VPAATP V3 Chapter 47

Show-off Relatives

“Lei Lei, meet your second uncle!” My dad said to me with a smile.

“Hello, Second Uncle!” I glanced at the potbellied man in front of me and failed to recall anyone like him in my memories. Still, I said hello.

“Liu Lei, ha! You have already grown so big in the blink of an eye. The last time I saw you, you were still wearing pampers!” Another young man came forward and said to me without any reservations. F***er, he was my cousin Zhang Zhisong!

I hated the tone he was using to speak to me, appearing as if he was much older than me. Damn you, my psychological age is almost as old as your father! I nodded to him and said nothing.

“Here, meet your future sister-in-law. How is it, aren’t I, your big brother, more insightful than you!” Zhang Zhisong proudly pointed towards a foreign dressed woman behind him.

“Oh, big brother Song, is he the cousin from your homeland that you mentioned? He sure looks handsome and bright!” The woman looked towards Zhao YanYan next to me. Seemingly jealous of her beauty, she deliberately said, “Hello, how are you, little sister? Hmm, you should dress up a bit more, you look too bland!”

“Bland?! Everything Zhao YanYan wore, though it didn’t have a brand, all powers in the various countries that have a cooperation with Shuguang hired first-class designers to design and produce those clothes. Some of them were even exclusive to the Royal Families. Yet this woman had the guts to say Zhao YanYan’s dresses were bland! Wow, I was too lazy to explain it to someone like her.”

However, Zhao YanYan wasn’t very happy with her remarks, and said, “My husband doesn’t like amorous women. If you think this is bland, then bland it is!”

“Elder Brother Song, look at this woman. Her mouth sure is sly. I am telling you, your cousin will certainly suffer a loss in her hands in the future!” The woman said to Zhang Zhisong in surprise.

“Yeah! Cousin, let me, Elder Brother tell you. You should be careful when you look for a wife in the future. Right now, you are still too young and won’t realize it, but you will regret it in the future. Your taste might change over the time, but one thing remains the same. When you look for a woman, you need to first look at her stature, her sex appeal, and how good she is! These country folks have no flavor!” Zhang Zhisong echoed out his advice.

“Correct. I say, brother-in-law, your family is also pretty well off in China now! You should look for a good, mild-mannered, daughter-in-law. Look at this tricky girl. Just looking at her eyes, you can see she is a typical gold-digger! Though there is a big disparity between your and my family, you should still be able to find a good daughter-in-law in China!” Second Uncle said to my dad.

“This…” My dad was a good old man and had nothing to say, so he simply smiled awkwardly.

“Oh, father-in-law, there’s no need to lower yourselves to the level of these country folks. We all are people of high society!” The woman shot a look towards Zhao YanYan and said coldly.

I tried to suppress the anger in my heart. After all, the man was still my mother’s brother, and I had to show due respect for her feelings.

“Cousin, come over here. Look, this is the gift Big Brother brought for you, a Rolex Gold Watch! How is it? Never seen one, right?” Zhang Zhisong took out a small box from a bad. Showing it off, he handed it to me.

“Thank you,” I took the small box from him and placed it on the coffee table on the side. Rolex, hah? I have never had any interest in it in this life, nor the previous one.

“Why aren’t you looking, it’s very expensive you know!” Zhong Zhisong thought that I didn’t know the value of Rolex, so he especially reminded me about the luxury.

“Oh, I will look at it a while later,” I didn’t say anything more. There was nothing for me to say.

“I say, sister-in-law, when women have reached our age, they should wear luxurious and beautiful clothes and make themselves look more appealing!” As my aunt saw that my mother looked so young and attractive, her heart was sour as she tried to show off her clothes.

“Ah, Second Sister-in-law, I am already so old. If I still dressed up like that, then the younger generation would laugh at me!” My mother said embarrassedly.

“That’s not the right thing to say. What is money for?! Money is to be spent, to enjoy life, and live in luxury. As for children, there isn’t a need to squander on them, they will earn for themselves! You look at the two of us. We have a luxurious life, our son works by himself without us needing to spend anything on him, making our lives more natural, free of worry, and luxurious!” My aunt deliberately put her son on a pedestal, trying to show off how he already had work, while I was still in University, squandering my parent’s money.

My mother didn’t refute her and only looked towards me with a smile. I immediately understood the meaning behind my mother’s smile and let them show off. After all, they were relatives. We just need to endure the bullshit for a bit and then it will come to an end.

“Zhao YanYan right, I am Alice Yang…” my sister-in-law initiated a conversation with Zhao YanYan in a bid to show off.

“Sister-in-law…” Zhao YanYan nodded to her.

“Oh, how can you use a low-grade fruit perfume. Look at me, Chanel 5, this is the perfume a woman should use!” Alice Yang reached her hand before Zhao YanYan and waved to spread the perfume for her to smell.

Zhao YanYan could only smile helplessly. The reason Zhao YanYan used the fruity flavor perfume was that I am sensitive to other perfumes and only liked the fruity one. That’s why all my women only used this perfume. In fact, there was a very important point. Zhao YanYan in my previous life also preferred this perfume, and so did I. I hadn’t expected Zhao YanYan in this life to also love this flavor of the perfume!

Though the fragrance of the perfume Zhao YanYan used was very popular, the perfume itself was specially created by a private French company that had a business relationship with Shuguang. Its manufacturing cost was even higher than those international brands like Biyang, Tiffany, and Chanel.

“My husband likes this flavor!” Zhao YanYan explained.

“Oh, you can’t just live for a man. A woman needs to be independent and not just spend your entire life living with him, being an object of his whim. Just look at me, I always carry some condoms in my bag, and whenever I find a man who makes me feel excited, I always have a one-night stand. Doing this can make the life of us women a lot wetter!” Alice Yang said.

Although Alice Yang didn’t speak too loudly, everyone in the living room heard her words. My parents, including my aunt and uncle, were stunned, and their mouths opened wide. Zhang Zhisong’s face turned green with anger. It seemed he wasn’t very proud of being a cuckold, and his face changed colors faster than a chameleon. {TL Note: Cuckold, every night!}

“Alice!” Zhang Zhisong hurriedly gave her a signal with his eyes in a bid to stop her. He also felt very helpless about his girlfriend being so open-minded, but what could he do. Her father was the vice-CEO of the company. For his own future, he could only turn a blind eye to her {adulterous} actions again and again. But now, she actually said all this before his parents and relatives, literally smashing him down his high pedestal! How was he going to explain his way out of this!

“What?” Alice Yang was dissatisfied with Zhang Zhisong’s interjection and said, “Can’t you see I am teaching my younger sister-in-law on how to be a happy woman! Don’t disturb us!”

“Excuse me, I only live for my husband and he’s the only one who can move my heart!” Zhao YanYan said with a faint smile.