VPAATP V3 Chapter 40


There wasn’t any news from Heng Lujing Ba until 2 o’clock in the morning, making me very anxious. Finally, one of Heng Lujing Ba’s subordinate got important news from a cleaner near the Yunjing Building.

According to the cleaner, when he was cleaning in the evening as always, he saw two men leave from the back door of Yunjing Building. The men carried a large briefcase in their hand and left on a black Nissan Van.

At that time, he had not paid any mind to the two men and thought of them as the internal personnel from one of the companies. After all, not many people knew about the back door of the Yunjing Building. When Heng Lujing Ba’s subordinate inquired him about the license plate number of the car, the man couldn’t recall it as he hadn’t paid it much attention. But he gave a very important clue. On one of the side of the black Nissan van, there was s big “HKS” sticker, and the rear of the car had also been modified.

As soon as he got the clue, Heng Lujing Ba immediately ordered his subordinates to split into two groups. One of the groups went to the various HKS vehicle modification shop to see if they had recently modified a black Nissan van, while the others directly started to search through the vehicles parked in Suwon City.

According to the cleaners description, Heng Lujing Ba’s subordinates were able to find three black Nissan vans. They took the photo of each vehicle and brought it back for the cleaner to see. From the cleaners identification, they pinpointed the target to be in an abandoned factory in the suburbs.

That place also appeared to be a good area used for kidnappings, so the target was confirmed. After getting this news, my heart relaxed a bit.

Guo Qing, Ding Wenfeng, Heng Lujing Ba, and I lead over a thousand subordinates with weapons and arrived at the old factory. It wasn’t Huaxia, so even if I wreaked chaos here, no one would be able to find me after I left, on top of that, Guo Qing had said that this Heng Lujing Ba could bloat the sky to some extent in Suwon, so there wasn’t a need to be worried about getting in trouble. The Three-Rock Gang had also applied for legitimate mass organization procedures, and would soon become a triad protected by the laws in Japan.

In order to not alert the snake, our group stopped near a garbage dump around 1 kilometer away from the factory that made for good shelter. On top of that, no one in the group had turned on their headlights, so there wasn’t any movement in the factory, nor was anyone alerted!

I looked towards the faint light coming from the factory from some distance, and also saw some people gathered at the factory’s entrance, appearing to be the guards of the place.

“We will do as we discussed. I will go in first, while you wait for my signal!” I said to Guo Qing and Ding Wenfeng.

“Boss, why not let me go with you…” Guo Qing said with hesitation.

“Ah, no need! I know you are worried about me, but think about it yourself; if even I can’t deal with them, then what use is it bringing you along with me?” I laughed at Guo Qing. This was how he was in this life, and also in my past life. As long as there was a matter related to me, he would always rush in front.

Listening to my words, Guo Qing smiled and said with some embarrassment, “Ah, right! I have never been able to defeat Boss!”

Ding Wengfeng just listened to my words and remained indifferent. He clearly knew about my prowess and strength. But Heng Lujing Ba was different. The reason Guo Qing could make him bow his head was due to his absolute strength and the ruthless methods he employed. It was because of Guo Qing’s God-like strength that made Heng Lujing Ba pledge his allegiance to him. Even the subordinates of Guo Qing were so strong that Heng Lujing Ba couldn’t ever hope to match them!

And now that he heart the God actually claim he was never able to beat this Big Boss, he couldn’t help but sigh heavily. All these people coming from China were so horrifying. If he hadn’t joined them and became a Japanese Traitor, he knew he wouldn’t even know how he died. Thinking all this, Heng Lujing Ba couldn’t help but be smug. The local snakes of Suwon had once divided and ruled it all, but now, all of them were hiding here and there ever since Guo Qing took over their territories. Even though he, Heng Lujing Ba, was a Japanese traitor, and the dog of a Chinese, he was still much better than those original snakes. Three-Rock Gang needed Guo Qing in their headquarter most of the time, so it was impossible for Guo Qing to stay here. Once Guo Qing left Suwon, then wouldn’t he, Heng Lujing Ba, become the boss of Suwon?

The big bosses of those local snakes had always laughed at him and ridiculed him, calling him a coward traitor who sold his country for his life, and how he would regret it! But Heng Lujing Ba didn’t feel like that, instead, he felt that his decision had been the wisest decision he ever made in his life!

I wanted to take advantage of my ability to make time slower that allowed me to be faster than the rest of the world, so I arrived in the vicinity of the factory.

And sure enough, it was as I had expected. The two were the kidnappers and were chatting about the kidnapping!

“Hehe, that chick we just grabbed a moment ago was very pretty!” Gatekeeper A said.

“Exactly! Damn, I don’t know what Changfeng Boss is thinking. He had us kidnap her, yet told us to not even touch her. Sigh~ we can only look at the pretty chick, yet do nothing! What a pity!” Gatekeeper B said.

“Don’t you know that Changfeng Boss kidnapped her for someone else. The employer hasn’t given any orders yet, so how can we touch her!” said Gatekeeper A.

“So that’s how it was! Sigh~ I can’t forget the prestige that Changfeng Boss and our Gang had, but now, we have degraded to the level where we have to kidnap people for others for a living!” Gatekeeper B said with a heavy sigh.

“Who asked Changfeng Boss to not know the immensity of the Heavens. Those Chinese had first come to Boss Changfeng for a cooperation, but he flat out refused them. Finally, they went to Heng Lujing Ba and took him under their wing. What was he? Though his gang appeared to be on the same level as ours, they were far behind us when it came to strength, media outlets, shares in the business district, and many other matters! But now? Heng Lujing Ba’s power is growing with every passing day as his prestige and authority skyrocket, yet we have to suffer so many hardships!” Gatekeeper A said.

“Alright, stop your bullshit now! At that time, you were the one who looked down on those Chinese the most, yet now!” Gatekeeper B said as he shook his head.

“It was only when I didn’t understand!” Gatekeeper A said with a little embarrassment.

Local Gangsters? Listening to them, I could roughly guess the matter. Someone entrusted their Gang to kidnap Wang Shu and bring her here. From their words, I could at least confirm that Wang Shu was alright. It made me feel relieved.

“Who~ Who are you…” The two gatekeepers were stunned by the sudden appearance of someone before them and gatekeeper A asked in horror. But before his words could leave his mouth, his neck was smacked by a hand knife as he fell to the ground, unconscious.

Gatekeeper B’s mind went blank for a moment looking at the scene before him. As soon as he was going to shout for help, he also fainted.

My confidence in my speed wasn’t for no reason. As I looked towards the two men who fainted on the ground, I smiled and entered the factory without making any sound.