VPAATP V3 Chapter 44

Not Having Any Intentions, Yet Still Gaining Their Attention

Wang Shu and I sat around a table in a coffee shop. Surrounding us were other couples, whispering to each other. In the cafe, Wang Shu and I appeared just like those couple as we too whispered to each other.

“You are leaving tomorrow?” Wang Shu said with her eyes full of sadness and disappointment. Her feelings for the man before her were very complicated. Her encounter with him on the beach, the romantic night on the beach, his concern for her when she had an accident, and all his care had already made Wang Shu open her heart for him. Secretly, she had tied her hearts knot to him, and now, he was going back to China, while she had to stay here for her family…She truly desired to go with him!

“Yeah. I originally came here to participate in the competition, so I naturally need to go back,” I said.

“I know,” Wang Shu said subconsciously. The spoon in her hand was slowly stirring the coffee that had turned cold.

“I should have gone to pay a visit to your uncle, but it’s already too late whether I go or not. I will ask Little Ba to invite him for a dinner sometime soon…” I said, “After looking at his excited expression, I don’t want to see his stunned and sour expression!”

After listening to me, Wang Shu smiled brightly and said, “He is an underworld boss, yet you actually call him Little Ba! You must be really powerful, calling him that. And he was even satisfied with it just like that!” Wang Shu said as she felt strange as she wondered about the identity of the man before her, whom even the underworld boss of the entire Suwon had to flatter like a grandson! As she thought until here, Wang Shu could only bury her affection and sigh deeply. It seems that it was impossible for her to be together with him. He must be a great man, and must also have a girlfriend. Although she was also a princess from a rich family, the disparity between her and his status was too great to climb!

I laughed in my heart. Obviously, he is satisfied, does Heng Lujing Ba dare not be satisfied! Even if I gave this name to an Emperor, the Emperor will feel honored, let alone him. If he dared to speak out against it, Guo Qing will get rid of him before I need to do anything!

“He’s Guo Qing’s subordinate, and Guo Qing is a good brother of mine!” I didn’t explain clearly and only explained our relationships vaguely.

“So that’s how it was!” Wang Shu said as a glimmer of hope ignited in her heart. His friend was powerful doesn’t mean he himself was also as powerful. Maybe he would be properly matched with her family. As she thought of this, Wang Shu didn’t give up and asked, “Then where do your parents live, in B city?” Wang Shu’s tone was just like someone chatting casually, but her expression was very nervous.

I said with a faint smile, “They are from Songjiang and my high school was also there. But I now live in B City for University studies!”

“Oh, then uncle and aunt must be well off…What do they do?” Wang Shu wasn’t a girl with deep schemes nor any skills for asking questions.

I naturally knew that she wanted to probe about my family situation, but I didn’t expose it and answered honestly, “They opened a small electronics factory in their hometown, working on some OEM circuit boards for Shuguang!”

“That’s how it was!” Wang Shu nodded with satisfaction. Although the factory worked under Shuguang, it probably wasn’t very large. It appeared that his family situation should be very similar to her own, en, both matched properly for a marri……

Suddenly, Wang Shu’s face turned red as she remembered that her father’s business hadn’t been resolved yet, but here she was, thinking of her own personal relationships and future. Wang Shu was ashamed of herself.

“Hehe, alright, you should go home now. After all, you still need to help your father resume his company’s operations normally!” I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t told Wang Shu about deceiving the shares from Sawai Toji! It was the biggest knot in her heart!

“Normally operate? What do you mean? The company is still under Sawai Toji’s control?” Wang Shu asked strangely.

“Yeah, that’s how it was before, but now it is different! Hehe, what do you think this is?” I took out the share transfer book and handed it to Wang Shu.

“Ah!! Company’s share transfer book?” Wang Shu looked towards the documents in her hands with amazement and asked me with excitement, “How did you get it……”

“Hehe, I, of course, took it from Sawai Toji!” I said with a smile, “I wasn’t going to find him for trouble, but who asked him to kidnap you first! When I went to save you from him, I conveniently had him sign and hand over this as well!”

“How much did you spend?” Wang Shu’s first thought was that I had spent a lot of money, otherwise, it was impossible for someone as greedy as Sawai Toji to have a change of heart and hand over the shares without asking for anything in return.

“Oh, I, in fact, spent not even a dime,” I told Wang Shu about how I duped Sawai Toji and had him sign the papers, omitting the part about my special abilities though. I just said that Sawai Toji was a stupid prick who believed in my words without even confirming with his bank.

Although Wang Shu felt strange about how careless Sawai Toji was, with the Power of Attorney in her hand, she had no choice but to believe my words. If I had really spent money, there was no need to hide it from her. Although our relationship was that of good friends, if I had spent a large sum of money, I would have had to tell her about it.

“No matter what, I must thank you for everything!” Wang Shu said as she stood up and bowed towards me deeply.

I also got up quickly and wanted to hold her back from doing it.

As a result, Wang Shu was leaning, while I was lifting my hand to raise her. Due to my carelessness, I accidentally grabbed onto Wang Shu’s boobs…

A softness spread in my hand as I felt extremely good. I could feel her completely and knew that Wang Shu hadn’t worn her bra. However, even then, her boob was so tall, erect, and crisp, it gave me a surprise. I couldn’t help but fondle it twice.

It was now Wang Shu’s turn to play dumb! He actually fondled me there…Is he doing it intentionally? Does he also like me, or just wants some advantage from me? He resolved such an important worry for my family, would he ask for something more? Should I promise to give him myself? A series of questions flooded Wang Shu’s small head, making her feel helpless.

One wanted to fondle more, while the other didn’t know how to refuse. But both felt joy and remained in a deadlock. Fortunately, the social norms in Japan were already obscene enough, so nobody in the coffee shop had the time to pay any attention to two lovers having body contact!

“That…I am sorry…I…” I responded first as I awkwardly took my hand back. Although caressing, and fondling Wang Shu’s chest felt very good, she wasn’t my girlfriend, so feeling her body like this couldn’t be justified.

“Ah…That…It’s alright~” Wang Shu said with a blush.

It’s alright?! What does she mean it’s alright? Can I continue to feel her? I tried to ascertain Wang Shu’s words just now, and thought, ‘Could it be possible that this Little Miss fell in love with me?’

F***! Messed up, I really messed up big time! In my past life, I continuously had fantasies about a beautiful relationship but never got into one, yet now, I am not even having any intention, yet I am still gaining their attention!