him send her home earlier, she wouldn’t have gotten into this mess!

Wang Shu could only pray that he would call the police and find her father through the police. That would the only way for them to find Sawai Toji and this place!


As I was being anxious, I suddenly heard the other party say “basement,” and “other companies.” It became obvious that Sawai Toji was in an office in some company building. Perhaps it was the same place where Wang Donglin’s company was located!

But I didn’t know where to find Wang Donglin, and even if I looked for him, it would be too late by the time I reached him!

However, when I heard Sawai Toji say “Huima Software Company,” a smile appeared on my face! So long as I could find this company, there wasn’t any fear of not being able to find Wang Shu!

I quickly pressed a few buttons on my mobile phone and dialed the business inquiry line of Japan. {TL Note: Like a phonebook. Just that you call them and ask them for the information (Public address\Contacts) of some company.}

“Hello. Please help me look for the address of Huima Software Company!” I said to the operator on the other side in Japanese.

“Alright, sir. Please wait… Oh, I have found out the information. There are two offices of Huima Company in the city, which one might you be looking for?” the operator asked.

Two? F***! I have been in the software business for so long yet I have never heard of any company called Huima Software. It seems that the size of the company is not large, yet they actually opened two offices in the same city!

“Where are the two offices?” It seems that I could only go and check the two addresses one by one!

“One is at 6th Street opposite Hengcun Garden, while the other one is at the A floor of Yunjiang Building.” The operator said.

“Okay, thank you!” I said with excitement and hung up the phone.

There wasn’t even a need for me to check the two of them. It was obvious where I needed to go, it must be that Yunjing Building. Only a building will have a basement. As for the other one, it was obviously a single apartment!

“Ding Wenfeng, have you finished eating? If you have, then get ready. We need to go out for work!” I said to Ding Wenfeng who was wolfing down the barbecue.

“Work? What are we going to do when it’s already so late?” Ding Wenfeng asked lazily.

“Wang Shu was kidnapped by someone, so we need to go and save the damsel in distress! Aren’t you going? Well, alright, if you don’t want to go, I will go by myself!” I said to Ding Wenfeng.

“Go! I will go!” As Ding Wenfeng heard he was going to rescue a damsel in distress, he didn’t want to miss this opportunity to be a hero and show off. Immediately wearing some clothes, he left the hotel with me.

Fortunately, the hotel had a passenger taxi waiting outside 24/7. Ding Wenfeng and I entered the taxi and said to the driver, “Go to the Yunjing Building. We will have to trouble you to drive faster. Here, you can take this money and keep the extra as a tip!”

The taxi driver also knew that the hotel was always full of rich people, but it was being used for some sort of Tournament organizers, and all the people staying there were only poor students. Those students didn’t have much to pay. But as soon as he saw me handing him a stack of cash, he became excited, directly stepping on the accelerator, shifting the gears, and brought it to top speed. The whole taxi flew like a rocket.

Ding Wenfegn was also a martial artist and had more courage than ordinary people. Even when the driver drove the car like a roller coaster, he wasn’t affected, only asking me about Wang Shu.

I told Ding Wenfeng about what I heard over the phone and the situation regarding Wang Shu’s family. As I was talking to Ding Wenfeng in Chinese, the taxi driver didn’t understand a word.