VPAATP V3 Chapter 49

Whose Father-in-Law Is Fiercer – I

“Alright,” Zhao YanYan nodded with a serious expression.

Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang looked at the performance of us husband and wife. The two had a ridiculous expression, but they didn’t say anything, and only grinned to themselves.

Songjiang Guobin Hotel originally belonged to Zhang Guoping’s industry. Later, because his son had wanted to r**e my celebrity wife, so I asked Guo Qing to make it impossible for them to stay in Songjiang City. As they were driven out of Songjiang, their Guobin Hotel became part of Three-Rock Entertainment Group.

After a thorough renovation, it turned into one of the top 5-star dining and entertainment hotels in not only Songjiang City, but also in the entire Province, and the entire Country!

I made uncle Zhao reserve a room in Guobin Hotel for tomorrow’s dinner. Guobin Hotel was now almost full every day, and one needed to book a private room in advance. Actually, there wasn’t a need for us to book a private room in advance as I could just get a room at the moment I arrived with my identity. Guobin Hotel had special VIP rooms used to receive their distinguished guests. These rooms weren’t open to the public.

After I returned, I didn’t bother to inform Ding Baosan as I didn’t want to go through the troublesome matters. Since we can book the room in advance, there wasn’t any need to go through so much hassle.

Early in the next morning, my second uncle’s family went to the airport to pick up Alice Yang’s father. As they didn’t have a car of their own here, they went ahead and rented a special Rolls-Royce. I didn’t speak up against their decision. They didn’t ask me for a car, so why would I go out of my way to lend them one?

“LeiLei, it wouldn’t be too good to invite Little Zhao over, right?” My father said to me with some worry. That’s how my father was, a kind-hearted person who always feared others losing face because of him. He actually didn’t think about how second uncle showed off and put us down.

“Why won’t it be good!” Although my mother and second uncle were a family, she didn’t like my father’s such good-heartedness. Yesterday, she had been tolerant enough, letting them all show off as they pleased, but today, she finally had a chance to vent her anger. It was impossible for her to miss this chance, “Humph, just a vice-CEO of a subsidiary company. What’s he in front of Xiao Zhao? Nothing! If not for LeiLei telling me to not speak, I really wanted to smack Zhang Zhisong and that s l u t Alice Yang by telling them, they all worked for my son!”

“Oh, we all are family, let them speak a few words. What harm can they bring to you? If not for our LeiLei, I was just a laid-off worker, how could we compare to your second brother’s family? Although our family’s condition is really great right now, it isn’t good to look down on people!” My dad said.

“Looking down on him? Heck, I am looking down on him! Just because his son climbed a woman with some rich American parents, will they get the right to look down on us? My son is the richest man in the world, yet did I flaunt before anyone!” My mother refuted him.

“Alright, alright, you are the fiercest! When we get there, you can blow up the matter, and tell them everything about your son’s matters, letting the entire world know! That will make you happy, right?” My dad said as he wasn’t happy.

My mother didn’t speak anymore. She also understood a woman’s psychology and knew if she spread the matter, it will blow up and create a massive impact.

I hurriedly tried to mediate between the two and said, “Alright, father, mother! When the time comes, there won’t be a need for us to say anything. Second uncle’s family is going to lose face either way, so there’s no need for us to kick someone when they are already down!”

“Okay, we will do as you say!” My mom already knew my identity and no longer opposed my words, instead, she also paid more attention to my words. In her opinion, I had already grown up and there wasn’t a need for her to discipline me anymore.

Zhao YanYan just smiled at the side. There was no need for her to interrupt in our scene.

As soon as noon arrived, the sound of a car came from the yard. Second uncle’s family had returned. Our family arrived in the living room, and soon, the doorbell rang.

My mom stepped forward and opened the door. Zhang Zhisong immediately rushed in and displayed a pose of inviting someone, “Chief Yang, please come in!”

F***, did this brat think it was his home!!

After Zhang Zhisong’s invitation, a middle-aged man dressed in a suit looking like a wealthy figure entered the house. He was almost bald, but there weren’t any wrinkles on his face. He wore a pair of gold-rimmed glasses and had the appearance of a scholar. If I didn’t already know who he was, I would certainly think he was some sort of University Professor!

The middle-aged man waved his hand towards Zhang Zhisong and walked into the living room. As he saw us, he walked over and extended his hand with a smile, “Hello, this humble one is Yang Honghai. Pardon my intrusion. This time, I had come to China for business matters and disturbed you. I had wanted to stay in a hotel, but this little child, Zhang Zhisong, said he had relatives here, and wanted me to live with them. I apologize if I caused any inconvenience to you. I hope you won’t take offense.”

Just before their arrival, all of us in the family were racking our brain on how to deal with the father-in-law of this haughty cousin. Who would have known the person himself was so polite and humble, neither arrogant nor servile. But his this politeness and humble manner made my dad feel even more overwhelmed.

“Cough!” I faked a cough to smoothen the situation. After all, I am a person who had seen even bigger scenes and wouldn’t be overwhelmed like my father. Therefore, I hurriedly tried to wake up my father.

As my dad understood my meaning, he immediately reached out his hand to Yang Honghai, “Liu Renshen. Don’t worry, don’t worry! There isn’t any inconvenience for us. Please come in!”

“It’s a fortunate meeting, a fated meeting!” Yang Honghai said with a smile.

I see! This Yang Honghai wasn’t a show-off like that Alice Yang and Zhang Zhisong’s family! Originally, I had wanted to let Uncle Zhao find an opportunity to fire him from his position, but now, it appeared that the man was a very humble and good person.

“Dear uncle, this is my leader and my father-in-law!” Zhang Zhisong humbly introduced from the side.

I shook my head. Both Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang were very lucky as Yang Honghai was a really good man. Even if we Uncle Zhao was here, it was impossible to make them unhappy.

At this moment, I regretted my decision of inviting Uncle Zhao. Inviting him here was to deal with Yang Honghai… But when I thought about Zhang Zhisong and his family’s smug and gloating faces yesterday, I thought it was necessary to let them have a lesson. It will help them be a little less arrogant in the future, avoiding a lot of trouble.

I looked at Zhang Zhisong’s shitty appearance overflowing with pride and sneered. The guy could only depend on his master’s power to run rampant. In a while, I will see whose father-in-law is more domineering!

“Father, you must be hungry. Let’s go out to have a meal together. Oh, right! Big brother Song’s cousin’s father-in-law is giving us a treat. He’s also the owner of a computer company. How about you give face to Big Brother Song, and when you had some small projects, might as well hand it over to him!” Alice Yang said to her father.

“Alice, how are you speaking! You need to be polite. The other person is our host and invited us for a meal. Everyone here is mutual peers and should exchange notes with each other. You can’t say tell who might be better than who!” Yang Honghai felt unpleasant and reprimanded his daughter.

TL Note: I can’t understand how a polite and humble guy raised a literal s l u t who cucks her boyfriend every other day!