VPAATP V3 Chapter 41

Rescued A Fake

“Changfeng Boss, this chick is pretty good. If Mr. Yamamoto hadn’t promised a lot of money for our Gangs development, I really wouldn’t want to give her up!” I quietly listened to the conversation inside the factory.

“Heh, you better not have any ideas regarding her. This task we took is akin to walking on the knifepoint. It’s a last resort. Let alone, Mr. Yamamoto, we can’t even look up to the power behind this chick! Stirring them is just asking for death!” The Boss said.

“Hah, I know that Boss!” The first voice said with embarrassment.

“Alright, everyone! Raise your spirits and be alert, don’t make any mistakes! Before Mr. Yamamoto arrives, make sure you treat that chick well!” Changfeng Boss said to his lackeys.

I was hesitating at the door. I had already gotten a good idea regarding the situation inside the factory from a crack in the door. Inside the factory was a big workshop, filled with kidnappers, and the entire factory was bright. There was no place to enter unnoticed. As soon as I rushed in, I will be immediately found out by them.

They had tied Wang Shu to a broken lathe with a sack covering her from head to toe, and a kidnapper with a dagger stood on her side.

I could settle these kidnappers without much effort, but what if the kidnapper with the dagger moved a little earlier and harmed Wang Shu?

At this time, the only choice I had was to rush forward and rescue her using my ability. I was going to save someone’s life, so having confidence in my ability was a must!

Thinking till here, I opened the door, rushed into the factory, kicked away the kidnapper holding the dagger like a dead cockroach, picked up Wang Shu, and quickly rushed out of that place.

The kidnappers inside were shocked by my speed as they only saw a shadow enter, and then their member guarding the chick flew away. The next moment, both the chick and the shadow rushed out of the factory!

I brought Wang Shu to Guo Qing and others who helped release Wang Shu from the sack and ropes binding her. But I was surprised to find that inside the sack was someone else, not Wang Shu.

It was a very attractive Japanese girl!

As soon as the seal from the girl’s mouth was released, she yelled at us impatiently, “Who are you? Let me go, or else, you won’t have an easy life!”

D a m m i t! I was already infuriated for having rescued a sham, yet now, this chick actually dared to swear in front of me! I saved her, yet she didn’t even say thank you, and even talked with such a rude attitude! It really made me unable to stand her.

“You f***ing b i t c h, shut up right now!” I glared at the girl and said in Japanese.

The girl wanted to say something, but before she could speak, I forcefully put the seal on her mouth again.

“Boss, what are we going to do about those kidnappers!” Guo Qing asked while pointing towards the factory.

“Explode the factory!” As I was in a bad mood, I would naturally not be lenient with my enemies. On top of that, these people had already seen my abilities, and I don’t want a lot of people to know about them!

“Mother f***er, my boss told you to blow the factory, so blow it up already!” Guo Qing glared at Heng Lujing Ba and scolded him.

At this moment, Heng Lujing Ba was intently staring at the face of the Japanese chick I just rescued and was stunned by Guo Qing’s scolding, reacting immediately. He waved to his subordinates, having several of them bring forth a rocket launcher, aiming it towards the factory.

With a massive bang, the factory exploded.

Heng Lujing Ba had been able to gain an opportunity to show off before the higher authorities, so he would obviously not miss it, and gave it his all. After the factory exploded, he sent several of his subordinates to the pit that they had made and confirm that there were no survivors.

After a while, several of his subordinates returned and said to him excitedly, “Boss, the people we killed were from Changfeng’s Gang, heck, Changfeng himself was in there and died!”

“What!” Heng Lujing Ba was stunned from the news. He had been suppressing Changfeng’s Gang recently, and almost uprooted them from Suwon. It was just that he couldn’t find Changfeng, their leader’s whereabouts. That guy had been hiding very deeply! Who would have expected for his death to have happened today, that too, at his, Heng Lujing Ba’s hands? It seemed that the Heavens have eyes, gracing him with luck, so he said flatteringly, “That’s great! Boss and Big Boss are really great. As soon as they arrived, I have been in luck! It’s really good!”

My mood didn’t improve even after killing all those kidnappers as the person we rescued wasn’t Wang Shu. Wang Shu’s safety was still unknown, just where could Wang Shu have gone?

Inside the car, Heng Lujing Ba was being mysterious as he said to me, “Big Boss, do you know who that chick is?”

“Who?” I asked casually. To be honest, I didn’t care about her. A woman like her, if you asked her if she was a virgin, she would obviously claim that she was. But when you go to bed with her, only then will you know how good she is at pumping, and certainly not a virgin. There wasn’t any reason for me to fight over a woman like this.

G o d d a m n, how the disparity between people can be so great? I couldn’t help but think of the cute and lively Wang Shu!

“She is the hottest idol, Aoi Yuka. Her father is the current head of the Aoi family. The Aoi family’s business is spread throughout Japan, like the famous Aoi Electric, it’s owned by the Aoi Company!” Heng Lujing Ba explained.

“What Aoi Electric, I have never heard of it. I have only heard of Su Electrics!” I wasn’t interested in this singer, so I naturally had no interest in hearing about her family.

“Oh!” Heng Lujing Ba nodded immediately and said, “Obviously, they can’t compare with Su Electrics!”

The headquarters of Suwon Three-Rock Gang.

“Rip apart the tape from her mouth and ask her what the matter was!” I wanted to ask if she knew anything about Wang Shu’s whereabouts. Though I didn’t have much hope, I still wanted to try.

As Aoi Yuka had seen me order the explosion of the factory just now, she didn’t dare yell at me anymore and only glared towards me with a resentful look.

“What are you looking at! Tell me why they caught you, and also, where did they catch you from?” I asked her.

“Why would I tell you? Who are you!” Aoi Yuka said disdainfully.

I was already worried sick about Wang Shu’s safety and was immensely anxious. As I heard what that Aoi Yuka said, I immediately flared up at her, “I already saved you, yet you don’t realize my good intentions. Just what do you think you are!”

“Humph, save me? Do you know who I am! Saved me? Don’t pretend, isn’t it only for money? Let’s talk, how much do you want before you will let me go?” Aoi Yuka said with a snort.

“Money? I don’t give a f*** about your money. You better be careful and not provoke me any further, lest I strip you naked!” This was the first time I talked to a girl so rudely. I don’t know why I was like that to her. Was it because of her nationality, or just the fact that I was annoyed.

“You~ You dare!” Aoi Yuka said to me.