VPAATP V3 Chapter 48

Cousin’s Father-in-Law

For dinner at home, my dad and mom went to the kitchen and worked for a long time, cooking over a dozen dishes. Zhao YanYan naturally went to help them as well.

In the meantime, I was having a chat with my second uncle and cousin.

“Little Lei, how’s the family condition of your girlfriend?” As soon as second uncle saw Zhao YanYan wasn’t around, he immediately asked.

“It’s alright, a bit worse than my family condition.” What I said was naturally the truth. After all, there was a disparity between Zhao Junsheng and my conditions if we reasoned. I didn’t want to deceive my uncle, nor did I wanted to explain too much to him.

“Ah?!” Zhang Zhisong exclaimed and said with an exaggerated expression, “It’s worse compared to your family?! Cousin, how could you date someone like her? Let me tell you, your choice isn’t right and it might make you suffer for a lifetime, never advancing from this point. Although your family’s condition is a lot better now, don’t you want to reach higher heights in the future?”

“Exactly! Just look at Zhisong, his vision is so much better. Her girlfriend’s father is the vice-CEO of a big American Company. Getting together with her, not only did his future get on track, even money isn’t lacking now!” Second uncle said smugly, “You also need to find someone who could help you with your career! Listen to me and leave that gold-digger. How about we let Alice introduce you to her sister. Their father is the vice-CEO of a major company, and as soon as you graduate, you will directly become a white-collar executive. Just think about it, how many people would want that!”

“Exactly, cousin! Just look at me, your cousin, I am making nearly 500,000 dollars every year. Heh, how is it, not bad right? That’s not all. Alice Yang’s salary is even higher, and because she is the vice-CEO’s daughter, she even has some shares in the company.” Zhang Zhisong smiled exaggeratedly.

500,000 annually? Hehe, even my monthly salary in my past life was higher than this! However, that was in 2010, and now it was 1999. 500,000 dollars in yearly salary was very good at this time. It was enough to frighten an average person. But the point is, am I average?

When the food had been served, Alice Yang went to the study room to search the web, but immediately came back. Entering the dining hall, she started to complain, “What kind of a broken computer is this? It’s so slow. Cousin, how can your family use this type of ancient computer!”

The computer in the study room was the one given to me by Uncle Zhao for writing programs. It could be said that most of my first buckets of gold were earned through this computer. It had a great significance for me, making me unwilling to throw it away, so I put it in the study room. As for my bedroom, it had the latest notebook available for my use, so I never bought a new computer for the study room.

The configuration of this computer was still the 80486 CPU, 8 MB RAM, 810 MB Harddisk, and it barely ran Shuguang 95 OS. Now, Shuguang’s latest chips had already reached a frequency of 544 Hz, so it was obviously slow when Alice Yang used it.

“Oh, this computer. It was given to me by my father-in-law when I was in high school!” I said.

“Your father-in-law? What does he do? Why would he give you a computer?” Alice Yang asked.

“My father-in-law was the owner of a small computer company, and I used to develop software for him,” I said.

“No wonder he would give you a computer. But this computer is too low-level, even the worst computer in our company would be better than this!” Alice Yang said, “Big brother Song, I hadn’t thought your cousin was also in the same field as you and had special skills in the computer field!”

“Cousin, what important software could you create with this lousy computer. Look at me, your cousin, I am already a senior software programmer in a multinational company with excellent future prospects. Your father-in-law could only fiddle with some software in his small company! Right, just now, uncle also said you have a lot of ability in this aspect. How about making Alice introduce you to the daughter of one of our company’s executive. When the time comes, you will also have boundless future prospects.!” Zhang Zhisong said as he tried to make himself appear big.

“How is it? You should think about it. It’s a chance to reach the skies in a single leap!” Second uncle also added.

………… What could I say? Were they trying to show off their goodwill to me?

Also, I only said Uncle Shu owned a small company. I never said it was still a small company, Ah!

By this time, my parents and Zhao YanYan had already brought over all the dishes. As soon as they did, the aunt stood up and said, “What era is this, yet you are still cooking at home! I say, let’s go to a restaurant to eat. If you don’t have money, I will treat everyone!”

“Eating at the hotel can’t compare to the warmth in ones home!” My mom said.

“Cough! What warmth is there to talk about in a year like this. It is much more convenient eating at a restaurant!” Second aunt also said, “Right! Li’l Yang’s father will be coming over to Songjiang tomorrow. We should hurriedly book a luxurious hotel beforehand. If we brought him for dinner at home, it would make us lose all face!”

“Ah?” My dad asked in surprise, “Little Song’s father-in-law is coming over?”

“Yeah, he needs to visit the headquarters of his company in Songjiang, so we came here in advance. We are waiting for him!” Second aunt said.

“What company does your father-in-law work for?” I asked strangely.

“Shuguang Corporation!” Zhang Zhisong proudly said, “Alice’s father is the vice-CEO of the US Shuguang Division!”

Shuguang Corporation? F***, so clever!

I couldn’t figure out till now why this uncle suddenly dropped here out of thin air when I had no impression of him in my previous life!

Butterfly effect! I founded the Shuguang Corporation and the headquarter of Shuguang Corporation is in Songjiang. Zhang Zhisong’s father-in-law was from the US division of Shuguang who had to visit the headquarters of the group, letting my uncle and his family tag along. And my second uncle realized he had some relatives in Songjiang, so he came over to show off on the way.

Understanding all this, I couldn’t help but smile. The matters of the world were often so artful and unbelievable!

“Shuguang Corporation!” I said with a sigh, “It turned out to be Shuguang Corporation!”

I, Zhao YanYan, my dad, and my mom looked towards each other with a smile. So in the end, the guy was just a subordinate of mine!

But I didn’t expose the matter on the spot. Even if I said Zhao YanYan’s father was the president of Shuguang Corporation, they wouldn’t believe it, and only laugh it off and ridicule me as bragging. It would be better to drop the surprise on them tomorrow!

So I said, “Since cousin’s father-in-law will be coming over tomorrow, YanYan, you should also call Uncle Zhao over. As he’s also in the computer related field, the bosses of the two companies might be able to reach some sort of deal!”

As I finished speaking, Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang almost laughed out loud. In their hearts, they were thinking, ‘How could you father-in-law, owner of a small company, compare to the vice-CEO of the US Shuguang Division!’ Their intuition told them that I wanted to help Zhao YanYan’s father reach the heavens in a single leap!