VPAATP V3 Chapter 52

Vice CEO Meets CEO

Growing up in a superior environment since young, the only ones Zhao YanYan treated with warmth were my wives, and I. To others, she would always treat them with the same indifference that the people of high society had. As she heard Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang’s excessive filth, she couldn’t help but refute them.

“My dad isn’t some small-time boss. My dad’s company is very influential. It’s a multinational group…” Usually, Zhao YanYan didn’t care about Shuguang and only knew that it was a massive conglomerate. At this time, it was impossible for her to speak concretely. Right now, as she tried to refute the two, her demeanor was very adorable. Just like a little girl eager to win a fight.

Zhang Zhisong and Alice Yang didn’t buy her words though. They just thought YanYan couldn’t stand their words just now, so she started to brag.

Zhao Junsheng had wanted to stop Zhao YanYan, but when he saw me stand there with a smile, not saying anything, he too didn’t say anything. Zhao Junsheng would certainly not say anything more. The chairman hadn’t spoken, so there wasn’t a need for the CEO to overreach himself and speak.

“Oh? This way, this way! We made you wait! We made you wait!” Zhang Zhisong deliberately exaggerated.

Alice Yang was already smiling. As she heard Zhang Zhisong exaggerate it all like this, she smiled even harder, barely holding in her laugh.


“Dear In-law, my son is in your company now. I hope you will look after him!” Second uncle smiled and held onto Yang Honghai’s arm.

“That’s for sure! The child, Zhisong, has a very high technical ability after all. Besides, he is my prospective future son-in-law. How is it possible for me to not look after him?” Yang Honghai said, “But his character…it needs to be improved. Youngsters need to be proud, but not too arrogant!”

“I will talk to him,” Though second uncle said that, he didn’t think so in his heart. He thought it was alright for Zhisong to show off with all the power and status he now had. There was nothing wrong with it! After all, it was time to show off now, was he going to do it after he became invalid {old and useless}. To begin with, your daughter was no better than our family’s Zhisong!

“Yeah, that will be good!” Yang Honghai nodded and said.

“Then, would you mind raising Zhisong’s position in the company. After all, everyone is family…” Second uncle said.

“That won’t be too good. Zhisong is still too young. We can talk about these matters after a few years. If he has the ability, then you know the saying, ‘A gem can’t remain buried for too long!’ The company also has its rules, and I can’t violate them…” Yang Honghai’s heart was getting worried about remaining in the car for so long without any specific topic. As he felt the conversation came to a close, he immediately found an excuse and said, “Let’s go, we should get off the car now. We can’t make the host wait for us too long!”

“Ah…alright…” Second uncle didn’t say too much and only nodded his head.

Yang Honghai got entangled by second uncle’s conversation inside the car, so he didn’t see what happened outside. As soon as he got off the car, he saw Zhao Junsheng and was immediately shocked.

Yang Honghai couldn’t believe and rubbed his eyes. As he confirmed the man in front of him was indeed Zhao Junsheng, he immediately greeted him and respectfully said, “Mr. Zhao, how come you are here…”

In European and American countries, employees addressed the boss of a company as Mister. It was the same in Hong Kong. Although Yang Honghai was Chinese, he had inherited the customs of Americans and called the boss Mr.

“Old Yang! Why is it you?” Zhao Junsheng also felt very strange. Yesterday, I hadn’t informed Zhao Junsheng who we invited today. I only told him my relative’s father-in-law was coming over from the United States and asked him to make the necessary arrangements. Now that Zhao Junsheng saw his subordinate from the US division appear here, he would surely be surprised.

As Alice Yang heard Zhao Junsheng address her father as Old Yang, she immediately became unhappy. What did this man mean? He was unquestionably trying to raise his worth by treating her father like an old, familiar friend! Her father was the vice-CEO of an influential company. How could the boss of a small computer shop talk to her father like that!

“Hey, you should speak politely. What do you mean by Old Yang! Don’t you even have basic courtesy! No wonder you can only be the owner of a small company and won’t go far in your life! He is my father, vice-CEO of Shuguang Corporation US division! He could provide you with a great opportunity for your business, but it seems you don’t want to cooperate!” Alice Yang shot out artillery of arrogance through her mouth.

“Old Yang……, no, vice-CEO Yang, is she your daughter?” Zhao Junsheng asked with a smile.

“What vice-CEO Yang? Don’t you know how to speak? According to the principles of officialdom and business, when you call the opposite party, you must omit the words ‘vice!’” Alice Yang replied first.

“Mr. Zhao, I apologize. My daughter is young and inexperienced, so she doesn’t know anything. I hope you won’t take any offense…” Yang Honghai awkwardly tried to explain and then turned to Alice Yang and said, “Alice, don’t speak so rudely. He is Chief Zhao!”

“Dad, do you know him? Is he your partner? Don’t be deceived by him. He’s the owner of a small computer company!” Alice Yang continued as she proved the words ‘big boobs and no brain!’

“He is the boss of a small company? Then your father, I, am a small boss in the subsidiary company of his small company!” Yang Honghai sighed and said, “Mr. Zhao is the CEO of corporate headquarters. C-E-O!”

“Corporate headquarters? Our corporation?” Alice Yang asked.

Yang Honghai nodded. Today, they were going to suffer in a big way. Looking at his daughter’s appearance, he could tell she spoke a lot of coarse words before he had gotten off the car! It seems he had been too tolerant of her, letting her indulge in herself. He better not make the same mistake in the future!

“Apologise, Mr. Zhao! Alice, you and Zhisong should go back first. It isn’t suitable for you juniors to be here…”

“It doesn’t matter. My daughter and son-in-law are also here. The children can exchange pointers among themselves!” Yang Honghai and Zhao Junsheng had a good relationship, and their friendship was deep, so Zhao Junsheng wasn’t angry.

Alice Yang and Zhang Zhisong had gone completely silly by now. How could it be like this? Wasn’t he the owner of a small company? How did he turn into the CEO of their corporate headquarters? How could he be fiercer than her father? She felt so humiliated at this time. How was she going to show their face before their father in the future? Thinking till here, Alice Yang broke out in cold sweat. In her heart, she was regretting her actions!

Zhang Zhisong was even more ashamed right now. Just now, he had also participated in the act of humiliating Zhao Junsheng. Alice Yang had her father, Yang Honghai to wipe her a*s, but he was different. He was only her fiance. As they were still unmarried, he was almost a nobody if looked from a different angle. That was to say, for now, he had no actual relationship with the Yang Family! If CEO Zhao knew he was also an employee of Shuguang, would he get fired? Zhang Zhisong had entered Shuguang after a layer-by-layer screening interview and various tests. His whole family had been glorified because of his success. If he was fired, then all of it will turn to smoke!

As he thought of all this, Zhang Zhisong’s back had sweat streaming down it. But when he saw me, he immediately relaxed and started to think of how he could close the relationship with this cousin. After all, Chief Zhao was his cousin’s father-in-law. As the matters stood, he, Zhang Zhisong was superior to Alice Yang as his relationship with Chief Zhao were much closer due to his cousin! If he seized the opportunity, his future will certainly be brighter than before!