VPAATP V3 Chapter 36

Saving Wang Shu – I

I looked towards the Yunjing Building in front of me. It was more than 30 stories high, and I didn’t even know which floor Sawai Toji’s office was.

At this time, though it was already over 11 o’clock, the number of offices with their lights on weren’t few at all. It seems that no matter which country one went to, there would always be a group of madmen getting squeezed by their bosses.

Ding Wenfeng and I looked towards each other with awkward smiles. As I looked towards the guards who hadn’t gotten off work, I couldn’t believe how easy getting into the building was.

Originally, Ding Wenfeng and I had been planning on how to sneak into the building. But now, it seemed that there wasn’t a need for something like that. Because the guards before us only inquired people symbolically to write a record in the register, letting them in.

Ding Wenfeng saw me raise my leg and go towards the building, he got scared and held onto my clothes, “Old Liu, what are you doing? What are you going to say when he asks why we are here?”

I smiled and said, “Just follow my lead!” With that, I walked towards the entrance of the building.

“Who are you looking for!” The guard asked immediately as soon as he saw Ding Wenfeng and me walk towards him.

Ding Wenfeng didn’t know what to do, so he looked towards me. I said to the guard, “We are Mr. Sawai Toji’s customers. Is he still in his office?”

“Oh, so you are here for Mr. Sawai. Yes, he’s still in the office, I saw him recently!” As soon as the guard heard my excuse, he immediately relaxed his vigilance and said to us, “You need to register here first… here!”

Receiving the register from the guard, I conveniently wrote “Teng Jin San” on it as I remembered the fake foreign devil who had a partnership with Li Boliang.

Ding Wenfeng was also interested in this, so he wrote “Kameta Tarou” on the register.

I glanced at the fake name Ding Wenfeng wrote and said to him, “Kameta, call Mr. Sawai and ask him where he is right now.”

How would Ding Wenfeng know Sawai Toji’s phone number? However, he wasn’t a fool either, and immediately took out his phone, and conveniently dialed a number.

Sure enough, the guard was scammed and looked towards me with a smile, and said, “No need, no need. Mr. Sawai’s company is on the 16th floor. You can directly go there through the elevator!”

I was laughing in my heart, but still displayed a serious expression on my face, and thanked the guard. Pulling along Ding Wenfeng, we entered the building.

“F u c k! Even this works!” Ding Wenfeng admired my wits.

“This is what you call employing one’s resources and wit. When we are done, no one will be able to find us!”

“Haha, when I was writing my name, I thought for a very long time. In my excitement, I almost wanted to write Guitou Ruan (Soft G l a n s), hahaha!” Ding Wenfeng said with a lascivious smile.

A chill went down my heart. When I first met him, I had thought the guy was a mundane man of high skills, but who would have thought the guy was just a b a s t a r d. Actually thinking of such ideas!

{TL Notes: What are the G l a n s? Read it here https://wb.md/2KdfPPp}

“Alright, you to the 16th floor and subdue Sawai Toji, I will go to the basement and rescue Wang Shu,” I said to Ding Wenfeng.

“No, I won’t do that! Why do I have to do a thankless job, yet you get to flaunt before a beauty and act the hero?” Hearing my suggestion, Ding Wenfeng shook his head and said.

“Alright, we will do the opposite,” I said indifferently. It was all the same no matter who rescued Wang Shu. Though I had a favorable impression of Wang Shu, perhaps she was just a passerby in my life.

It was a chance meeting, nothing more than an acquaintance.

Perhaps, years later, I will remember the warmth and romantic time I spent with her on the beach today. It might become one of my permanent memories.

As soon as I agreed for Ding Wenfeng to rescue Wang Shu, he immediately ran away, looking for the entrance of the basement. He was probably afraid I would change my words. I smiled and swaggered towards the elevator, and pressed the button for the 16th floor.

As I walked out of the elevator on the sixteenth floor, I realized there was no monitoring system installed. I thought about it for a moment and found it reasonable. Each floor of the building was an independent private company, so there must be some trade secrets they had. They would obviously not allow the building security to install cameras and monitor them.

It was good like this. Now, everything was much more convenient!

It was time already beyond the time employees got off work, and the only room with its lights turned on was the presidential office. A man like Sawai Toji who hungered after quick success and profits would always be in the presidential office.

It was as I had guessed. As soon as Sawai Toji got the chairman’s position, he immediately moved his office to the presidential office. At this moment, Sawai Toji was smugly smoking a cigarette while his crony had already returned from the basement after locking Wang Shu down there. The two men were chatting about the company’s future right now.

Suddenly, the two heard someone knock on the door. Sawai Toji and his trusted subordinate looked towards each other, immediately saying, “It’s already so late, who could have come to the company?”

“I don’t know. No one was supposed to be coming at this time!” The confidant was also very confused.

“Could someone have seen you when you went to the basement?” Sawai Toji asked carefully.

“Impossible! I looked all around at the time. Also, I walked down the stairs instead of taking the elevator! President, you can be assured that there is no monitoring system in our building, so others will never know!” The confidant whispered while patting his chest.

“That’s good!” Although Sawai Toji was a daring man, he was still afraid of getting in trouble with the police!

“President, I will go and take a look!” The trusted subordinate said.

“Um, alright!” Sawai Toji said and picked up a folder, pretending to appear more professional.

The confidant just opened the door and hadn’t even looked at the person carefully when a punch knocked him in the face, letting him look at stars. Before he could understand what happened, he was smashed on the floor!

Sawai Toji was still pretending to look at the documents in his hand. After not hearing a single sound after a long time, he looked up strangely and saw a stranger! As he looked carefully, he realized that his confidant had fallen to the ground!

Although Sawai Toji wasn’t a good man, there was still the saying, ‘Good fear the bad, the bad fear the perverse, and the perverse fear the desperate!’ Sawai Toji was a villain who used many dirty tricks and committed many crimes. As he looked towards his confidant lying on the ground, with the whites of his eyes showing, how would he know that the man was only unconscious? He thought that the man killed his confidant, and was immediately scared!

“You… you… what do you want?” Sawai Toji said while stuttering, thinking he had met a robber who murdered for money.